The Wedding Shoes of the Season

Planning for your big day is overwhelming because you need to be on top of all the details, big or small. And while you’re ticking off the venue, food, and bridal party, we hope you’re not putting off your wedding shoes until the very last minute. 


Your footwear on that day must be supportive and comfortable because you will wear it for hours.


Photos will last forever, so you should put some thought into your footwear, too. 


You'll be on your feet all day, from walking down the aisle in your wedding gown and shoes until you dance the night away and mingle with your guests at the reception. 


In addition, guests are eager to view your wedding attire, so put on a spectacular display.


But with all the things you need to think about, we know that you do not have time to absorb a lot of details and information. As such, our team at Wildfire is stepping in to help you find the perfect bridal heels. 


That way, you can focus on other things. So what do you need to consider in finding the best style?  Let’s start!


1. Should I go for bridal shoes with closed or open toes?


One of the most common issues when a modern bride starts choosing the right wedding shoes, is whether to go for closed or open-toed designs. Usually, the weather and season play an essential role in your decision. 


During the colder months, people choose closed-toe bridal shoes for more warmth, while the warmer months are ideal for open-toes.


However, more brides prioritise comfort when choosing a style. To help you decide, open your shoe closet, and check which type you wear more often. The answer will determine which kind of bridal shoes you’ll lean towards.


Wildfire’s collection of bridal heels has both, each with its appeal. For example, consider the pair of open-toe heels because they have a unique giant bow at the back. 


These wedding shoes have a buckled ankle strap that offers an adjustable fit and a single band on your toes for added flair. It’s an elegant design that will capture the attention of any wedding guest you have.


Wildfire’s closed-toe options are equally stunning. Consider getting beautiful shoes with a diamante bow design on top of the front part and a diamante-studded adjustable ankle strap. 


This style will help you sparkle even more, especially when the lights hit the diamantes when you dance and twirl the dance floor. Feel comfortable all night at your wedding party.


2. Can I wear colours other than white to match my wedding dress?


Yes, you can. Gone are the days when people expected brides to wear white wedding shoes. Some even choose blue and make their footwear something blue. 


Besides, if you want to make your bridal shoes the accent piece of your whole look, what better way to draw attention than through colour?


Wildfire’s bridal heels collection has 14 different colours! So if you have a favourite pair of black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, orange, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white, now’s your chance to celebrate your wedding day in them! 


As mentioned, blue is a popular alternative to white wedding shoes, as seen in bridal magazines that feature Bella Belle wedding shoes. However, you can also consider pink representing love, devotion, and elegance.


An attractive pair of pink wedding shoes from Wildfire is what you need. This online-exclusive pair from the bridal heels collection showcases a unique cake-stand heel and a strap that sits on the back of your foot. 


But what sets these shoes apart is their diamante stud on top of the enclosed pointed-toe design. Also, never worry about leaving your shoe behind because the back strap will keep it in place.


3. What are the most comfortable wedding shoes I can wear all day and night?


An essential factor to consider is the kind of heels you’ll have on your wedding shoes. As mentioned, you will have a long day and night ahead of you and need footwear to last you through. Therefore, your choice of shoes will impact your experience on the day.


Of all the available kinds, block heels are the most comfortable. These comfortable wedding shoes have thick, broad heels that distribute your weight evenly, relieving the pressure from the balls of your feet. 


The chief advantage of wearing this kind over others is that they add height without putting strain on your feet, legs, or lower back. And since they are wide, you’ll have more stability all night.


An online-exclusive pair of Wildfire block heels you need to check out has a gorgeous silky material and a signature top strap that forms an oversized bow detail. In addition, these shoes have a buckled ankle strap for adjustable comfort.


If the height is not an issue and you prefer something even more comfortable, choose wedding shoes with a low heel. This combination is the best choice to make the big day feel special and memorable.


4. When should I buy my footwear?


As mentioned, never leave shopping for comfortable wedding shoes until the last minute. You must get them early because you need time to practise wearing them, especially on similar surfaces to the venue. 


By wearing your wedding shoes for a time each day leading up to your big event, you develop muscle memory that will make wearing them a breeze.


Moreover, you must bring your shoes when you try on your wedding dress for final adjustments. This way, you have the perfect fit and get an idea of the impact your wedding dress and shoes will have.


5. What should I do with my footwear after the big day?


The incredible thing about getting Wildfire wedding shoes (or bridesmaid shoes) is their versatility, which means you can keep using them. So why keep your stunning footwear hidden in the closet when you can relive your big day every time you use them again?


Have the Best Time on Your Special Day with Wildfire!


Head to the nearest Wildfire retailer or shop for bridal shoes online to get your perfect pair as soon as possible and start practising for the big day!