Top 5 Tips on Choosing the Right Wedding Shoes

Choosing the right wedding shoes is the last thing you want to be worried about before your big day. But, unfortunately, it is a super urgent task to complete as well. Otherwise, your look won’t be complete. So, to save you from stress and worry before your big day, we have gathered some of the top five tips when it comes to choosing the right wedding shoes.


Whether you’re the bride, mother of the bride or a part of the vital bridal party, we have the perfect tips for you when choosing your new pair of wedding shoes. Take a scroll below for some helpful tips, girl!


For The Dress Where Your Feet Are Visible!


Looking for the perfect pair of wedding shoes for our big day is even more of a priority for the girls who plan to wear wedding dresses where their feet are visible. The options are endless when it comes to short wedding dresses for this special occasion.


If you are wearing a mermaid-cut or tapered dress, it is best to choose open-toed wedding shoes than closed toe wedding heels.


This style of bridal shoes will allow for a more breathable look of women shoes on the big day. This style of bridal shoes is also necessary if you don’t want the wedding shoes to be statement pieces. Usually, girls love their wedding dresses to be the star of the show.


However, if that’s not the intended look, bright open-toed wedding heels are your next best choice.


All eyes will be on your gorgeous wedding shoes, adding a unique touch to the classic aesthetic of these events. If you’re seeking a special touch to your wedding shoes, gather some left-over material from the outfit you will be wearing, and turn it into a bow or wrap-around on the wedding shoes.


This look can add a rustic and unique touch to the overall theme while still keeping to the classic theme of these special days. These wedding shoes will have you feeling like a flawless queen all day long!


Hidden Wedding Shoes May Be A Blessing In Disguise!


It’s important to remember that finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes goes hand-in-hand with the dress to be worn on the day. Is your dress keeping to tradition? If so, you can get away with wearing simple and elegant wedding shoes that won’t override the vibe of the wedding dresses.


Winning! Our hot tip for finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes in this situation is to look for neutral coloured women shoes. Thus can be seen in the shades of brown, nude, cream, ivory, white, peach, or a selection of pastel colours.


These wedding shoes colours are super subtle, which means if someone does see them throughout the day, they won’t take away the focus from you or the dress. These colourways for wedding shoes also work wonders when matching the special occasion dressing as they are already on the crisp white and neutral side of things.


In addition, hidden wedding shoes can be seen as a blessing in disguise, so if you are under the pump for getting everything organised in time for the big day, your wedding shoes can be one of the last things to do. (Phew!).


A Pop Of Colour!


Another helpful tip when choosing the right wedding shoes for you is to base your choices on the colour of your special occasion dressing. It’s the worst feeling when you know that the colour of your wedding dresses clashes with the colour of your outfit, so it’s best to avoid it happening. For example, lilac on purple is just too much!


Simple block heels or wedge wedding heels will effortlessly tie the look together for wedding dresses made with lace, neutrals, and a white collection of designs with some wedding accessories. Make sure the colour of the wedding shoes is similar to that of the dress.


For wedding dresses that offer a pop of colour, such as purple, pink, chocolate brown, khaki, red and blue, the wedding shoes required would be block colour.


Block-coloured wedding heels can get seen in the form of blacks, whites, browns, and reds. No matter the colour you choose, make sure that it blends well with your wedding dresses, girl! You’ll be strutting yourself down the aisle with confidence and style!


The Height Of Heels Is Everything!


Now, this hot tip may be a little controversial, but making sure your wedding shoes don’t interfere with your partner’s heel height may be another essential step. So choosing wedding shoes that allow you to keep them at the same heel height (or shorter) than your partner may be one of your goals worth reaching for.


Your height and partner’s heel height are no big drama; however, some girls may want to rock the traditional look on their big day, so finding you the perfect pair of wedding shoes that allow them to do so is super necessary.


The best way to do this is by asking your partner to head out on a shopping day with you. This will help guide you and your partner on what wedding heels are best suited to you and your comfort without adding too many centimetres to your heel height.


So channel those boss babe vibes and find your perfect pair of wedding shoes with the help of your partner. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?!


Wedding Shoes From Morning To Night!


Finding your perfect pair of wedding shoes for the big day should always revolve around the fact that you will be on your feet all day long and dancing the night away. Super high-heeled wedding shoes are gorgeous to wear throughout the day and, walking down the aisle will be #goals!


But these wedding heels may need to come off and be swapped with low heel wedding shoes for the second half of the night full of dancing and celebrating. So our hot tip is to buy two pairs of wedding shoes, one for your day full of ceremonial celebrations and then a second pair for the big celebrations later in the day.


If you’re tight on the budget, finding the perfect pair of wedding heels that offer the best of both worlds is a must. For us, this can be found in classic block heels or try kitten heel and low heel bridal shoes. They offer heel height, class, personalised care, and style without hurting your feet. Amazing, right?!      


Feel Like You’re Ready To Grab Some Wedding Shoes?


Get your hands on some to-die-for wedding shoes and tick that off of your to-do list! The big day involves a lot of preparation, so get ahead while you can with our top five tips. Go, girl!