This Is The #1 Block Heel Trend Right Now

Block heels are a growing trend, and the great news is, they are here to stay. So, if you haven't already got yourself a pair of these trending heels online, then it's time to jump on the block heels bandwagon!


And, better yet, what makes a pair of block heels even better? 


A couple of block heels with a square toes front. Square toed block heels have quickly become a style icon in the shoe world, and we love seeing these stylish, sharp lines incorporated into block heels  and black microsuede designs.


Forget about the traditional round toe or the most recent formal dress shoes trend that left the pointed toe as quickly as it arrived. Instead, this season, it's all about sharp square toes.


So Why Has Square Toe Block Heels Become A Crowd Favourite Quickly?


Well, this 90s trend is yet another favourite that has been reinvented and reborn! With old 90s trends being brought back recently, it's no surprise that this one has since hit the block heel market.


Ladies love these effortless styles being brought back. It has embraced the 90s throwbacks into its wardrobes. Think kitten styles, high-waisted mum jeans, and silky slip dresses; all are minimalistic effortless styles that make a huge comeback!


In saying that, the retro silhouette of a sharp-lined square-toed block heel has hit the runways. 


And women everywhere are embracing these throwback casual shoes. But, if you are still in two minds about this oldie making a comeback, then rest assured knowing you can keep your low-rider flared jeans and boleros hidden for eternity!


We will show you how these sleek, barely-there strappy heeled square toe block heels have quickly become the formal dress shoes  of choice amongst women.


Wildfires Square-Toed Block Heels


Wildfire's square-toed block heel have sleek and sharp lines and feature a range of block heel styles that you will surely love! Our block heels also feature barely-there strap details giving these formal dress shoes a classic, simplistic look.


Forget chunky, thick-strappy heeled numbers. Square toes block heel will look fantastic with your evening wear. Just let your dress do the talking, and allow these trendy block heels to complement and elevate any outfit!


Square toes block heel are versatile that can be worn with anything in your wardrobe. But lately, we have seen these formal shoes worn with evening wear, and for a good reason! Square-toed block heels in strappy heeled sandal styles look fantastic when worn with evening wear.


One of our personal favourites is the square-toed thong design that sweeps across the front of your foot and secures with an ankle strap. We love seeing these looks paired with colourful midi skirts and dresses; these block heels will instantly dress up your outfit.


And as cooler months come, don't be afraid to take these hot summer looks with you. 


Transition into winter in your favourite figure-hugging slip midi dresses and a chic sheer turtleneck layered underneath, and to finish, pair together with some square-toed strappy heeled white block heels.


White block heels have been a summertime favourite and no doubt will be throughout the winter months, too, so keep yours nearby as they will come in handy this coming season. These square toes block heel range in shapes and colours, so you will be sure to find the perfect fit for any occasion.


Besides the popular chunky block heel shape, why not explore other block heel shapes, too, such as a slim block heel or a cake stand shape instead? Take the cake stand shape, for instance. This is truly an upcoming trend and one that's worth you trying the next time you're on the hunt for formal shoes.


Square-Toed Low Block Heels


Are you looking for a lower pair of block heels? Well, we've got you covered! Stay completely comfortable throughout the night in a pair of low block heels. 


Although they may be short, they certainly do pack a punch. Slip into a pair of low block heels and instantly dress up any outfit. You will love seeing these casual shoes styles being paired with laid back denim.


A pair of square-toed low block heels will take your simple casual outfit to night time ready. But as we've explained earlier, don't be afraid to take these block heels and pair them with your evening wear.


Low block heel also make great formal shoes, aside from the short incline keeping you comfy all night long. So don’t underestimate the impact that a low block heel will have on your favourite evening wear dresses.


What makes these formal dress shoes this season's most significant trend is that they don’t require much thought; these square-toed block heels go with anything in your wardrobe. Just let these square toes block heels subtly speak for themselves!


Are You A Last-Minute Kind Of Person?


If you are a last-minute kind of person, then these wide fit formal shoes are just right for you! 


Simply throw on a pair, and you'll be on your way. You will appreciate the versatility of these block heels, you'll be hoping for the best when throwing these on to complete your outfits, but we can guarantee that these square-toed beauties will most definitely work!


Find The Perfect Style


The beauty of these block heels is the range of trendy casual shoes styles and casual boots designs that will keep you coming back for more! So whether you are looking for a strappy heeled number, a toe heels-detailed number, or a barely-there number, you can guarantee that Wildfire is your one-stop shop.


If it's a point of difference you are looking for in a pair of block heels online, then why not give our mule heels a try? Wildfire's braided or smooth mule heels make the perfect go-to casual shoes. 


These block heel look fantastic paired with your weekend denim, but when paired with your favourite nighttime looks, these beauties will simply complement your outfit without stealing any thunder!


Find Your Perfect Fit


With some vital 90s pieces making their debut comeback, it seems like square-toed block heels are here to stay, so what's not to love? These strappy heeled low heels beauties are becoming the shoe of choice for womens block heels.


So jump on the square-toed train today! Find your perfect square-toed fit at Wildfire today!