These Heels Are Made for Walking!

Have you ever desired to feel like a million bucks while strutting the streets in high heels? You’re not alone. We’ve all dreamt of doing what the heroines on TV shows do—walking on cobbled stones in the best heels without flinching. There are several reasons why we want to be like them.

For starters, heels have a way of elongating the legs. They make you look good without exerting too much effort. Heels also add a touch of elegance and boost confidence, unlike any other shoe. But not all kinds are created equal. Some styles make walking a breeze, while others make you want to sit the whole time. Even the most experienced heel-wearer has favourites and go-to styles because only some options are ideal for extended hours on your feet. 

Luckily, choosing the best walking options is easy with Wildfire Shoes. With eight categories available, you can find one that satisfies your comfort level. Some women prefer staggering heights, while others prefer to be closer to the ground. Let’s explore the Wildfire heels that make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. If you’re ready, let’s get started!




Not everyone will choose platform heels from the start, thinking their height is uncomfortable and not excellent for walking. However, their defining moment is the platform under the ball of the foot or the toe area, which raises the wearer’s foot off the ground, reducing its incline. While the heels vary in height, they are usually higher than the platform. 

At Wildfire, these shoes use block heels, providing more comfort with their broad bases. The combination of broad bases and platform soles makes it easy to walk in them, providing a boost in height while also ensuring comfort and confidence. Moreover, ankle straps come with all options in Wildfire’s platform heel collection, increasing security as you strut your way around. The open-toe design gives your feet more breathing room, adding to the comfort factor. The collection is available in black, gold, natural, silver, and white, giving you a range of the best heels. 

Shop the limited-edition Verve from the collection. These shoes are perfect for walking around on special occasions. With features like a supportive broad base, chunky platform sole, thin ankle strap, toe strap, and an enclosed back, you can slay all day and party all night without issues!




Wedges are like platforms in that they both reduce the incline of your feet, improving your walking experience. However, the difference is that they run the entire length of the shoe, not separated from the soles. Wedges are incredibly comfortable because they distribute your weight evenly along the entire base of your feet. While these heels are favourites during the warmer months, expect an excellent walking experience on all outdoor surfaces, helping you avoid getting stuck on soil, sand, or pavement cracks. 

At Wildfire, wedges fall under the heeled sandals collection. You can find various options, including slide-in top straps or those with buckled ankle straps. These shoes are everything you can ever dream of walking around in. They look good, are comfortable, and are available in three neutral colours, making dressing easy. Choose from black, natural, or tan wedge heels, and experiment with different clothes that make you more comfortable walking around.

Shop Joslin from the Wildfire collection. These modern and stylish wedge heels boast a raffia-banded toe band. Joslin improves your walking experience and boosts your style, as textures like raffia are the rage now. Despite the 7 cm height, expect these heels to provide maximum comfort all day.


How You Can Walk in Heels Comfortably


Selecting the correct heels is only half the battle. Effortlessly walking takes time, practice, and patience. But you’re not alone on this journey because we’re here with you from start to finish. We’ve chosen the best heels for walking, so the next step is learning how to do it confidently and comfortably. Here are some essential techniques to help you fulfil that long-awaited dream of strutting like your favourite heroine. You will incorporate heels into your daily wear as you improve and become naturally comfortable with them.

  • You will want to walk heel to toe, putting down your heel first. Place one foot in front of the other, walking in an imaginary single straight line. Walking in heels is like riding a bike; once you get the hang of it and find the right balance, you will be okay.
  • Please remember that the higher your heels are, the shorter your strides become. You must adjust to your normal stride and take slower and shorter steps. 
  • Good posture is a must, aesthetics-wise and for added support and weight distribution. Imagine you are a runway model showcasing the season’s top heels.
  • Break them in by walking around the house. Doing this gives you a good sense of how the shoes fit and feel, especially for prolonged periods.
  • Your practice sessions should increase in duration as you go along. The first day of wearing heels is usually the quickest, and you must remove them once the pain starts. Over time, it takes longer before you start feeling uncomfortable, improving as days pass. 
  • The best way to break your new heels is to find the perfect fit and wear them often. But you can speed up the process by wearing them with thick socks for a few hours or sporadically for ten minutes on and off throughout the day. This technique loosens the shoes and moulds them to the shape of your feet.
  • Use Wildfire’s foot care accessories, like gel cushions or foam innersoles, for support and comfort.


Take the First Step With Wildfire!


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Shopping at Wildfire is the first step to walking comfortably in heels. No other brand curates an all-around collection that improves the whole experience. Head to the nearest retail store or shop online and take advantage of flexible payment systems, which enable you to purchase now and pay in instalments later!