THE Season’s Wedding Shoes

It's such an excellent decision to get married in the spring! The flowers are blooming, the colours are vibrant, and you can choose an outdoor venue that won't freeze you and your guests. Not to mention, you now have more options for wedding shoes. 


If you are getting married in the winter, your choices are limited because we must remove the open-toed options to keep your feet warm and toasty. But since you're getting married in the spring, no problem at all!


Wedding shoes will play a massive role on your big day! You will spend extended hours on your feet doing several things: standing, walking, dancing on the dance floor, and mingling.


While looking for a perfect pair of comfortable footwear is essential because we don't want those feet to give up in the middle of the ceremony, aesthetics and style are also relevant.


There will be hundreds, if not thousands, of photos of you, and you don't want to have an unflattering one on your special day. Pictures are your souvenirs, so you need fashionable wedding shoes that can take centre stage.


Some brides selected their dream bridal shoes when they were still young. How about you? 


Since several options are available, let our team from Wildfire help you. Wildfire has THE wedding shoes of the season. But before we share that with you, we'd like to highlight some considerations you must address. Let's start!


What's your height preference? 


Consider the height you are comfortable with for your bridal shoes. Consult your partner if you want to minimise the difference or if it's okay if one towers over the other. 


But apart from how you look together, you must prioritise your comfort. Do you prefer staggering shoes so you can see all the action, or would you rather be closer to the ground?


You have excellent options from the Wildfire low heel collection if you prefer a slight elevation. Ranging from 2.5 to 5.5 cm, these options for bridal shoes won't make you feel shaky or uncomfortable.


However, if you're aiming for something tall but comfortable, you can pick from the platform heels collection at Wildfire. 


Despite standing at 8cm and higher, these beautiful shoes remain comfortable because of the block heels at the back and the platform sole in front. These work together to ensure you feel special and your feet stay stable. 


Is the thickness of the heels a factor to consider?


The answer to this question is a resounding yes. The thickness of the heels will determine your stability and comfort on your big day. Some options make you feel like you're walking on clouds, while others leave you balancing on a narrow base. 


We lightly touched on block heels earlier. But allow us to explain why they are excellent for your bridal shoes. The thick, broad base distributes your weight evenly, relieving pressure from your feet, legs, and lower back. 


These shoes are ideal for outdoor venues because they won't get stuck in soft ground like soil or sand and won't get caught on pavement cracks.

Other brides believe in the saying "no pain, no gain" and push through with stilettos for wedding shoes. This option elongates the legs and makes them look slimmer, which is perfect if your wedding gown has a slit that can emphasise this. 


However, since stilettos are narrow and thin, you're balancing your entire weight on a single point: the balls of your feet, which can be painful. If you're considering wearing these bridal heels, invest in gel cushions, heel grips, and toe guards. 


Another alternative is to bring a second pair of footwear, preferably flats, to change into when things get uncomfortable.


Does colour choice matter? 


Fashion is ever-evolving. Before, tradition dictated that brides should wear white shoes. But modernisation and self-expression have widened the choices and made any colour appropriate if the bride wants to wear it. 


When you check out Wildfire's bridal and evening heels collection, you'll get twelve stunning options: black, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. 


Go unconventional and choose a colour that goes with the theme or even your favourite colour.


Where can I buy excellent and top-notch wedding shoes? 


Wildfire has the best bridal footwear collection, even ones that can provide all-day comfort! The brands' heels collection alone has eight subcategories—high, low, block, stiletto, bridal & evening, platform, mule, and closed-toe—and the options do not end there. 


You can also check out the heeled boots collection if you prefer to be non-conformist. 


Apart from being comfortable and stylish, all the options at Wildfire are durable. As such, you can wear your most comfortable wedding shoes after the big day. 


Practical brides would think of ways they could maximise it. Why leave your wedding shoes in the closet to collect dust when you can relive your wedding party each time you wear them?


When should you buy it? 


Never buy your wedding shoes at the last minute—a mistake that causes much pain and tears. Buy them weeks before the wedding day so you can practise in them. 


At thirty minutes daily, you get the muscle memory to wear your wedding shoes like a second skin. Consider various surfaces and floors, especially the same one as your venue. 


More importantly, when you buy your wedding shoes early, you can take them for your final gown fitting. This step is essential so that you have the correct length.


Which is THE style of the season?


Your answer to each question will determine which of the options is the best style of wedding shoes for you. But for the team at Wildfire, Hitch, aptly named, is THE style of the season. 


These online-exclusive wedding shoes have an ankle buckle that adjusts for comfort, a stable block heel perfect for any surface, and a band of glimmering diamantes across the toes. 


The footwear has a touch of glamour and comfort that will make your wedding day a moment to remember! And with the ankle strap, you can dance all night without any fear of flying wedding shoes.


Have an amazing time wearing your wedding dress and bridal shoes. At the same time, you're having fun on the dance floor and entertaining your wedding guest.


Wear the Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes You Deserve! 


Find the perfect fit wedding shoes for a modern