These New Heel Styles Are Perfect for Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe!

You can already feel the warmth of the spring sun, which will intensify over the following months as we head into summer. And as we transition from winter to spring, the easiest way is via footwear. 


With warmer temperatures providing opportunities to show your ankles and toes, we'd like to help you welcome the warmer months with a bang. The new heels to look forward to for these seasons offer a mix of minimalism and boldness. 


Your taste and style will dictate which heels to add to your closet so that you spend the next few months at the top of your fashion game. With help from our team at Wildfire, we'll give you a rundown of heels you should take advantage of. 


We bet you've missed showing some skin in the past few months and are raring to expose it. The Wildfire options will ensure you get the heels you can afford without sacrificing style and comfort. Versatility is a plus factor, allowing you to be flexible as you fly through your busy schedule.


If you're ready to shop for spring and summer heels, let's start hunting!




Elevating your spring and summer fashion doesn't have to be flashy. With textured heels, you can subtly accentuate your outfit. This look is ideal for spring and summer because these seasons are all about living life to the fullest, and nothing says "life" like textures that provide visual appeal. 


These heels will compliment your printed and vibrant outfits excellently. Some prime choices from the Wildfire collection are:


  • Emilee


It's a gorgeous pair of Wildfire block heels, made even more attractive by two trendy top straps. 


Crimped material for the straps is an excellent way to add visual appeal. The slide-on fit and block heels ensure you remain comfortable while strutting.


  • Tampa 


Add this attractive pair of Wildfire kitten heels to your spring and summer wardrobe. It adds a few centimetres to your height, showcasing your feet in its toe-thong strap and crocodile textured material. 




Those seeking heels that combine height and comfort are in for a treat! The wedges are back, and they would love to feel welcomed. Your spring and summer wardrobe is complete once you add these shoes to your closet. 


Wedges are a popular option for outdoor events because they keep you comfortable and ensure you are stable. The broad and solid base of these heels will keep you on your feet while you navigate uneven surfaces or soft ground. 


You feel confident knowing you won't get stuck in soil or sand. Some prime choices from the Wildfire collection are:


  • Joslin


Joslin is a one-of-a-kind option from Wildfire. These heels will offer you the comfort of wedges while giving you the bonus of a textured strap. What a combination! The ankle straps will secure the heels in place and provide you with an adjustable fit. But the toe band made of raffia material steals the show. 


  • Sloane


Sloane is an online-exclusive slide-on wedge that will steal your heart this spring and summer. These heels have two thick top bands, a peep-toe design, and trendy contrasting-coloured soles, boosting their style factor. 




With warmer temperatures on the horizon, you need heels that will ensure you remain comfortable and sweat-free all day, especially at work. Slingbacks are one of the most classic footwear designs, providing an excellent alternative to pumps and loafers.


Held securely by a strap behind your ankles, the open-back design adds an attractive silhouette while keeping your feet fresh. The versatility factor of these heels is high, so you can transition from daytime to evening wear without a glitch. Some prime choices from the Wildfire collection are: 


  • Lottie


It's an elegant and minimalist pair of Wildfire heels. Lottie is available in pink or black, giving you two opposing options: a vibrant or neutral colour to stick with this spring and summer.


  • Desire


This Wildfire option is a slingback, but not entirely. With its covered front, open back, and ankle straps, Desire gives a slingback feel. Elevate your formal events with Desire as your accent piece.


Bow Ties


Heels with bows are an excellent option for your spring and summer wardrobe. These seasons are screaming feminine and flirty, with bows topping that department. Ribbons add a touch of playfulness, evoking a feeling of lightness and whimsy. Wear heels with this accent to make the event more celebratory. 


Weddings and parties are rampant during the spring and summer, so attend all of them in style. Some prime choices from the Wildfire collection are: 


  • Astonish


Boost your wow factor during these warm seasons with Astonish's help. These Wildfire shoes use a gorgeous silky material that ties into a signature top strap, forming an oversized bow on your feet. 


The buckled ankle strap and block heels provide adjustability and security as you spend long hours on your feet. Party and dance the night away in style!


  • Soulmate 


Impress everyone when you enter the venue in style. Soulmate is a pair of Wildfire heels featuring a closed-back design covered with a gorgeous bow. Formal gatherings will be breezy and stylish when you wear Soulmate. The stilettos stand at 9.5 cm, which might take some time, but you must practise hard to arrive in style.


Walk in Heels Confidently


High heels put your feet on an incline they're not used to. The sudden change can cause an imbalance that affects how you walk, from posture to gait. As such, you must take a few minutes daily to practise. What good will gorgeous heels be if you can't carry them well?


  • Set aside 30 minutes daily to practise walking around the house. Try them on as many different floors and surfaces as possible. 

  • The higher your shoes go, the smaller your gait becomes, so you must take shorter strides than usual. 

  • Always look where you're going. Walking in heels is like riding a bike; you never look down, only forward to maintain your balance.


With our extensive selection of women's heels, from mid-heels to high-heels, you can always put your best foot forward. We also have various heel types and styles, such as stiletto heels, open-toe heels, block heels, square-toe heels, court heels, heel mules, platform shoes (platform heels), and pumps in varying heights from flats to low heels.


We understand that the shoe size of our customers varies. 


Enjoy Spring and Summer with Wildfire!


Make the most of spring and summer with Wildfire heels. If you're looking for shoes that look great with your formal attire or special occasion outfits, head to the nearest retailer or shop online to grab your new favourite pair.