Tips For Party Shoes That Will Keep Your Feet Comfortable All Night!

What To Look For In Party Shoes 

On the prowl for party shoes? Let the team at Wildfire help! Here's a quick guide to getting your perfect match!

Where to begin

To pick the right party shoes, you can start by getting the proper hours-to-height ratio. That is, you need to choose party shoes that you will be able to move in comfortably for the duration of the event. Know your limits. If you are an experienced heel-wearer and out for a few hours, then a towering set of stilettos will be no problem. However, as gorgeous as big party shoes are, after a few hours even you could be feeling every centimetre in painstaking clarity. And, if your regular styles are flat, flat, and flatter, then you'll need to pick mid-range or lower heels from the start.

Get party shoes that you can walk in

Does that sound easy? Don't be fooled. Life is rarely that simple. We all have one friend who doesn't seem to understand that they can't and shouldn't wear stilettos, ever. There's only so many times that you can watch someone stumble around in party shoes like a giraffe slipping on ice cubes before it stops being funny.

Don't be that friend.

If you want to go out and shake off the worries of the week, then the last thing you need is uncomfortable or too-high party shoes to ruin your night.

Practical, beautiful choices

Party shoes with full bases make for much more dancing!

Espadrilles and other large wedge-heeled party shoes help support your feet and ease pressure placed on ankles. You get all the height but none of the aches and pains, thanks to only a slight incline for the design. Our favourites are stunning faux suede tie-ups, for a flattering, slimming effect on your legs. Espadrilles should be in your list of go-to party shoes in 2018!

Block heels are also an excellent choice. With these party shoes, you get your pick of colours and finishes to heighten your look. At Wildfire, we have red, white, silver, gold, natural and more! Plus, you can add an edge to your look with shiny synthetic leather or rich faux suede. The thick block heel on these party shoes provides you with even weight distribution and long-lasting comfort.

Keep things low. No one says you have to wear party shoes with high heels every time you go out. Sometimes a shorter style can be just as beautiful. Our sling-back kitten heels are a hot choice if you want little party shoes. They slim down your feet, have a gorgeous open heel, and look great with any outfit.

Treat yourself to foot care accessories

If you want tall, thin-heeled party shoes, but are afraid they won't make it to the end of the night, then all you can waylay your fears with the right kind of accessories! Our Sole Salvation kit is the perfect thing to pair with your party shoes. It's an emergency accessories pack with all the things you might need while you're out.

The Sole Salvation kit comes in a small zip-up purse, which also has plenty of space to fit your cards, coins, and keys as well. Our favourite inclusions are the gel cushions and heel grips which will provide delightfully squishy support for your feet, absorb pressure placed on your ankles, and minimise the risk of blisters and other skin irritations from occurring. Of course, we've also snuck in some blister plasters just in case. To safeguard your evening and party shoes from foot disasters, grab a Sole Salvation kit from Wildfire!

We hope that helps!