Things to Look for In a Pair of Summer Heels!

The warmer weather brings out the very best in people. You will find everyone in a great mood with the sun shining and a warm breeze blowing your way. The warmer seasons are what some might call the best time of the year. The best part about summer is the fashion and heels that come out to play!


 It can feel overwhelming at times to find the right pair of pumps for your warm-weather outfit. That is why the team here at Wildfire have gathered some of our favourite summer heels that are sure to tick all the right boxes. You will love how stylish and comfortable these summer heels look on your feet.


 If you are ready to get your hands on a new pair of pumps, then you are in the right place. Take a scroll below to see what summer heels we have selected for you, girl! 


Style 1 – Wedges


Say hello to our range of wedges. These are the ultimate set of summer heels that every girl needs in her life. You will find that a pair of wedge summer heels are perfect to wear with just about every outfit. So whether you are spending a day at the beach or having an evening date night with your partner, you can trust that your pair of wedges will take you there in style. 


These pumps are sure to make your summer fit the next best thing. You will find that a set of wedges feature an ankle strap and toe strap for extra support throughout the day. The best thing about these low pumps is that they offer a thick and supportive base. 


Your feet will love you during the warmer months of the year with these pumps on your feet. These wedge summer heels are a must-have in your life, babe! 


Discover more in our brand store, online or in a physical store. We know women love to shop until they drop, and wearing these shoes look flattering on your feet and will suit any attire.

The amazing thing about these pumps is that you can wear them to about any occasion and can match with any outfit. So make an account now to enjoy great deals from our shop!


Style 2 – Platform Sandals


Get your hands on a set of platform sandals this season! You are about to become obsessed with these summer heels, babe! There is nothing better than investing in shoes that are sure to make you look and feel good all day long. Platform sandals are the perfect set of summer pumps to wear throughout the year's warmer months. 


You can easily feel the warm breeze and ocean air against your skin. These platform heels will look perfect with a casual outfit that you want to wear to the beach or café. 


We love styling these summer heels with a flowy mini dress or a pair of shorts that can show off your fashion sense. You will love what a pair of these platform sandals can do for you, girl. Your summer pumps just got a whole lot hotter! So take them to the checkout area!

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Style 3 – Block


Treat yourself to a classic pair of summer heels this season, sis! You will fall in love with our range of summer block heels. These pumps pair are a must-have in your life. There is nothing better than rocking a pair of comfortable and fashionable shoes for your warm-weather fun. 


We love that these summer block heels feature a low base and loose-fitted straps. These high heels are open and spacious, ensuring that you will always have a breathable set of kicks on your feet. These summer block heels are sure to take your look to the next level easily. 


Whether you want to dress your look up or down, you will get the chance to do this effortlessly with our range of summer block heels. We are obsessed with these shoes, and we know you will be too, girl! 


You can purchase these block heels in different styles and colours like orange, black, blue, brown, and many more. You can make heads and eyes turn to you when you wear these pumps and match them with your outfit.

Take this as a sign to invest in these pumps and add them to your shoe collection and wardrobe, girl!


Style 4 – Stilettos


Strut your stuff all season long in our range of stilettos. These are the ultimate pair of summer heels that every girl needs in her life. You will love how fashionable a pair of these pumps are on your feet. There is nothing better than rocking a set of stilettos from morning until night. You will look gorgeous in these summer pumps, and they can take you from dinner to drinks in style. 


Stilettos are the perfect set of pumps to wear if you want to dominate the room. These summer pumps are perfect to wear at a special event or fancy dinner. A black dress with gold pumps and stilettos will make you the star of the evening. You will steal the show in a pair of stilettos, girl! 


These pumps can channel your inner boss babe vibes all day long. But, of course, you will give boss-girl vibes a whole new definition, and we cannot wait to see what you pair together with these summer pumps! 


Style 5 – Clear


Get your hands on a pair of clear summer heels this season! You will love how stylish a set of these pumps look on your feet. 


The best thing about investing in a set of clear summer pumps is that you can easily show off your favourite outfit. Whether it is a bright dress or a pastel-coloured fit, you can trust that your clear summer pumps will compliment your look. 


There is nothing worse than wearing a pair of pumps that clash with your outfit. Every girl wants to flaunt their favourite pair of summer pumps with confidence and style. We can not get enough of these clear pumps, and we know you will look flawless from head to toe in a pair. So ditch your Jane Debster old summer pumps and invest in these clear heels!


These summer heels are a must-have in your life and can ensure your outfit is always the main attraction! 




When it comes to investing in a pair of summer heels, we recommend that you get some shoe accessories too. These are perfect because they ensure that your feet feel comfortable and supported throughout the day and into the night. In addition, accessories for your shoes will ensure that your feet feel good all day long. 


These accessories are necessary to wear, especially during warm weather. Get your hands on a set of half-gel innersoles for your next pair of summer pumps. These will give your feet an extra layer of protection for the day ahead. 


We Have Your Summer Heels Sorted, Girl! 


There is no better feeling than wearing a set of summer heels that can make you feel comfortable and supported all day long. You will love what a pair of these pumps can do for your next look.

So head to the Wildfire website and get your hands on a cute pair today! Our extensive selection has the style, design and shoe size to fit you! Continue shopping with us!