These are Our Favourite Heels for Spring and Summer!

What do you look forward to the most during spring and summer? If you ask us, it's the warm weather because we can show more skin! It's time to hide those thick winter outfits and footwear and bring out our favourite heels for spring and summer.


We can socialise and go to events without shivering! The spring and summer seasons widen our footwear options and allow us to expose our feet more. So, how do you elevate a simple ensemble?


Wear women's heels! Be it low heels, platform shoes, court heels, kitten heels, it's time to put your best foot forward!


Do you want to wear a tank top and denim shorts for brunch? Pop in a pair of heels! These shoes can take your outfit from plain to fabulous.


Don't be intimidated by the idea of wearing women's heels, as there are comfortable styles that you can use everywhere. Our team at Wildfire will give you a crash course on a style or two that will soon be your favourite pair for spring and summer! 


Read on to learn more about Wildfire heels!


Style 1 - Peep or Open Toe Heels and Square Toe Heels


How adventurous are you when it comes to fashion? Consider these attention-grabbing styles ideal for spring and summer. Peep-toe or open toe heels have an open-toe box that allows people to see your toes and wonder how the rest of your feet look! 


Make your toes shine like the stars, and proudly show off your pedicure! Does your event call for a tinge of sophistication? If yes, go and stun the people with these heels!


We're all about bright and colourful fashion during summer and spring, so pair this footwear with a tropical-printed skirt or floral dress! These iconic shoes have evolved through the years but never lost their lustre! 


Get a pair of women's heels from Wildfire and rock all your summer and spring events. 


Style 2 - Wedge—For Ladies Who Prefer Mid-Heels


If there's one heel style that's comfortable for spring and summer, it's a pair of wedges! This fashion icon goes well with the typical outfits you wear on warm days: shorts, skirts, and jeans. 


The popularity of this footwear stems from the heel shape, and it can save you from accidental trips and falls. Are you planning to attend an outdoor spring or summer garden wedding? 


If you are, wear wedge mid heels with any of your dresses. The shoes are comfortable and won't jam into soil or grass, so you're safe from mishaps!


A backyard barbecue is the ideal setting for wearing a white sundress with a colourful strappy pair of wedge heels. This ensemble will give you a casual, elegant vibe, and the straps keep the footwear in place as you move around and mingle.


Style 3 - Mules


Only the presence of heel mules will make spring and summer complete. These heels are a favourite style among women who prefer exposing their ankles instead of their toes. Mules update any summer outfit, whether it's shorts, flowy dresses, skirts, or wide-leg pants.


If you have narrow feet, look for heels that fit snugly to give your toes extra support and prevent the shoes from sliding off. Inversely, choose a regular or wide-fit option if your feet are wide. These heels deserve additional points for their insole support and coverage for the tops of your feet.


You can experiment with different looks for your spring and summer activities, such as skinny jeans and your go-to shirt for a day-to-night look. Wear these heels with a shirtdress or a pair of linen pants for a laid-back vacation mood.


Style 4 - Low Block Heels


Low-block heels are incredibly comfortable and will soon be your favourite heels for spring and summer because they give the best walking experience possible. The broad, wide heel evenly distributes your weight, relieving discomfort on your feet.


Donning these heels will lift the legs slightly, add a few inches to our height, and occasionally correct bad posture. When you go to events in the summer and spring, you should be confident and stand up straight.


We all know that sandals are the standard spring and summer shoes. Imagine if these sandals had low-block heels or platform heels; they would be stunners and appropriate for your event.


Whether the occasion is dressy or casual, you will never look out of place!


Style 5 - Strappy High Heels


The strappy high heels are a timeless addition to your summer and spring outfits because they never go out of style. Once only worn to go with formal attire, high heels now liven up everyday outfits and are a must-have for any closet.


Black, white, and natural are the most obvious choices for warm weather, but you can also go for something bolder and brighter to match your mood and outfit. Is there a formal event you need to go to during these seasons? High heels or stilettos are the answer!


Strappy stiletto heels will draw attention, especially if they have thin silver straps that wrap around your ankles. Different straps create various silhouettes, giving your feet a beautiful and alluring appearance.


Experiment with different straps and embrace your inner star! Without a doubt, strappy high heels will keep your foot forward in spring and summer too! 


Make Your Heels Last Longer


1. Clean the Insides


After a long, warm spring or summer day, nothing is more satisfying than kicking your feet up once you get home. However, you must first clean the inside of your heels, especially if you walked all day and sweated.


Wipe the inside of your shoe with a dry tissue as an easy way to remove dirt or skin oil buildup. If the heels are leather or suede, scrub the dirt off with a brush in rapid circular motions.  


2. Expel Odours  


Did you know that coffee grounds work like magic to eliminate odours? Making portable coffee sachets and placing them inside can help eliminate odours from your heels.


3. Proper Storage


Store your footwear after use because leaving them lying around will distort them and allow dust to settle. 


Make Your Spring and Summer the Best Seasons Ever! 


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