Tips for Finding the Most Comfortable Work Heel

Does your workplace require you to wear heels?


If you’re nodding, it’s time to find the best one. Your work will require you to be on your feet for extended hours. Discovering the features you need to find the most comfortable work heels is important because you don't want pain or discomfort to distract you.


It's time to take your shoe game to new heights with the Wildfire collection of women's heels, including stiletto heels, kitten heels, platform heels, platform shoes, and wedges.


From open-toe heels to square-toe heels or heel mules, there's a style to suit every foot shape and shoe size. And with the range available at Wildfire, you will find your new favourite pair.


Get ready for a special occasion or two calling for formal attire—there's no better time to shop and snag a great deal on some stylish mid-heels, pumps, or court heels. So why not put your best foot forward now?


Allow our team at Wildfire to extend some help your way. We’ve heard countless horror stories and experiences over the years, so we’d like to save you from them. Finding comfortable work heels is easy with our help. 


Follow our tips to get your hands (and feet) on some of the best workplace footwear available. If you’re ready, let’s dive right into it.


Tip 1—Find the Best Toe Box Shape


Gravity will pull your foot forward into your toe box when wearing heels, so you must choose the best foot shape. 


You’ll be on your feet most of the time at work - standing, walking, and rushing to meetings. Extended hours on your feet would require heels with enough room for your toes.


Avoid pointed ones because these shoes squeeze and rub your toes, causing blisters. Square and round-toe styles are the best options for wearing closed-toe heels. 


Otherwise, open-toe shoes do not pose much of a problem. Wildfire’s closed-toe heels collection has a lovely platform loafer that would be perfect for your workplace.


Tip 2—Choose the Best Height


Each person has a unique preference. While some women prefer high heels because these shoes give them confidence and authority in the workplace, others prefer to be closer to the ground for their balance.


Please remember that when choosing your work shoes, prioritise comfort over style. The most comfortable ones make walking effortless. 


Going for low heels is perfectly acceptable if you do not feel assured with staggering ones. Wildfire has a good range of heel heights, so you can find one without compromising comfort.


Tip 3—Pick the Right Width 


Some people have excellent balance and prefer narrow heels for style and leg elongation, while others prefer the stability and even weight distribution of thicker ones. 


Stilettos are elegant but can be unstable, primarily because they concentrate your weight on a smaller area. These shoes can be more challenging to balance on, and it’s unsuitable if your work requires you to be on your feet most of the time.


Meanwhile, block heels will be your new work best friend. These shoes have broader bases, making them a more practical choice for work environments where you spend more hours standing or walking.


Tip 4—Add Cushioning


Cushioning is an essential aspect when searching for comfortable heels. This feature helps absorb impact and ease foot fatigue during sitting, standing, or walking hours. 


You can check this by running your hands around the footbeds, usually around areas where you need the most support—toe box, heel, and arch.


However, not all heels come with cushioning. You can solve this by purchasing removable cushions and adding them in. Wildfire has gel cushions, foam innersoles, and heel grips that will do the trick. These add-ons will make wearing your heels to work more comfortable.


Tip 5—Look for Fastenings or Closures


Customising the fit of your shoes is essential to working comfortably. Fastenings or closures ensure you can adjust the fit of your heels.


Please do not close your fastening too tightly because it will rub your feet and cause irritation and blisters. On the one hand, locking your heels loose will defeat the purpose of security and keeping them in place.


Most of the Wildfire shoes appropriate for work come with a buckled fastening. It has a frame and a hinged pin that passes through a slot in the strap, locking it in place once the pin is in. 


However, if you wear heeled boots from Wildfire, you’ll likely use a zipper, which locks you within seconds. This fastener secures your heels by interlocking metal or plastic teeth or coils. It opens and closes quickly.


Tip 6—Select Quality Materials


What good will comfortable and stylish heels be if they only last you a few days?


The material of your shoes will determine the durability and capacity to withstand wear and tear. Wildfire uses two materials for its collection of heels: leather and vegan-friendly.


Leather offers the breathability and insulation necessary to keep you comfortable throughout the workday. When it’s warm, you need breathable heels to keep your feet fresh and sweat-free all day. Meanwhile, insulation will hold heat longer for colder days.


Vegan-friendly heels exhibit similar traits, including durability. It can stay intact while you rush through all your work tasks. Not to mention, vegan-friendly heels are cruelty-free and good for the environment, so you helped in more ways than one.


Tip 7—Practice and Break-In


To wear heels more confidently and comfortably, you must set aside time to practice and break them in. 


These steps will help you get used to walking, standing, and running effortlessly. Wear your heels around the house for 30 minutes daily, and you’ll be surprised how you increase the duration without strain.


Wear thick socks while walking around the house to expand the tight areas. You can use a hairdryer to hasten the process. Point it to the painful locations, as the heat will loosen them.


Tip 8—Shop at Wildfire


Wildfire knows what you need to work comfortably and ensures all options have them. You can choose from tall or short heels, thick or thin. And more importantly, you will stay within your budget when you shop at Wildfire because the shoes are reasonably priced. 


You can take advantage of the brand’s flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase the heels now and pay in instalments later. What more can you ask?


Heed Our Tips!

Comfort at the workplace is a must, so get a pair of heels from Wildfire. Head to the nearest store or shop online to grab one now! Get shopping and step out in style with Wildfire!