The Top-5 Heels Trends That Will Transform Your Winter Look

At Wildfire, we have the ideal womens heels that you have been searching for. Our wide fit shoes are the ideal pair that will get you through various occasions. From work to weekend casual and then right through to formal dressing. 


Wildfire is your one-stop shop; get your next pair of womens heels today that will transform your winter look!



  • Kitten Styles



Kitten heels are a great staple to keep in your wardrobe. It will shock you just how versatile these womens heels are! You will be able to wear these styles to work and even weekend wear


When it comes to work shoes, not only do their short stumpy block heels keep you stable and secure throughout the day. 


You will also look casually dressed for the office. Kitten womens heels look great in a simple slip-on heeled sandals design with minimal straps like strappy heeled meaning they will not draw attention away from your perfectly put-together outfit.


Another reason why we love kitten heels for work is its comfortable short block heels; these styles will keep you comfortable throughout the day and. This will perfectly complete any work outfit. 


So whether you are wearing slim-legged high-waisted pants plus sport bras underneath jacket or figure-hugging skirts, kitten heels are the perfect footwear wide fit shoes for the office!


These styles are also great options for weekend wear when flats are just too casual, add a little height to any casual outfit and complete your laid-back weekend look. We love seeing kitten heels worn with cut-off or cuffed denim jeans and boxy-cropped knits throughout winter!



  • Mules



Mules are a great option when it comes to a wardrobe staple! 


Since they come in a range of heights ranging from low heel to mid heeled and high, they make the perfect womens heels for formal and casual dressing. In addition, these heels feature a slip-on flat shoes and mid heeled design and a range of funky heel designs!


Find your perfect fit from various styles, whether you are looking for a simple strappy heeled design, singular wide-band, or a trendy toe-thong/toe heels design, then come on over to Wildfire.


With Our Range Of Styles, You Will Find It Hard To Choose Just One Pair To Take Home With You!


If you’re looking to style your weekend attire, then you can’t go past a pair of kitten knot mules paired with your favourite cut-off jeans, throw on a lightweight knit and a long line jacket over the top, and you’ll be on your way! These heels are the perfect accompaniment to any casual weekend outfit.


However, if you are dressing for a special occasion, we recommend pairing a strappy number like strappy heeled with your best dresses. 


Choose a pair of strappy heeled mules that feature excellent slim block heels or cake stand heeled sandals and add the perfect amount of height to any party dress!



  • Knee High Boots



Now we’re talking winter heels! Boots are the ultimate winter companion, so how could we not mention our favourite knee-high heeled sandals and knee high boots? We love that these boots are making their comeback into our wardrobes.


There are some fantastic, stylish ways to style these fabulous winter block heels and ankle boots! We love heeled boots like  knee high boots and ankle boots; these sleek winter heels look great in a pointed, rounded, and square toe.


We love seeing knee high boots styled with your mini and midi length skirts and dresses. For weekends spent on wine tours, why not try wearing a tan pair of knee high boots  or black heels with a flowy midi length dress with a cropped jacket thrown over the top. 


This style is excellent for the cooler months and will liven up your look rather than wearing your go-to jeans.



  • Square Toe Styles



Now here’s another throw-back style! When shopping, be sure to look at the front of our wide fit shoes, and you will see many square toe. Lately, square toe heels have also made a comeback from the 90s, which is another trend that we love!


These styles look great when worn with both casual and formal dressing and will be sure to add a point of difference to your outfit. The beauty of these heels is that you can find square-cut toe heels on almost every high heel shoes style we have available.


Find square cut toe heels, kitten heels, low heel, mid heeled, platform heels, stilettos, and even heeled boots! Trust us. Once you give this winter trend a try, you will find it hard to look at any other shoe shape again!


Bright Colours


The great thing about the collection of high heel shoes is the on-trend heels online colour range that is always available! So, if you are looking to make a statement, then you’ve come to the right place.


Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment With Colour


We know a thing or two when it comes to on-trend heels online, so take our word for it and don’t be afraid to experiment with color! Rather than choosing a pair of womens heels in the usual go-to shades of nude or black heels, why not add a colour pop to any outfit?


Give our pastel hues a try this season and brighten up any winter look! Our heel shoes range in pleasing pastel colours like white, mint green, baby blue, and lilac. However, if this is too bright for you, then we’ll steer you toward something subtler.


Rather than adding bright colour pop, you can still subtly add color to any winter outfit by opting for a pair of heels in black heels,  sage green, chocolate brown, or tan.


Experiment With Different Textures


However, if colour isn’t for you, then why not experiment with some different textures instead? You will be surprised just how different you can recreate an outfit by adding a different texture than you usually would.


For example, opt for a pair of animal print like crocodile textured heeled sandals or boots to complete your outfit. The glossy finish will add a touch of glamour or sophistication that your usual leather-look heeled sandals and heeled boots wouldn’t usually.


What Are You Waiting For?


We have the perfect womens heels for you at Wildfire. So jump heels online or come in-store today to find your perfect fit suitable for all occasions this season!


Pick up a new pair of on-trend heels online and find some creative ways to transform your winter look this season.