Tips For Making High Heels More Comfortable!

Are sore feet a problem whenever you wear high heels? There’s no need to be embarrassed about struggling with platforms. Despite how popular and hyped up high heels get, there are a lot of ladies who find stilettos and other tall platforms uncomfortable to wear. You don’t want to be the one woman at a party who isn’t wearing them or the one person in the bridal party who complains about the style she has to have on the whole time. But what are you supposed to do when the pain from your high heels is so unbearable that you can’t even enjoy yourself when you take them out? Well, Wildfire is here to help you sort through the problem! Once you’re done reading this article, you’ll know all of our tricks for high handling heels!

Pick high heels you’re comfortable with from the get-go


This first tip is probably common sense, but we’re adding it in anyways. Don’t feel pressured to lofty high heels if you aren’t comfortable in them. The best thing that you can do for yourself is picking a platform in a height that you know is realistic and practical, given the occasion. For instance, if you’re going to a work function where high heels are expected, and you know it will only be a few hours long, then a taller pair isn’t a risky option. On the contrary, if you’re planning a night out with friends that could last well into the early hours of the morning, then you’d be better off in something shorter! 

Add some of our handy foot care accessories to your high heels! 


Innersoles, inserts, and grips are a few of the best Wildfire foot care accessories, and they are what you need. These add-ins cushion your feet, which safeguards your comfort for hours and hours. Since they help absorb shock, these accessories prevent strain from building up in your feet, ankles, and legs, so your high heels won’t cause muscle fatigue. When you need to wear high heels all day or all night, you’ll benefit significantly from these handy accessories. One size fits all with our accessories, so you can cut them down to size and customize them to your feet (or a specific set of high heels). And don’t forget that these foot care accessories are incredibly subtle. Since your feet cover them up, you can wear inserts in the most minimal high heels without getting weird looks. So, why wouldn’t you treat yourself to our squishy innersoles? 

Consider getting special stoppers for your high heels! 


We can’t recommend these excellent accessories more for ladies who want to wear stilettos. The tiny point of these high heels can make walking on uneven surfaces very difficult. For instance, they can slip between deck spaces, sink into soft lawns, and get very wobbly when you take them on rocky or gravelly pathways. However, if you add stoppers onto the ends of your high heels, you won’t have to worry about those things happening ever again! The stoppers slip straight onto the point of your stilettos. They have a thin disk on their end, which provide a wider surface for your high heels to stand on, which makes it almost impossible to lose your balance. You’ll feel a lot more confident about wearing your skinniest pumps out and about with stoppers there to protect them! Plus, since they’re made of transparent (almost translucent) material, it’s nearly impossible for other people to spot them on your high heels. 



We hope you find this helpful!

If you’re having trouble with your high heels, then try these three tips to help get your through your next event painlessly. For more tips, go to our website and read on. Good luck!