These Are the Only Pair of High Heels You Need This Season!

High heels are not the coziest shoes to wear since you're dealing with a change in your usual gait and stride. High heels shift your body forward, leaving the ball of your foot and your toes to absorb all the pressure when you walk or stand. 


Also, the more height you have, the smaller your stride should be to maintain your balance.


While reading this may intimidate you from wearing shoes that add some height, it's essential to know that some styles provide you with the centimetres you crave without causing discomfort. 


Finding high-heeled shoes that you can wear for hours within the Wildfire collection is possible.


Wildfire offers various styles, each with its own set of benefits. But if you can only buy one pair of high heels this season, make it a pair of platforms. They'll ease you through the day's activities, evening engagements, and special occasions.


Seeing their height and style, you might have doubts, but hear us out. Our team from Wildfire will walk you through what they are and the types that can get you through this season scratch-free! 


These shoes combine fashion, function, and comfort, ensuring you remain at the top of your game at every event. So if you're eager to learn more, let's start! 


Platforms: What Are They? 


If you are searching for an uplifting experience with shoes, platform high heels are the ones for you. These shoes are prominent for their thick sole, which typically measures 3–10 cm. 


The extraordinary thing about these high-heeled shoes is that you get the best of both worlds: block heels at the back and thick soles in front.


They make you stand out in a crowd, both literally with the height they give you and figuratively with their eye-catching style. Some people get reminded of the retro years of the 1970s when they see platform heels during events.


Let us reiterate how platforms combine comfort and style. And seeing you wearing these shoes during special occasions and events will let people know you're a fun person willing to try something new. 


The Styles at Wildfire 


Wildfire has a vast collection of platform high heels, providing a comfortable experience. Do you have a preferred style in mind? 


Style 1—Open-Toed Ankle Strap 


The open-toed platform high heels at Wildfire come with a wraparound ankle strap with round retro buckles to keep them in place. The crossover toe straps on the shoes will draw attention to your beautiful toes. 


With a block heel height of 9 cm and a platform height of 3 cm, these shoes will make you the belle of the ball. With the extra support and guaranteed comfort, you can never go wrong with choosing this pair of high heels for the season. 


Style 2—Closed-Toed Ankle Strap 


Some people do not like showing their toes often because of the time and effort it takes to make them look presentable. Good thing there's another style of platform high heels for you, which is also ideal for ladies who get cold quickly and need coverage. 


This style is a Wildfire limited edition, which makes them more desirable. Although the 13-cm heel height can be intimidating, these offer unparalleled stability, reassuring your safety even after hours on your feet. 


These shoes may help you get closer to being declared the best-dressed guest. 


Style 3—Loafers


Get your hands on these versatile platform loafers, which you can wear anywhere and everywhere. Now these are the only option if you're searching for the only pair to use this season, with their perfect mix of the 90s with a modern twist.


Expect this footwear to make you feel your best from work to play. You can rush to meetings and chase deadlines without the added stress of painful feet because these high heels have got you. These shoes work continuously, especially if you have dinner and drinks to attend. 


Style 4—Mules 


The last style is platform mules. These high-heeled shoes have a staggering heel height of 13 cm but maintain the comfort of your feet because they remain level throughout. 


In addition, the chunky block heel distributes your weight evenly, relieving pressure from your feet, legs, and lower back. 


Meanwhile, the high-heeled shoes' thick strap locks your feet in place and adds flawlessness to your exposed toes. Wearing platform mules is the fastest, taking seconds before you go out the door! 


The Colours at Wildfire


The platform high heels at Wildfire come in six beautiful colours: black, green, natural, pink, silver, and white. If you must get only one pair, the best option is black because it matches everything in your closet. In addition, black high-heeled shoes exude understated elegance, whether worn to a black-tie affair or a laidback weekend brunch.


But don't discount the other colours; bright high heels automatically give you a focal point in your look. For instance, choosing pink platforms will draw everyone's attention to your feet. 


So instead, wear clothes in neutral colours, like black or white, and then let the pink high heels shine. 


Healing Your Feet After Wearing High Heels 


No matter how comfortable platform heels are, they still subject your feet to pressure. As such, it's best to help your feet heal right away. Here are some steps:


  • Soak your feet in a tub or basin of hot water to ease the tired and overworked muscles.

  • The constant rubbing of your feet with high heels may cause blisters. They need immediate attention, so disinfect them before using a plaster.

  • Elevate your feet on a pillow or the wall to allow blood to circulate. This step will help the swelling subside.

  • Wear flats or walk barefoot the following day to allow your body to normalise. High heels push your body to do extra work, so it's best to give it time to rest. 


Elevate Your Fashion This Season! 


Add fashion points to your wardrobe this season by getting yourself platform shoes—the only pair of high heels you need. Add heel grips and gel cushions before checking out for a more comfortable experience! Head to the nearest Wildfire retailer or online store.


Wildfire carries a wide selection of women's high heels perfect for every special occasion, from a day at the office to a night on the town. They have various heel types, from classic stilettos to open-toe heels, block heels, square-toe heels, kitten heels, and platform heels. 


In addition, there is a wide selection of court heels, low heels, heel mules, mid heels, heeled boots, and pumps available to accommodate a range of foot types and sizes.


Wildfire has what may become your favourite pair or two of the season's hottest styles. They boost confidence with their casual peep-toe heels, stilettos, and wedges, which elongate the legs and provide the illusion of a slimmer silhouette.


Wear heels, which are perfect for the warmer months and will ensure that you always put your best foot forward. 


From the convenience of your own home, you can shop online for excellent pricing and discounts on some of the world's most popular brands at Wildfire. 


Head to the nearest store if you need women's heels to complement your dressy outfit. Work with our shoe experts to find your true shoe size!