The Surprising Power Of Women In Heels!

How the perfect pair of work heels can make all the difference

Feel empowered with a new pair of work heels! Whether you need a replacement pair for your tired favourites or are just entering the scene, Wildfire has the styles to excite and entice you. Get ready to move confidently through the corporate world with these sensational work heels!

Why do we wear them?

The easy answer would be because they look good, but it's a bit more complicated than that. In truth, perception is a big part of why we wear work heels. In a professional setting, these get regarded as being more sophisticated and classy than your standard flats. Most dress codes reflect this— if your office has a formal or even smart-casual dress code, then work heels will probably be an expected feature in your wardrobe.

Where ballet flats and loafers can seem more relaxed, work heels convey a planned and put-together look, which does wonders for people's first impression of you; it's the same reason why very few women wear flats to interviews.

How can they inspire confidence?

If you're unfamiliar with work heels (or the style in general), you might be surprised to realise how quickly a pair can boost your confidence. Physically, they give you a lift in height and make you stand straighter and taller. Have you ever heard of power-posing? Well, when you wear work heels, it encourages you to make similar motions. In turn, the bolder pose naturally makes you feel more confident and self-assured! If you have a high-pressure job and need a little push to keep your feeling self-assured, then work heels are the perfect way to do it!

Why our range will suit you

One fantastic thing about shopping for work heels at Wildfire is the fact that we have a vast array of heights on offer. We have short little kitten-style work heels, mid-level wedges and towering stilettos. No matter how you feel wearing work heels, you are guaranteed to find a style that suits your comfort and experience with these kinds of shoes.

Find a few favourite designs at Wildfire, and you'll see that you can add some variety and fill your collection up with different versions of the same work heels. You wouldn't believe how different a shoe can look with a glossy finish compared to a matte one!

We have all the classic colours, such as natural, tan and black. For something bolder, you have your pick of red, pink, or even silver or gold! Make your work heels standout from the rest with a fabulous finish, such as glossy patent, chic synthetic or velvety faux suede! The choice is yours.

Our top picks

Sling-back kitten-style work heels are a good starting point for women who usually wear wedges or flats, and don't want to risk jumping straight onto a ten-centimetre platform. Simple but beautiful, these shoes are trans-seasonal and a go-to any day of the week.

Our low slide-on styles are also an excellent pick for ladies who are usually in a hurry. If your hectic schedule doesn't allow time to mess around with buckled or lace-up styles, then a slip-on work heel is the way to go. One of our favourites is a block-based style with a pointed toe.

We can't talk about work heels without mentioning pumps. We have timeless pumps with stiletto points or block-based court shoes for sensible styling. These are classics and will never look out of place in an office.

Which will you choose?

Browse the latest styles and the hottest looks of 2018 today! Unleash your wild side, and get a look at the remarkable range waiting for you online. For work heels that can invigorate you, it's time to shop Wildfire!