The Wedding Shoe You and Your Bridesmaids Need

Who says wedding shoes are only for brides? Your bridesmaids can also get similar styles to yours since they will also need comfort that day. In addition, they will spend the entire day with you, helping and working hard so that your big day will succeed.


They will do the same things you do, like walking down the aisle, entertaining guests, dancing, mingling, and partying, so they deserve a perfect pair of Wildfire bridal shoes like yours – comfortable, stylish, versatile, and affordable.


Planning for your big day requires looking into everything to ensure everything goes together. But, of course, these must suit the theme, from dresses, accessories, jewellery, and bridal shoes.


We know this can be stressful, so please allow our Wildfire team to remove this from your tasks. We can provide you with things you must know when choosing your bridal shoes and your bridesmaid shoes. Read on to learn more!


1. Must Fit Your Theme


As we mentioned, every piece of your big day puzzle must fit together to form the big picture, down to the last detail, including the shoes for you and your bridesmaids. 


Whether the theme is a traditional, vintage, elegant, rustic, or modern bride, the colours, materials, and styles should all go together.


But please always remember to choose shoes that prioritise everyone's all-day comfort. Everyone in the bridal party, starting from you, will be on their feet the entire day, so keep all your bridesmaids involved in selecting their footwear.


2. Should Match the Dresses


The ideal shoes for you and your bridesmaids must match the dresses. The dress's length and the footwear's height should complement each other. Bring the wedding shoes you and your bridesmaids will use when trying on the dresses before final alterations. This way, they can adjust the hem with the height of the footwear.


3. Consider the Heel and Height


Let's go back to the point we highlighted earlier, prioritising your comfort and that of your bridesmaids. Several kinds of bridal heels are available at Wildfire, so ask everyone what's best for them.


Low heels are ideal for people who are averse to high-heeled shoes. These wedding shoes are perfect also if the height difference between the bridesmaids and groomsmen is minimal.


With only 2.5-5cm in height, your wedding party won't have problems staying on their feet for hours. However, issues may arise if some need to wear wedding shoes with high heels, as these are usually more than 7cm high.


Thankfully, there is an option to use block-heeled wedding shoes. The bride and bridesmaids will love the thick, broad heel that evenly distributes the wearer's weight. In addition, they will feel comfortable wearing block heels for going down the aisle, standing throughout the ceremony, and going from the dance floor to the reception while entertaining their wedding guest.


Even if the wedding shoes are high, the bridal party will not feel the strain on their feet, legs, and lower back. Platform block heels are even better because the platform in front levels the feet, removing the incline that usually causes pain.


Wedding shoes from Wildfire are all versatile, so you and your bridesmaids can keep using them even after your wedding day. It's such a nice memento so everyone can remember such a lovely time.


4. Think About the Aisle and Floor of the Venue


Everyone will be walking on the same aisle, dancing on the same floor surfaces, and we don't want anyone slipping on them. So when buying wedding shoes, consider this, especially if your location is outdoors.


Stilettos, no matter how sexy and long they make everyone's legs, are a no-no when you're getting married outdoors. We want to prevent the bridal party from digging themselves into sand, soil, or pavement cracks with stiletto wedding shoes. 


It's not a good way to remember one of the best days of your life.


We suggest that you and your bridesmaids practice walking with your wedding shoes on the floor like the venue before the day. Doing so will give the bridal party a feel of how things will be on your big day.


5. Turn Shopping for Bridal Shoes into a Bonding Activity


Shopping for wedding shoes is the best opportunity for all your bridesmaids to get to know each other before the big day. But, of course, you met these women at different times, so some of them might not know the others. 


And since they will work together to ensure that your special day goes on without any glitches, they should get to know each other well.


Coordination is critical in getting everyone's availability to go shopping for wedding shoes. Have everyone try on their footwear, model walk them, and compare. It's nice that everyone's there to give their opinion and feedback regarding their wedding shoes.


Since everyone is already together, why not make it a fun spa day?


It will be so much fun to do activities like getting your hair and nails done with the people dearest to you. Then, as a group, you can discuss things that still need to be accomplished since you are all done shopping for wedding shoes.


6. Choose Complementing Accessories for Bridesmaids and Wedding Dress


Remember that accessories and wedding shoes must complement your wedding gown when planning your look and that of your bridesmaids. If the footwear is extravagant, keep the jewellery and other accessories simple, and vice versa. 


Dare to compare beautiful shoes from the Wildfire brand with designer brands like Bella Belle, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's! Who says bridal shoes have to be so expensive? 


We Wish You All the Best in Our Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes!


Your special day may be stressful, but it will all be worth it. Start by selecting the best Wildfire bridal shoes online for your bridesmaids and treating them like heirlooms. 


Then, add one of Wildfire's exquisite clutches after that. Next, use flexible payment options for the Wildfire online shop or the store closest to you.