Tips For Training Yourself To Wear High Heels

Do you want to learn how to wear high black heels in 2021? Then, let Wildfire show you how it’s done with a few fantastic tips!


Be Careful About Which Type Of High Heels You Wear While You’re Still Learning!


If you’ve fallen in love with a pair of high heels and feel suddenly inspired to learn how to wear platform heels shoes, then it might be difficult to reign in your enthusiasm.


But we think it’s best to start with a basic mid heel style and work your way up. But, of course, if you have found your dream high heels online, then they can be a great goal to work towards! Are you interested in womens heels stilettos?


Start with low sling-back or kitten-style pumps, transition to some mid-level stilettos, and don’t stop until you reach the height of your pair. If block-based shoes are your ideal, start with short sandals, move to mid-height styles, and work your way up to tall womens high heel.


We promise there’s no need to rush your way to the tallest designs for your special occasion dresses! Shopping for designer brands shoes at Wildfire means you never need to feel like you’re missing out on the best styles and trends if you get shorter platform sandal.


A pair of high heel are gorgeous and will flatter your figure, but our tiny peep toes stilettos and block-based designs provide plenty of competition!


For starters, we update all the shoes in our collection each season with the trendiest textures, straps in new styles, and other fashionable features like strappy heeled mules.


As a result, you’ll find as many low platforms and kitten-high stilettos with crocodile texture, toe-thong straps, braided top bands, and trendy colours as you will in our range of heeled dress shoes.


So, you’ll never sacrifice style for comfort and balance when you buy heel height shoes from Wildfire.


Try To Walk As Naturally As Possible!


We know that many people give beginners the advice to walk toe-to-heel or to try to put your entire foot down at once to maintain your balance. However, this is an easy way to look flat-footed and awkward whenever you wear toe heels.


Given that, neither of these is our method of choice here at Wildfire. So instead, we recommend that you maintain a natural rhythm and walk so that your midheel sandals make the first contact with the ground, followed by your toes.


Instead, focus on trying to walk as naturally as possible from heel to toe. After all, trying to figure out how to walk and move around in your court shoe heels while also trying to change your gait to one that goes toe-first is going to be tricky.


You should also take note of your posture. Since leather heels elevate your stature by a few centimeters, you’ll feel a difference in your stance. In addition, platform heel like these set your feet on an angle that activates the muscles in your calves and legs (for a more defined look).


It’s not uncommon to get the urge to look down at your feet while you’re wearing high heeled sandals, but try to resist as best you can!


Instead, pull back your shoulders and straighten your spine. Proper posture will not only give you a more confident look but will also ensure that you don’t strain or fatigue muscles while you’re wearing your high heeled boots.


Take Small Steps If You’re Feeling Wobbly!


As far as moving around on your block heel sandals, we recommend taking small steps while you’re getting used to the feeling of platforms. You’ll need time to adjust to the surface of standing in high espadrille sandals that have a tall incline, let alone walking around in them.


So, here’s our next helpful tip: one of the best ways to keep your balance in toe post heels is to take smaller steps than usual. It might feel odd walking that way at first, but shortening your stride will ensure that you don’t overbalance yourself while you’re still getting the hang of it.


Similarly, practice more caution when you’re ascending or descending stairs, moving up or down a sloping pathway, or stepping over uneven terrain when you’re wearing toe post heel. Try not to rush too much when you walk either!


If you’re feeling a bit unbalanced on your new pair of high heel, then don’t be afraid to take things slow. You’re more likely to make silly mistakes or trip yourself up if you’re walking too quickly. So instead, slow things down until you feel more grounded and secure in your leather platform heels.


Once you’ve found a pace that works, stick with it until you’re feeling more confident, and from there, you can work on trying to walk a bit faster. When you’re learning how to wear barely there heels for the first time, it’s as they say: slow and steady wins the race!


When It Comes To Wearing High Heels, Practice Makes Perfect!


Repetition is the key to learning any skill. Have you decided that 2021 is the year that you want to master wearing a pair of high heel? 


If so, then it’s time to start wearing platforms shoes on a semiregular basis. When they’re learning to walk in high heels, people’s biggest mistake is to do things halfway. The more you wear casual shoes like these, the easier it will be to learn how to stand, walk, and move in them comfortably.


It’s all about practice, practice, practice! But, as we said earlier, that doesn’t mean that you should buy a pair of the tallest Wildfire high heels you can find and treat them like your sole pair of shoes for the next few months.


Instead, start integrating some shorter colour pop pumps, wedges, or block-based styles into your weekly wardrobe.


Do you work in an office or a similar setting? Wear animal print heels on days during your typical work week when you know that you’ll stay seated at your desk.


That way, you can experiment with wearing platforms for more extended periods without putting any pressure on yourself since you’ll have time to get off of your feet and rest them while you’re sitting at your desk.


Otherwise, dress in the low heel for short outings. If your week is full of coffee dates, catchups with friends, or quick trips to the shops, then take your platforms out for a spin!


That’s all for now!


With Wildfire’s terrific tips and tricks, you’ll learn how to wear high square toes heels in no time!