The Symbolism of Heels: It's All About Power

Fashion is not just about good looks; it is about the ability to express yourself in the best way possible. We know that the choices of clothing items you wear can all mean different things, and it can depend on what mood you are in for the day as well. Our favourite thing about fashion items is that we can mix and match them with any look for each day, and with the constant change of fashion trends, there is always something new to flex. 


We have found a sense of symbolism in a pair of womens heels like mid heel block heels, heeled boots, peep toe heels, platform heels, and wedge heels. Each unique design can give off a completely different meaning. You will discover that heeled sandals can help you express the various moods you are in for the day, or you can accommodate these wide fit heels pump to suit the event you are attending. 


Whichever way you want to go, a pair of shoes can help you achieve the look you want and help you express yourself the best way your know-how. The team at Wildfire have gathered a range of womens heels like mid heel block heels, heeled boots, peep toe heels, platform heels, and wedge heels that we believe can show off certain qualities about oneself. 


This tip can include power, confidence, sophistication, plus more, so keep on reading to find out which wide fit heels can express your inner mood, queen!  


Style #1 - Confidence In Stilettos


Now, these heeled sandals are the perfect style to reach for when you want to channel your inner baddie. A pair of stilettos make every girl feel confident and stylish, no matter what outfit you choose to wear with them. 


It is super easy to throw on a pair of stilettos with your office fit or special event look. As soon as these wide fit womens heels are on your feet, you will never look back. Stiletto heel shoes resemble confidence and class, so you can feel like the ultimate baddie when you wear these heels pump. 


Stilettos heel shoes are versatile in the sense that you can wear them to a range of special events (but a casual brunch date may not be the best place, girl!).


If you have a corporate meeting for work and need a pair of womens heels to make you feel confident and alert, then stilettos heel shoes are the way to go. Likewise, if you have a special event and want to look and feel your very best, then stilettos heel shoes can also help you achieve that. 


You will be glowing with confidence when you wear these wide fit heels, babe!


Style #2 - Sophistication With Pointed Toe Pumps


For the days where you want to feel classy and sophisticated but do not know what style of womens heels would express this, then do not fear. We have got you sorted, sis! A pair of pointed-toe heels are the perfect shoe style to wear when you want to channel this vibe.


Many women love to feel sophisticated and classy when they have a special date night or want to dress to impress. The best way to achieve this is by wearing a pair of pointed-toe heels pump. These shoes make us girls feel some way and, we can not seem to pinpoint what makes us feel like that.


But trust us, we are not mad about it! Whether it is a job interview for your dream job or a dinner date with your boyfriend, you will channel all levels of sophistication with these pointed-toe heels.


Style #3 - Fun And Vibrant – Block Heels


For the girls who love to rock a pair of heeled sandals that brings out their wild side, then these heeled sandals will be the choice for you. That's right, and we are talking about block heels. A pair of block heels will take your look to the next level and bring out the fun and vibrant side of your personality. So if you love to celebrate life and wear vibrant clothing items, these wide fit heeled sandals will be perfect for you. 


Whether you are pairing them with a super dressy look or a casual pair of high waisted jeans and a designer brands cute crop, these shoes will have you sorted. And you do not have to let age restrict you from wearing fun and vibrant block heels.


You can be in your mid-teens or late twenties and still rock a pair of these gorgeous heels pump.  Block heels are for every girl to show off their fun and vibrant side with. You can even get creative with these shoes thanks to their range of bright colours and styles. Woohoo!


Style #4 – Powerful With Platform Heels


Unleash your boss-babe side with a pair of platform heels. These wide fit heels pump can symbolise the mood of feeling powerful and ready to take on any challenge that comes our way. These shoes are perfect for the girls who want to take the world head-on and feel powerful in everything they do.


The best part about these designer brands shoes is that they are suitable for so many different occasions. For example, these platform heels can get worn to a day event such as a baby shower or brunch and cocktails. You will feel powerful in every way possible when you rock these heels pump, and you will get reassured that no one can bring your mood down. Amazing, right?!


These platform heels are perfect for a night out with the girls as well. Wearing these heels pump will have you feeling in charge and powerful throughout the night. You will channel good vibes all night long in these designer brands shoes.


Style #5 – Sexy And Flirty Thigh-High Boots


Are you ready to take it up a notch with your go-to look? If you are nodding yes, then you are in the right place. We have the perfect womens heels for the girls who want to channel all things sexy and flirty. If you are a fan of Ariana Grande, you will be a fan of these heels pump.


We are talking about thigh-high heeled boots. These heeled sandals are super trendy at the moment because they are so easy to wear. These shoes are the statement piece of any look, no matter how casual or dressy you are.


Due to this, we know that you can easily rock these heels pump from morning until night. You will find that your knee high boots pair best with an oversized t-shirt dress. This look is simple, sexy, and flirty, so you can put in minimal effort and achieve this flawless look.


If you are keen to spice things up and wear them on a night out, you can add a mini corset over the top of the dress and add a patterned handbag to the look. Whichever way you choose to style your pair of knee high boots, we know that you will channel all things sexy and flirty. 


We believe in you, girl!


Style #6 – Mystery Mixed With Elegance For Your Self-Tie Heels


If you are a girl who loves to present herself well but not give too much away, then a pair of self-tie womens heels are the perfect shoes for you. These heel shoes are subtle by nature, which means that they are very minimal in their design and colour but are intriguing enough to make you want to find out more.  


A pair of self-tie shoes will help you express this mood and will ensure you look flawless whilst doing so. But, of course, the best way to wear a pair of wide fit self-tie heeled sandals is to show off some skin. The beauty of these shoes is that the intricate design will become the star of the show, so you have the option of wearing something simple so that the colours do not clash. We know you will captivate everyone in a pair of wide fit self-tie womens heels, sis!


Are You Ready To Express Your True Self?


We hope our selection of heel shoes like mid heel block heels, heeled boots, peep toe heels, platform heels, and wedge heels can help you choose the perfect pair of shoes for each different mood you want to channel. These heel shoes will become your next best friend and can help you express your best self. So head to the heels online store, Wildfire website today so you can stock up on your favourite pairs of heel shoes, girl!