Tips And Tricks To Find Your Perfect Pair Of Wedding Shoes!

Your Guide To Buying Wedding Shoes


Searching after the most sensational wedding shoes this season? Wildfire has got the pair of your dreams waiting on our shelves today. Here are our top three tips for finding your ideal wedding shoes, and some other important info!


1) Buy more than one pair


If you’re wearing heels for the majority of the event, then packing a spare pair of wedding shoes is always a good idea. After a long day, you might want some flat to keep you going during the reception, or to have something easy to change into once the official photography finishes up. Flats or comfy kitten heels would be great wedding shoes, as they’ll be a relief for tired feet and convenient to carry in a bag.


2) Select classic colour and features


Wedding shoes are pretty straightforward in this arena, especially if you already have an idea about what you’ll be wearing with them. White will always be a favourite for wedding shoes, and Wildfire has plenty available. Jewellery lovers who need the perfect wedding shoes to accessorise with will find our silver and gold ones to their liking. Natural and black styles are the ideal way to balance a noisy pattern or print.


3) Know your terrain type


Preparation is vital when it comes to choosing wedding shoes, and knowing what kind of venue you’ll be in is a step in the right direction! When the weather is hot, you can expect more ceremonies to be held outdoors in the sunshine.


Sandy beaches by sunset, flowery garden, and scenic mountain settings are a top favourite with couples getting married in autumn and spring, and they’re spots you’ll want wedding shoes that are capable of handling them.


So, let’s talk about what wedding shoes will suit where.


Down by the shoreline


Who wouldn’t love a picturesque ceremony by the beach? Thin heels, that’s who! If you’re expecting to spend any measure of time walking in sand, then we’ll be recommending flats. Our lovely lace-up wedding shoes will still look at gorgeous as any stilettos, but be much more comfortable to wear. With their long laces that can be tie high up your leg or gathered at the ankle, these sandals will be a brilliant match with shorter dresses or skirts.


Grass and gravel


Lawns are another favourite warm weather setting, and that usually means natural-looking paths could be around as well. Like with the beach, outdoor settings like these will spell little success for wedding shoes with skinny heels.


Block heels with a thicker platform could be a nice pick (namely lower ones), but our favourite options are espadrilles. The large and supportive platforms will give wearers long-lasting comfort and better balance, and they make trendy wedding shoes! You have your pick between sleek bases or textured ones, and feature straps that come in buckled or tie-ups. Our most popular espadrilles this year have had crisscrossing straps either around the ankle or over the toes as well, as they bring an exciting and elegant element.


Indoor venues


If you’re attending a Big Day hosted in an indoor setting, then it's finally safe to bring out those stilettos and high wedding shoes that you love so much. At Wildfire, we pride ourselves on a gorgeous, fashionable line-up with the best looks of the season, and our sophisticated wedding shoes prove it.


We have classic cocktail heels, pretty pumps, platforms, and more. When it comes to pairing formal attire and chic wedding shoes, there’s no competition.


Ready to shop?


If you’ve got any more questions about our wedding shoes, feel free to contact us— we’d love to help! Jump online and browse Wildfire styles today.