The Wedding Shoes You've Been Waiting For!

Some brides started dreaming about their big day when they were young. They've already imagined what the ceremony and reception, especially their wedding gown, would look like. 


But most overlook the significance of wedding shoes, thinking it's an item that they can shop for at the last minute.


Years later, you realise how footwear plays a massive role in your everyday life, keeping you comfortable and supported. 


You wish right then that you get to find the perfect bridal shoes to wear while walking down the aisle, dancing during the reception, and mingling the entire time. 


Footwear ensures you get through every significant part of your life; the wedding party and the dance floor at night are no exception.


You started daydreaming about the beautiful shoes that would make your big day special. You've pored over bridal magazines and videos and even salivated over Bella Belle styles. You've watched and learned everything about THE style you will wear. 


Have you decided? 


If you're still going back and forth, allow our team from Wildfire to share their expertise. From experience, brides get the clarity they need to choose the perfect fit bridal shoes after reading the considerations. If you're excited, so are we! Let's do it!


How high should my bridal shoes be? 


Height is an essential aspect when choosing bridal shoes for this special day. Coordinate and check with your partner to determine your height. You wouldn't want to tower over them in the photos. But apart from aesthetics, you need to think in terms of all-day-comfort. 


Think about the long hours you'll wear your shoes and decide whether to be nearer the ground or higher. Wildfire's low heels collection will provide you with exquisite options. 


Your shoes can have kitten heels or block heels. Kittens have short, narrow heels like stilettos, while blocks are thick and broad. The range of low heel is between 2.5 and 5.5 cm.


Meanwhile, if your partner is tall, the tendency is to choose high heels. Wedding shoes with heights taller than 7.5cm can be intimidating, but with block heels in your options, you'll be fine. 


The incredible thing about block heels is that they can be low or high, but they feel comfortable just the same. 


With broad, thick heels, these shoes will distribute your weight evenly, relieving pressure from the balls of your feet, legs, and lower back. You can enjoy your wedding day worry-free. 


Please remember to bring your shoes to the last fitting of your wedding dress to account for the height of your footwear when they do the hem and final adjustments.


Which bridal heels style is best for my wedding day? 


Search the internet for shoes and discover thousands of styles. But you can divide them into two major groups, which can help you narrow your choices: open or closed toe?


One way for the modern bride to choose the style of her shoes is to check her shoe closet and see the prominent ones she has. From there, you'll know if you're more comfortable showing or hiding your toes. 


On top of your comfort, consider the weather when deciding. Open toes are ideal for breathability if you get married in the summer or spring. 


On the one hand, shoes with closed toes are better for wet and cold seasons. We want to avoid the icky feeling when our toes get wet in the winter or autumn.


Do I need to consider the venue when choosing my wedding shoes? 


Yes, definitely. Please remember that the ceremony and programme will happen at your chosen venue. Your wedding shoes must work well in them, or things can go wrong. 


For instance, wearing stilettos when your location is outdoors is a huge mistake. Stilettos are thin and narrow, making it challenging to walk on soft ground without sinking. 


A beach or garden venue is more suitable for wedding shoes with block heels because they won't sink into soil, sand, or pavement cracks. It's much safer to wear your stilettos to indoor venues like hotels. 


An essential tip for brides is to practise their wedding shoes on surfaces like the venue. That way, you have an idea of how you can navigate the floor safely and comfortably.


Slippery surfaces are also a concern, especially since venues polish their floors for special events.


Is it acceptable to choose a different colour to match my wedding dress?


While traditional celebrations give weight to white wedding shoes, those days are gone. Thankfully, fashion has evolved and modernised to allow colours other than white. 


When you check the available shades of bridal heels at Wildfire, you'll get thirteen options: black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white—add colour to your look via wedding shoes.


In doing that, you inadvertently make them your accent piece. You can either go with the theme, choose your favourite colour, or wear them as something blue.


When is the best time to buy my wedding shoes?


Buying your wedding shoes at the last minute is a mistake. As mentioned, you must practise walking in them long enough to develop muscle memory.


Set aside thirty minutes daily for practice, especially if you're going for high heels. Increase each day until the big day. Wear your perfect pair around the house, on different surfaces, and especially when practising for your dance. 


Getting used to your wedding shoes and having them feel like second skin will ensure you enjoy your big day painlessly and hassle-free. 


Which are the most comfortable wedding shoes?


Reflect on each question to determine the wedding shoes you've been waiting for. But if you ask the team from Wildfire, a style that will tick all your boxes is "Hitched", aptly named for the event.


These online-exclusive shoes have an ankle buckle that adjusts for comfort, a stable block heel perfect for any surface, and a band of glimmering diamantes across the toes. 


Remember, you are not a wedding guest. On this special day, you deserve to feel special, and these shoes will help you do just that with their sparkle, glamorous details, and cosy insoles.


Get the Wedding Shoes of Your Dreams from Wildfire!


Elegant wedding shoes and bridesmaid shoes will help set the tone for the special day. Get them from Wildfire in Australia for a truly remarkable experience. Try buying bridal shoes online. Online shopping is simple and quick. You may also visit our nearest store, Either way, it can get you started practising for your wedding day!