These Boots Will Make Your Outfit Stand Out For All The Right Reasons!

Stylish and Affordable Boots


Unleash your wild side with over-the-knee boots! These gorgeous shoes will help you stand out for all the right reasons. Here’s how:


1) By creating an unforgettable look


Over-the-knee boots have an instant impact on an outfit because they are so long. Where ankle or calf length styles can be unremarkable, our thigh-high designs demand attention. A line of unbroken colour always draw focus in an outfit, so over-the-knee boots are sure to make a bold fashion statement from the moment they touch your feet.


2) They make party clothes work in cold weather


One unique advantage to over-the-knee boots compared to short styles is the fact that they can replace tights or leggings. It’s always tempting to layer up when you wear little party dresses or short skirts and jumpsuits in winter, but stockings can be hard to pull off well with these clothes. Even in a skin-tone colour, wearing tights with summer clothes can look awkward.


Over-the-knee boots erase this issue by covering you from leg to thigh in warm faux suede. Frosty weather will be no match for your over-the-knee boots, so you can keep bringing your favourite summer clothes out to parties!


3) These look great with winter wear


If you want to concentrate in on the appropriateness of over-the-knee boots during winter and autumn even more, then consider how gorgeous these shoes look with coats! Whether you intend to join your sleek new over-the-knee boots with a jacket or cardigan, our styles can harmonise with your aesthetic.


Do you love an elegant black-on-black colour scheme for your outfits? We know we do! Try a form-fitting jacket with matching over-the-knee boots this season and treat yourself to a contemporary clothing choice! Otherwise, as we’ll explain, our thigh-high look striking with coats in block colours and pretty prints too.


4) By balancing outfits


If you love wearing thick knit jumpers, chunky winter dresses, and other oversized clothes, then over-the-knee boots have unique benefits. It can be challenging to get the right balance between keeping yourself cosy when it is cold and choosing fashionable options. There’s an unfair bias towards loose clothing, and sized-up outfits can get slammed for being sloppy or shapeless. Thankfully, over-the-knee boots can help!


Our versatile shoes create equilibrium in your outfit by slimming down your legs. Since our over-the-knee boots also come with a block heel, they give ensembles a formal and dressy feel. You’ll make your comfy weekend clothes seem planned out and put-together effortlessly.


5) They complement patterns and bold colours


We touched on this idea earlier while discussing coats, but the single shade of our over-the-knee boots can complement or contrast other colours flawlessly. In 2019, animal prints like leopard spots and snakeskin have gained a massive following, and they’re the perfect example of prints that will go beautifully with over-the-knee boots. Think of it this way: our shoes provide the base of your look, so you can experiment as wildly as you want!


While they do have a texture element, our black over-the-knee boots still match with bold and bright shades seamlessly. If you want to liven up your winter wardrobe with fiery reds or an eye-grabbing floral print, then feel free!


6) Making accessorising a no-brainer


If you want to give your look a finishing touch, then accessories are the way to do it. And, there’s nothing easier to pair a bag, scarf, or jewellery with than over-the-knee boots! Even cute hair accessories like scrunchies can tie an outfit together, and you’ll have no trouble finding one in the same shade as our over-the-knee boots.


What’s not to love?


Pick up over-the-knee boots from Wildfire and make this winter one to remember!