Top 5 Heel Styles You Need to Try in 2021

The year 2021 has already taken us on a whirlwind of emotions and adventures. Amongst all of the hustle and bustle, we have seen an emerging shift in the fashion world, with a particular focus on shoes!  


Most importantly, high heels have remained on-trend and a necessity in every girl’s shoe collection. The shift we’ve seen this year with high heels is the change of design, where the majority of styles now offer the ultimate versatility, ensuring your heels are ready to go from the office to cocktails.


In light of this fashion revelation of 2021, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 women's heels that you need to have in your life. Take a read below and decide for yourself what styles you would love to try out. You’ll be flaunting the latest high heel trends in no time, girl!


The Bold And Beautiful Block Heels!


A trend we love this year is the stunning block heel. This design of high heels offers simplicity, class, and all-around comfort for your everyday wear or next big event. Making it a staple in every women's wardrobe. The block heel is a gift that keeps on giving. With a range of colours, styles, and designs, you can be sure to find your perfect match within this range.


We find that this style of shoe is most commonly worn at daytime and night-time events, which means this kick is perfect to wear from morning ‘til night! Available in both closed and open toe heels, Block styles are gorgeous when styled with a mini dress, oversized jacket, and a stand-out clutch. Making them a stylish and comfortable option for your next special occasion!


You can ensure your outfit is the focal point without the high heels being too overpowering but effortlessly tie your look together. The best part about these block heels is that the colour panel feels as if it’s never-ending. You can readily source out the unique type of colour scheme and be sure that it accentuates your latest fit. Whatever style you’re after, you best believe that Wildfire has got it!


A new trend emerging from this style of shoe is the shape of the base. Initially, block heels have been made with a simple, thick rectangular base. But now (brace yourself), this creation of pump heels is evolving into half-blocks, cylinder blocks, kitten high heels, triangular blocks, and even the transparent block finish.


We’re honestly blown away by how quickly this style of shoe has evolved, and we love every second of it (and we know you will too, babe!).


The Strappy Stiletto!


Stiletto pumps are one style of high heel we know will never go out of fashion. Some may say it’s a timeless classic, with a whole range of variations now available. What we adore about stiletto high heels is that they can turn any look from drag to fab! Have you recently purchased a new pair of jeans? Denim skirt? Tee shirt dress?


Well, the best way to dress up your latest closet additions is by styling them with a strappy pair of stiletto high heels. We offer a range of high heels with low, midi, and high stiletto bases, so there is a design to suit every single baddie out there. Stiletto high heels are the ultimate high heel to wear when attending special events where you want to make your mark.


If you’re looking for a unique element to your pumps, why not try out the strappy high heel style. This adds a special touch to your (now) favourite pair of high heels, taking inspiration from the ever so graceful ballerina-like slipper. Wrap the straps around your ankle or further up your calf to achieve the ultimate sultry-yet-chic vibe. All eyes will be on you, girl!


The Six-inch Showstopper!


The style of high heels to keep an eye out for is the six-inch pumps. We thought this design was left back in 2007, but we were so wrong. The super high heels have made a comeback, and to be honest, we believe it was the perfect timing.


After the struggles of going in and out of lockdown, there is an ever-so-subtle pressure in the back of everyone’s minds to bring out their extravagant sides when it comes to fashion. In other words, go all out, explore unique designs and make the best fashion comeback ever!


Wonderful Wedge!


If you’re after trendy high heels but aren’t too keen on the height, our trusty wedge will become your new go-to. This base can be found on your more casual style of shoes, making it easy to wear for a day of running errands or attending a midday wine tour during the warmer months. No matter the occasion, our wedge high heels are the perfect choice of shoe.


The best thing about wedge high heels is that they provide the best combination of style and comfort. Trust us; you could run a marathon in these bad boys (just kidding, but it sure does feel that way!). If you’re keen on testing the waters of a more comfortable high heel style, wedges are the perfect place to start, and you won’t be compromising any aspect of your style.   


Heeled Boots For Your Everyday Wear!


We love the inspiration taken from our one and only babe, miss Ariana Grande. Her style is to-die-for (literally!), and we are just aspiring to dress exactly like her. Unfortunately, high heels tend to not appear in her attire, but high heeled boots, now that’s a statement piece.


Whether you’re dressing up for a night out dancing with the girls, or an afternoon shopping spree, booted high heels are the perfect go-to.


Knee-high or thigh-high heels are the best version of boots that accurately replicate Ariana’s 70’s-inspired style. Pair these high heels with an oversized jumper dress, or wrap them over a flattering pair of denim jeans, sexy crop, and plenty of accessories. How could anyone say no to this look?  


Have You Fallen Head Over Heels In Love?


Our top five high heels of 2021 are certainly a must-have in every girl’s shoe collection. Wildfire has always got your back, so explore new heights and take a browse through our range and find your next favourite pair!