These Heels Are a Wardrobe Staple!

Certain kinds of heels should be in your closet all year. With various events and occasions coming up, it pays to have options. And while several excellent heels are out there, not all should have a spot in your closet.


More people are downsizing and creating capsule wardrobes that only keep the staples. You will curate this minimalist wardrobe to include clothes and heels that you can mix and match to create various outfits. 


The pieces that you add to this collection should maximise functionality, style, and flexibility and must have these characteristics:


  • Neutral in colour so that they can easily match one another.

  • Timeless, so that the items will stay relevant for a long time.

  • They are versatile because they must be usable for different occasions.

  • Quality items are essential so that they will last longer.

  • Comfort is the most important thing because you need something lasting for hours.


With all these in mind, our Wildfire team gathered which styles deserve a spot in your closet. These Wildfire heels will be an asset and will see you through several milestones. Let’s learn about them!


Style 1 – Strappy Heels


Strappy heels are a wardrobe staple because every woman needs shoes that spice up an outfit. 


The straps available—top, mid, ankle, or a combination—create a silhouette that makes your feet more appealing. Spring and summer events are not complete without these sexy heels.


Emphasise those ankles and lower legs with ankle tie straps. Wildfire has a couple of strappy heels deserving of a spot in your capsule wardrobe, namely Linda and Madonna.


Linda is Wildfire’s limited edition strappy block heel. Although you stand at 10.5cm, these shoes can keep you comfortable because the broad heels distribute your weight evenly, relieving pressure from the balls of your feet, legs, and lower back. 


Linda has an open-back, self-tie design over the toes and around the ankle.


Madonna, on the other hand, is Wildfire’s online-exclusive slide-on strappy heel. The front of this gorgeous footwear features a flat and squared design with strappy detailing sitting over your feet. 


The knotted V-shape on the straps is the highlight of Madonna. Be sure to make these shoes a wardrobe staple!


Style 2 – Pumps


Some workplaces remain conservative and prefer closed-toe shoes, so keeping a pair of pump heels in your closet is critical. 


These shoes exude a polished and refined look, which makes them suitable for professional environments. Wearing these heels transforms your aura immediately, boosting your boss vibes.


Because of their enduring classic style, they’ve been making the corporate rounds for years. Show them who’s boss with a pair of natural-coloured Wildfire pump heels called Influence. 


These pumps have tall, skinny stilettos that elongate your legs, flattering your figure effortlessly. While these heels’ reputation precedes them, there are some ways you can make wearing them more comfortable.


  • Use Wildfire inserts like gel cushions and heel grips to absorb impact and reduce the rubbing that causes blisters.

  • A break-in is critical to loosen the tight spots. Wear thick socks while walking around the house in them. Use a hairdryer to hasten the process, aiming for painful areas. The heels will expand and mould on your feet and socks.

  • Take time to practise for at least 30 minutes daily. You will eventually develop muscle memory and wear stilettos like a pro.


Style 3 – Heeled Boots


Boots with heels are a wardrobe staple, especially during the winter, when you need all the coverage and warmth you can get. But don’t limit the use of boots during winter, as these shoes are trans-seasonal, which means you can wear them in all seasons.


Most heeled boots at Wildfire use block heels, which are the best because of their ability to spread the load. Not only will you look smashing in boots, but you will also feel the utmost comfort. 


More importantly, these heels are timeless and versatile. You can wear them with dresses or pants, long or short clothes, and instantly upgrade your look.


Wildfire has a couple of heeled boots that deserve a spot in your curated wardrobe – Sweet, Engage, and Cherri. Gain 10cm more height with Sweet, a pair of Wildfire boots offering a thick platform base and chunky, tall heels. 


The round-toe design ensures utmost comfort, and the platform style provides height without pain.


Engage is perfect for women who need extra warmth. These knee-high Wildfire boots have block heels and a square-toe design for coverage and cosiness. 


The suede-like outer material boosts your sophistication no matter what you wear. These boots look amazing with short skirts, dresses, skinny jeans, and shorts. Secure them within seconds with help from an inner zipper.


Cherri can brighten anyone’s day with its figure-flattering style. These limited edition boots have block heels for even weight distribution and add 8.5cm to your height. 


It comes in brown or natural colours that match effortlessly with all the clothes in your capsule closet.


Maintaining Your Favourite Pair


To ensure that these shoes remain a staple in your closet, you must set aside time for maintenance. Here are a few easy steps:


  • Use a water and stain protection spray on your footwear upon unboxing. It’s applicable against natural elements because it creates an invisible layer that prevents liquids and stains from seeping through the material. Please reapply weekly.

  • A regular wipe-down after wear will ensure no dirt stays on your heels. Leaving them dirty can weaken and destroy their materials.

  • Moisture is the enemy of your heels. It can cause bacterial or fungal build-up and foul odour. Dry your footwear naturally before storage, protecting it from direct heat sources.

  • If moisture is their enemy, storage is their best friend. It will protect your heels from floating dust and ensure they are in tip-top shape.


Curate Your Wardrobe with Wildfire’s Help!


Wildfire has a range of new-season heels to add to your closet, whether you like strappy heels, pumps, square-toe heels, high heels, open-toe heels, platform heels, stiletto heels, court heels, mid-heels like platform shoes and heel mules, or low heels like kitten heels.


We have women's heels in every style, so you can wear them with any formal attire or outfit for a special occasion and always feel comfortable and put your best foot forward.


Ensure you have everything you need in your closet. Get your staple heels from Wildfire—head to the nearest retail store or shop online!