These Wildfire Heels Are Trending... Find Out Why!

Wildfire’s vast collection of high heels can leave people who see them breathless. It might take a day or two to forget this gorgeous women's footwear once you’ve seen them. And we can’t blame you because these high heels exude elegance and beauty, tempting you to buy one even if you don’t need them yet.


Buying heels requires time to practise wearing them, so you can be 100% confident and walk easily when the time comes. It’s always good to have footwear you can use when needed. So, which one should you get? Will you chicken out and go for mid-heels? We have them, too, in our collection!


Here's what we recommend, though: getting one from the bridal heels collection at Wildfire. These heels are top-tier in style, and since they are versatile, too, you can use them for non-wedding events. You don’t have to be a bride or a bridesmaid to qualify for them.


These Wildfire heels are trending for a few reasons, which we will tell you. Read on to discover what they are; we guarantee you’ll join the fad and put your best foot forward!


1. They are Stylish


Heels catch people’s eyes with their beauty, so brands display their most attractive ones on shop windows to hook you. And Wildfire’s bridal collection is a testament. So are you ready to feast your eyes on 32 beautifulbridal heels?


Your eyes will twinkle when you see shoes adorned with sparkly embellishments and diamantes. These heels deserve your attention and a spot in your wardrobe rotation!


With ten vibrant shades available, any of these heels will add life and colour to your outfit. So get ready to make heads turn when you wear white bridal heels featuring a massive bow covering your back heel.


Shine bright in a pair of limited-edition silver heels. The entire pump is encrusted with diamantes, which makes these heels trendy. Imagine wearing them with a long black gown at a formal event. People will be looking and talking.


Do you prefer colourful heels that can be the focal point of your special occasion look?


If yes, you will need these blue enclosed-toe heels with adjustable ankle straps encrusted with diamantes. This footwear will attract attention from a kilometre away. 


They are so beautiful that you don’t even have to think much about the formal attire you will match them with. A black or white dress will suffice.


2. They are Versatile


We all love items that serve multiple purposes. The bridal heels from Wildfire are trending because you can use them on occasions unrelated to weddings. These heels , especially the clear and natural ones, will work for less formal events.


Clear heels have been making waves because of their sleekness and ability to look virtually invisible. These intrigue people because they give any outfit a fresh and futuristic vibe. 


A warning, though, when wearing clear shoes, you must prep your toes because this pair will showcase them in their full glory!


Now, let’s proceed with styling ideas. Clear heels are perfect for the outfits you currently have in your closet. The barely-there footwear looks good with prints and patterns, accentuating them while being the accent, too.


Are you going for a weekend brunch with the girls? Take these heels out for a spin while wearing cropped jeans. Accessories like sunglasses, jewellery, andWildfire clutches will complete the look.


You may think you cannot use bridal shoes to work, but you’re wrong. A pair of pumps in natural colours is perfect for days you want to exude power and confidence in the workplace. Show everyone who’s boss with these heels!


3. They are Comfortable


Bridal footwear comes in various heel types that prioritise your comfort. While stilettos will not be your first choice in the comfort department, you can rely on block heels to save the day!


They have a thick, wide heel that spreads your weight evenly, making your feet, legs, and lower back feel better. With block heels, you can stand, walk, dance, and mingle for hours without pain. You can wear them anywhere with anything in your closet without worry.


People always say that comfort should always win over style. But with trending bridal heels from Wildfire, you don’t have to choose one over the other because you can have both!


Comfort should always be a top priority because it can prevent pain. The best kind are those that keep you pain-free.


Wearing comfortable shoes can improve posture, as they support and will not hurt your spine. Choose footwear that fits you properly, as they improve blood circulation. Wearing too-tight shoes restricts blood flow and can cause your feet to swell more than usual.


Avoid health problems caused by painful footwear by sticking to Wildfire heels—footwear that combines style, versatility, and comfort. What more can you ask?


Walk Confidently in Block Heels or High Heels


Wearing the trending Wildfire heels is only enough if you can walk in them confidently. The stylish shoes will accentuate how you carry yourself, so it should start with you. The Wildfire team gathered simple steps you need to do and remember when wearing your gorgeous heels.


Tip 1—Practice walking tippytoes around the house to strengthen your calves and balance.


Tip 2—Break your heels by wearing them around the house and practising on different kinds of flooring. Wear thick socks while you do, and allow the shoes to mould to your feet.


Tip 3—Avoid putting your whole feet down at once. Make sure to walk in heels first, then on your toes in a smooth, fluid motion.


Tip 4—Wear the shoes for a longer period of time. Some people do chores and their usual stuff at home while wearing them.


Tip 5—Never look down. Balance is essential; keep your head up! Treat it the same way you do biking.


Join the Trend!


Join the trend and be one of the lucky owners of beautiful heels. Women's heels from Wildfire are available in a wide variety and are appropriate for any setting, including the workplace and a night out on the town. 


Classic stiletto heels, open-toe heels, block heels, square-toe heels, kitten heels, and platform heels (platform shoes) are all part of our collection. Additionally, we provide court heels, low heels, heel mules, and pumps in a variety of styles to accommodate diverse foot shapes. 


Use the handy size guide to find your correct shoe size when you find your favourite pair.


Shop online or at the store closest to you and take advantage of the flexible payment options that let you buy now and pay later.