Tips and Tricks for Walking in Heels

Walking in womens heels is a unique experience that a select few get the privilege to enjoy. We all know that they are not the comfiest of designer brands shoes, so there is a skill to walking in heeled sandals. It can be super challenging for many girls to master the art of walking in womens heels, with some of us needing multiple years of training to perfect it.


But, girl, we know that hard work pays off and eventually, you are strutting your stuff down the street in those kick-ass heel shoes every girl is obsessed with! But, until that moment arrives, training mode is in full swing.


To help you get through the challenges that come with wearing womens heels like bridal shoes, heeled boots, flat boots, flat sandals, flat shoes, platform heeled shoes, peep toe heels, and wedge heels, we have gathered a bunch of tips and tricks for you to enjoy.


Babe, you will ace the walk in no time! Check out our tips and tricks below for some inspiration.


It’s All In The Walk!


Do you know the right way to walk in heel shoes? Girl, it’s totally fine if you don’t! That’s why we are here. We are your older sister helping to guide the way for you to follow in our footsteps – literally!


The way we walk in our heeled sandals is the first step in developing a comfortable and easy walk. Firstly, the best thing to do when walking in heel shoes is to take small steps. This technique allows you to be in charge of the walk instead of the other way around.


We all have a friend who walks too quickly in their heel shoes which generally looks a little funny. It’s almost like the designer brands shoes are taking her for a walk!


So, to avoid this situation happening to you, or any other injuries, it is best to take small steps when walking in womens heels like bridal shoes, flat boots, flat sandals, flat shoes, platform heeled shoes, heeled boots, peep toe heels, and wedge heels.


You will thank us later! Walking in heel shoes can be made super easy, especially if you notice how your foot lands when you step. If you’re walking in your heel shoes as if they were a pair of flats, girl, it’s all wrong! The best way to tackle this situation is by walking heel to toe, not toe to heel. This tip will ensure that your walk looks more natural, seeing as you are on an elevated slope.


It will also feel much more comfortable and minimise the pain from wearing heel shoes too long or too often. Another hot tip is to pace out your walk. It is easy to get caught up in the rush of walking quickly to ignore the discomfort when wearing heeled sandals. But, it’s better for your feet if you walk slower in your heeled sandals.


It might take a little longer to reach your destination, but it will be all worth it when you arrive without any cuts, bruises or broken bones! Another factor to consider when it comes to acing your walk with womens heels is how you hold yourself.


Take some inspiration from Ms Carrie Bradshaw herself; the queen of heeled sandals knows exactly what’s up. She encourages, and so do many others that, walking in heeled sandals is done best with the correct posture. Stand up nice and tall, with an open chest and abdominal muscles engaged in conquering the art of walking in heel shoes.


This technique will keep you balanced and upright, which is a must-have when wearing heel shoes like bridal shoes, flat boots, flat sandals, flat shoes, platform heeled shoes, peep toe heels, heeled boots, and wedge heels.


Comfort Is Key!


Heels are the type of shoe that every girl has a love-hate relationship with. They look stunning when paired with a super-hot mini dress or a cute outfit featuring jeans and a crop. But are they comfortable?


Generally, the most common answer is no, but we are here to give you some tips that might change your life. Finding comfort in womens heels is a challenge that is deemed almost impossible to betray. However, our tips and tricks are here to save the day and treat you to a little bit of comfort.


Our best piece of advice for finding comfort when wearing wide fit heeled sandals is to invest in a few pairs of gel cushions. The half-sole gel cushions are like a mini bed for the base of your feet. The gel cushions can ease the pressure placed on your foot from the elevated level of the heel when walking on it. These are super helpful for those long nights full of dancing and socialising. Extra support is always a yes from us!


For the girls who love wearing stilettos pump heels, we also have some comfort tips for you! First, of course, the gel cushions are a must for any style of heel, but when it comes to stilettos pump heels, you need to get your hands on heel stoppers.


This product is perfect for easing up the pressure that can get placed on the back of your foot. It creates a mini base for your designer brands shoes to rest on whilst walking.


Heel stoppers can stop your stilettos pump heels from falling into the soft grass, cracks on the footpath or sliding through drains on the street. There is a touch of added comfort when these heel stoppers are in good use, so they are an investment worth making, sis!


Treat Your Feet To Some Tender Love And Care!


The best tip we can offer on walking well in heeled sandals is to treat your feet to some tender love and care every once in a while! Of course, a bit of TLC can include multiple things, so we’ve nailed it down to the most important few.


First things first, we all know that our feet become swollen at the end of the day or after a night of partying. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the swelling so no further complications arise with your precious feet. The best way to treat your swollen feet is by placing them in a bath full of Epsom bath salts. These salts are great for alleviating any muscle aches and pains. Your feet will feel amazing after this soak!


For some aftercare post-bath, you should aim to apply a generous amount of moisturiser to your feet. This tip is a great habit to get into if you want to keep your feet happy, healthy, and ready to tackle a new day wearing designer brands heels.


Another great tip is to treat yourself to a body massage. Of course, a foot care massage would be a top priority if you love wearing womens heels, but a full-body massage can also work wonders. There is usually a range of essential oils used during a foot care massage, whether an at-home DIY foot care massage or a day in the salon.


These are a natural way to soothe the body, which is perfect for those sore feet. Keeping up with some TLC for your feet will benefit your ability to walk in designer brands heels almost instantly. So why not treat yourself to a pedicure too?


So, then you can strut your stuff in designer brands heels whilst rocking a cute colour pop on your toenails.


Ready To Ace That Walk?


With all of our tips and tricks combined, you will be walking in your womens heels with comfort and ease in no time! But is your shoe collection looking a little dry?  


Then, head to the heels online store, Wildfire website, and scroll through some of the currently available designer brands shoes like bridal shoes, flat boots, flat sandals, flat shoes, platform heeled shoes, peep toe heels, and wedge heels to find your perkfect match. You’ve got this, girl!