The Ultimate High Heels This Season

Burn bright with a hot set of high heels from Wildfire!


We have the ultimate styles for any wardrobe, now read on to find yours!


Let’s start with high heels that make a statement


Strappy high heels are a strong contender for the top spot on the shelf this season. The fit is adjustable because the straps are a free self-tie design. As long as you don’t mind spending time getting your high heels on and off, these elegant shoes will be an instant hit. Of course, if you do want something similar that still has a quick transition onto your feet, then you might like a buckled variation. These have the same fuzzy fabric and crisscrossing bands but maintain their shape (instead of coming loose) when you take them off your feet. You could dress these up with the right formal get-up, but we think strappy high heels make a fun party pair or a trendy weekend choice.


What about a pair for work?


Pointed toes are also doing the rounds in 2019. Ladies with stumpy or wide feet will appreciate the slimming effect these have and the way they shape the rest of your foot. Aesthetically, pointy-toed high heels are also a refreshing change from regular round-toed styles. We think these are amazing for professional environments, particularly in ones with rules about closed toes. Also, the extra coverage will keep your toes from getting cold in the winter. Place your high heels under a cute pair of culottes or your trustiest work skirt for a smart-looking ensemble.


Who could fault classic high heels?


As tempting as it is to follow the flow of fashion, styles come and go, which make keeping up the latest looks a challenge. If you want high heels with timeless elegance, then look beyond the fickle fashions of the moment and consider an enduring favourite. Cocktail stilettos are one example; these gorgeous shoes are a natural choice with formal wear. Where block-style high heels can appear heavy or chunky with tight-fitting ensembles or light material, stilettos are a flawless fit. Brides and bridesmaids will always look stunning with a set of stiletto high heels on their feet. Natural (or beige) is a much-loved tone since it goes with everything, but a black pair would be just as effortless to match with other colours or patterns.


Since we’re on the subject of colours, Wildfire has a suggestion


If you want the pinnacle of fashion, then lilac high heels should be on your shopping list. This fun shade is subtle but eye-catching and will soften harsher fashion items. Since the blacks, greys, greens, and metallic of grunge fashion are making a resurgence, our lilac high heels would be a decent match. That little splash of purple can balance out your look and keep it looking edgy but feminine.


Before we finish talking about high heels, we have a note about the fabrics


We are heading into winter, so it's prudent to highlight the best material choices. The three kinds we have on offer are patent, synthetic, and faux suede. Faux suede is the most susceptible to rain, so please keep that in mind. You can either choose to stay away from puddles or give them a coating with waterproofing spray. Synthetic leather and patent high heels are the easiest to wipe off when they get dirty, but the latter is the most resilient. Consider where you want to take your new pair of high heels and grab one in a finish that works.


We hope that helps!


Take home a new pair of high heels today and unleash your wild side!