These Perfect High Heels Are For You!

Find your perfect fit with Wildfire high heels! Our lovely platforms come in all shapes and sizes, just like our customers. We know how crucial it is to get the best comfort from high heels, which is why we design styles that can match your unique profile. Wildfire’s self-tie, slide-on, stretchy, and buckled shoes will fit your pleasure. 


Our self-tie high heels are the epitome of styling freedom!

Do you want the ultimate versatility from your shoes? If so, self-tie high heels will be your new favourite style! You can tie the laces on these as low or as high up your legs as you like, which means you can rework them to suit any outfit. The soft faux suede material makes these high heels a joy to wear, and you’ve got full control over the fit of your style. When you’re out all day long, and your feet start swelling up, retying your shoes will only take a minute, and you’ll be comfy again in no time. How convenient is that? Get our self-tie high heels and put the power back into your hands!


Do you prefer a quick fit and a breezy feel?

Not everyone likes the feeling of ankle straps, especially during the springtime and summertime. Once the weather starts heating up, many ladies will put away high heels with a lot of material coverage and swap minimal designs instead. If you can’t stand having too much on your feet on a scorching summer day, then these airy designs will be your new favourites. Wildfire has heaps of backless high heels with slim top straps, and they should stop your feet from overheating! Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the convenience of the slide-in fit instead of having to wriggle your foot in or stop and do up the fastenings. 


Our heeled boots will fit your feet with ease! 

These wintery high heels have a forgiving fit that we know you’ll love! Firstly, our pull-on boots come with elastic side gussets that stretch to accommodate any foot shape. Sleek and stylish, our leather-look high heels come in black and tan; two of the most complementary colours! Next, we have sock booties. With their faux suede material and the soft fabric feel, these sock booties have a snug fit around the ankles. Comfy and not restrictive, the fabric sock has a flattering effect on your ankles and calves which, combined with the high heels, creates a slimmer profile. Do you want shoes that will fit your feet from to get-go? Try our lovely platform boots! 


Readjusting our buckled high heels is effortless! 

Even classic fastenings like buckles can change to suit your comfort easily. On many of our high heels, the buckled ankle strap is the only fastening, and it gives you full control over how tight or loose it fits on you. If you’ve been up on your feet all night long and your shoes start feeling a little too small, it will only take a minute to move the buckle onto another hole and fix the strap again. Not to mention, the buckled of Wildfire high heels aren’t purely functional; they can also double as a decorative feature! Our favourites include round and square buckles, especially if they come in the same material as the shoes (instead of a typical metallic finish). When you buy buckled high heels this season, they’ll always work for you! 


Does that straighten some things out? 

Wildfire has countless high heels and the ideal fit for everyone! See what you can find on our shelves this season. We know you won’t be disappointed by our top-tier high heels!