These Heel Styles Are Making a Comeback!

Fashion styles come and go. Then, after a few decades, expect them to enter the scene with a bang again. It covers all aspects of fashion, including heels. So which style did you notice making the rounds?


We've observed a style making the rounds on the runway and for special occasions, so allow us to reintroduce it to you. Those seeing these heels for the first time today were not born in the 70s, a time this style was the trendiest footwear.


While the clothes you will pair with these shoes may differ from how people used to style them, getting a pair of bell bottoms or a flowery dress out won't hurt, so you can reminisce about the old times. 


If these clues aren't enough to give you an idea of what heels we're talking about, it's time to bring in the Wildfire team and let them describe the casual shoe in detail.


Trust us when we say that looks can be deceiving. While the heels may have staggering height, they are very comfortable. Read and learn more if you're dying to discover what we've been talking about!


What are Platforms?


Platform heels are the go-to footwear for ladies needing an uplifting experience. These shoes will help you stand out from the crowd and get the attention you deserve.


What sets these heels apart is the combination of comfort and height that has been absent for years. With a broad heel at the back and thick soles at the front, the wearer maintains level feet, becoming 3–10 cm taller than usual.


After being quarantined and locked down for a couple of years, the platforms are the best way to re-enter the world and party scene. So let's look at the different kinds you can shop from Wildfire! 


First, make some closet space, as these enormous heels will take the front seat in style and become your instant favourite footwear for special events.


Style 1—Strappy Sandals


If a formal event is in the pipeline, we recommend getting your hands on strappy sandals with platform heels. 


Women usually get turned off by wearing high heels because they are painful and could be a health hazard. But you won't have to worry about that with the strappy sandals.


As mentioned, these provide the needed height without any strain. Likewise, strappy sandals look sexy on your feet. 


With two straps buckled around your ankle and three thin straps across the toes, you'll never have to experience a Cinderella moment when you accidentally leave a shoe behind.


Hygiene is essential in leaving a lasting impression on people. Wear your long gowns and jewellery with these heels for mingling and fun! Since these heels are open-toed, set aside time for a pedicure and foot spa.


Style 2—Closed Toe 


Wildfire's second style will remind you of the 70s dancing shoe when boogie was such a big hit. These limited editions are a statement. Go for the pink one and expect people to take a second look.


You can't miss these attention-seeking heels because of their 13 cm heel height. However, falling and losing your balance is not a concern as these heels level your feet and provide stability despite their height. 


In addition, the ankle strap secures this dainty closed-toe number on your gorgeous feet so you can dance the night away.


We suggest elevating (literally and figuratively) an outfit of a pair of denim shorts and a white off-shoulder top with these heels. You can go clubbing comfortably with this look and show everyone on the dance floor who is the queen of the night!


Style 3—Loafers


Browse through the collection at Wildfire to discover a pair of loafers. 


They say that black heels exude a powerful aura, so women prefer to wear them to work for a genuine "girl boss" vibe. So add some spice to your daily office look by wearing these shoes to work.


With these shoes in your closet, we can guarantee that your colleagues will be more attentive and listen to your words. 


So wear these heels confidently, and we know you'll accomplish all you set your sights on—meetings, deadlines, performance reviews, and written reports!


Style these heels with power dressing for work. Wear your pantsuits or skirt suits and show everyone else you mean business! 


Hygiene is essential, including keeping your heels looking like you bought them this morning! Always polish these loafers with Wildfire's instant shine to keep them looking their best.


Style 4—Heeled Boots


Who says you can't wear platform heels in autumn and winter?


Heeled boots are a thing too, and you should invest in a pair for the cold months. Boots with platform heels available at Wildfire come in chic colours—black and white.


Enjoy the warmth and comfort these boots provide as you do your thing. You can wear them for a special occasion, brunch, work, dinner, movies, clubbing, and cocktail drinks without a sweat.


Their versatility allows you to enjoy doing things, even if it's tempting to stay home and hibernate during the cold months. Styling these heels is easy, especially if you have tights and leggings for added warmth. 


Wear them with jeans and a turtleneck top, and layer the look with a coat. Finally, complete your winter look with a beanie on your head.


Ensure you get these heels winter-ready by spraying on some water and stain protection spray. We don't want your boots to go to waste because natural elements got to them and ruined the material.


More importantly, since autumn and winter may get your heels wet, remember that you can use scrunched-up newspaper to hasten the drying process. Keeping your boots wet can destroy the material.


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