Tips for Keeping Your High Heels Clean!

Did you ever try on your mom's pair of high heels when you were younger? You wobbled all over the house, feeling like a supermodel, even if you didn't know how to walk properly in them. But, as painful as they are, they are a massive part of a woman's life.


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Keep them as clean and long-lasting as you can. And if you're at a loss for how to prolong their lustre and keep them clean, the team at Wildfire is here to help. We've spent hours with all kinds of footwear, so we know a thing (or even eight) about keeping them clean.


Please read on.


1. Clean the Insides


We understand that at the end of the day, you only want to kick off your heels and put your feet up to rest. But you walked all day, and your feet most likely let out some sweat. So, as a responsible owner, you must clean the insides first with a dry tissue.


It helps remove dirt or skin oils built up in the heels. Use a brush to remove dirt if the shoes are made of leather or suede by making quick circular motions.


2. Addressing Stains on Leather


What is one of the things women don't like happening to their leather heels? Spilling red wine or walking through dirt and having dirt stick to them. Stains can be a headache, but there's a way to deal with them. 


Use a cotton ball to remove extra shoe wax after cleaning. You can apply petroleum jelly to the scuff and protect your leather pair with Wildfire's water and stain protection spray. You may find it in our foot care section. 


3. Addressing Stains on Suede


Stains on suede heels are a nightmare. But you don't have to lose hope because there's a trick you can try. First, clean them with a pencil eraser.


Furthermore, dab the area with a towel soaked in white vinegar. Let it air-dry until the vinegar dries up. After that, use a brush to remove the remaining marks. 


Rubbing alcohol and a paper towel can also help bring suede high heels back to life.


4. Addressing Stains on Satin


Here's a way to remove stains from your satin footwear. First, use a dry tissue to remove the dirt. Then, dab the colours with a damp towel downward, following the fabric's grain.


If stains persist, add some liquid soap to the damp towel and dab it again. After you've washed the satin fabric, blot it with a dry towel to remove any extra water and moisture.


5. Addressing Stains on Cotton


One trick to removing stains from cotton pairs is to use a moist cloth to remove the dust. For stubborn stains, you can add liquid soap to the mix.


6. Addressing Stains on Canvas  


Do not start cleaning your canvas heels when the stains are still wet. Instead, wait for them to dry. Then, lightly tap the bottoms to remove the dried mud. Next, add detergent to a bowl of warm water.


Scrub your high heels with a clean toothbrush dipped in the water-detergent solution. Once finished, remove any remaining dirt with a clean cloth dampened with water. Next, put some tissue inside the high heels and stand them up in the sun to ensure they dry completely.


7. Remove Bad Odours  


Did you know that ground coffee works like magic when removing odours? You can make portable sachets of ground coffee, which you can use in your high heels to remove odour. Enclose ground coffee in a packet and place it inside your high heels.


8. Store Them Properly  


High heels are one of your most loyal friends, so they should have a comfortable resting place. Do all the steps we mentioned before storing them. It's critical to clean your high heels first before storing them.


You can store your high heels in several ways to keep them spick and span.


1. Short-Term Storage


Before being put on a shelf, high heels must be propped up with a shoe tree or reshaped by hand. Put your high heels in storage when you take off your shoes. Shoes will deform and collect dust if thrown on the ground in a pile.


2. Long-Term Storage


Wooden shoe horns and stretchers are stylish for high heels that need structure and will be off your feet for a week or longer. To prevent stretching the shoes, you must use the proper size. Adjustable versions allow you to adjust the fit before storing.


Before putting wooden or plastic shoe frames on your high heels, let them sit for at least a day to evaporate moisture. Otherwise, the insert can keep water within the shoe, which would cause degradation.


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