The Trick to Finding the Perfect Pair of Formal Shoes

There must be a special event coming for you to search for tips on finding the perfect pair of formal shoes. But, don't you worry, we got you. At Wildfire, we have various men's shoes that are perfect for any occasion, like a wedding.


Wedding days are the best occasion to wear a perfect pair of formal shoes, especially men's ones. Unfortunately, choosing men's shoes for a wedding is sometimes hard to find because you want to look for various styles.


We at Wildfire understand that it's not easy to choose which ideal formal shoes to buy, especially with all the choices! But men's shoes at Wildfire are easy to find, and one thing that differs from other brands like Hush Puppies is the styles.


Whatever the occasion is, you have to look your best. But, admittedly, aside from the dress or the outfit, the next thing people will look at is your footwear. So, to save you from judging eyes, let us help you find the perfect pair that will have everyone staring.


All the men's shoes at Wildfire are trending. They are known for all styles of formal shoes and dress shoes. The shop in Australia has a vast stock of these brands.


How to Pick the Ideal Pair?

When you browse Wildfire's website, you will discover several options. Here are some tricks in the trade when choosing a pair of formal shoes. 


  1. Determine your correct size.

Knowing your size in formal shoes is essential since we do not want you to experience added discomfort. For example, some occasions require you to wear heels, but they are not as comfortable as flats. 


In addition, wearing the wrong size of formal shoes, whether bigger or smaller, can give you blisters or cause accidents. We do not want that to happen. Did you know that the best time to buy footwear is in the afternoon or evening? 


This is because your feet swell up later in the day. As such, it's best to try on footwear or get measurements when your feet are at their largest size. In addition, Wildfire has a handy size guide that you can use to pinpoint the size of your perfect formal shoes. 


Our chart shows you a conversion of Wildfire sizes to their US, UK, and EU counterparts so you can determine yours. 


     2. Pick your outfit.


Choosing the kind of formal shoes to wear will depend on your attire. That's right, style your outfit and impress your colleagues. This will give your best foot look elegant in style. The important thing is that they should match. 


When shopping for an event, we typically get the outfit before looking for a pair of formal shoes that go with it. Your dress shoes will help you to look stunning and stand out. A full-length gown? A business meeting or conference? Again, both will depend on the event. Event invites specify a dress code, so make sure you follow it. 


     3. "To wear heels or not?" That is the question. 


We believe in choosing comfort above all when it comes to formal shoes. While there are events that are strict and would require heels, others are more lenient and accepting. If you're uncomfortable wearing heels and the event is indulgent, go for formal shoes with low or no heels.


For stricter occasions, go with heels. The kind of heels to pick depends on your comfort level. Wildfire has different heels, which you may want to check:


  • The heights of our low heels are 4.5, 5.5, 6, and 7. These formal shoes are not as high as the others but carry the same style and elegance. Wearing this footwear will save you from accidental injuries and muscle strain. Check out our kitten heels. These formal shoes are cute and always in style.
  • Our block heels are perfect if you want height and comfort in your formal shoes. Sometimes called "chunky heels," their thicker heels distribute your weight evenly, relieving pressure from your feet. 
  • Events usually last for hours, so it's best to choose a pair of formal shoes that won't topple you forward, despite being high.
  • Stiletto heels are for daredevils who can withstand hours of discomfort. Yes, this pair of formal shoes is sexy as hell but as painful. Their thin pointed heels will throw you off balance and change the way you walk. We suggest you set aside time to practice walking in these formal shoes to break them in. 


     4. Explore different colours.


The typical and safest colour choices in formal shoes are black and brown. These colours, and more, are available at Wildfire. However, black is the most versatile for proper shoes. 


Choosing a black pair will match any of your coloured outfits, making it the most optimal choice if you can only get one pair. However, colour blocking is in season. So you will be fine as long as you pick colours that match.


For instance, wearing pastel outfits means you can go with nude-coloured formal shoes. The choices are limitless as you can match them with silver, white, blue, and purple. All of which are available at Wildfire. Seasons change, so change your colours if you want to impress your friends.


Colours like brown are always on sale at the shop. The colour brown is attractive to every man in Australia. But, if you're feeling adventurous, can we suggest going for a pop of colour on your feet? Wildfire has a pair of hot pink diamante-studded formal shoes that can add character to your overall look.


     5. Always choose comfort.


One of our favourite mantras is not to sacrifice comfort, which is why we always say this when recommending formal shoes to anyone who asks. What good will owning fabulous footwear do when you can't walk properly or lack confidence? 


There are the best foot-forward shoe brands and dress shoes in Australia. They consider this one of the men's collections, not only for a wedding day. While we encourage you to experiment with your choice of formal shoes, remember to stay within your comfort zone. 


Nothing overly extravagant or spectacular if you know you cannot pull it off. So, ditch your old hush puppies pair and invest in these formal shoes that last a long time. These proper shoes are not the only aspect that can elevate your look. 


There is no need to go with extreme styles to make a statement when all you need to do is add a pair of earrings or maybe a clutch bag. Wildfire has stylish accessories that you might like. 


Check them out. Each style differs from the other. Different types can be physically seen at the shop; sometimes, they edit the shop with different products.


Are You Ready to Show Them How It's Done?


We trust that our tricks will make your decision-making process so much easier. For example, we know finding a pair of formal shoes that are comfortable, stylish, and affordable may seem daunting, but you do not have to look far. 


The price of these favourite men's shoes is sometimes high and low, depending on the season. We've got your best foot forward on every occasion. Do you want to impress others? So, be ready to dress shoes with great style that gives the best foot to yours.


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Such a steal! We cannot wait to see you strut in Wildfire's formal shoes! These shoes are one of the best collections in Australia. You can use your American Express card to place an order.


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