Top Picks for Heels Your Bridesmaids Can Wear Again

Do you have a wedding coming up and need a new pair of womens heels to go with your dress? If you are nodding yes behind the screen, then look no further. We have gathered a selection of top wedding shoes for bridesmaids to wear to an upcoming wedding. The best thing about these selections is that they can get worn again and again without any hesitation.


You will find plenty of foot care comforts, style, and class in these womens heels, which means your bridesmaid dress will look flawless. In addition, these wedding shoes pair perfectly with almost any bridesmaid dress and can easily double-up as a go-to shoe for other occasions. 


It is the best feeling when you can get your hands on a pair of shoes that can easily get worn more than once and not just to the wedding.


Re-wearable womens heels are becoming a hot trend, and we cannot wait for you to join in with us on this one, babe! So enjoy a scroll down below at our top picks of womens heels that pair perfectly with your bridesmaid dresses


In addition, you will find that these wide fit womens heels look stunning when styled with an outfit for other events.


Block Heels!


A pair of block heels are the ultimate style of shoe to wear with a bridesmaid dress. Block heels are a comfortable and fashionable alternative to classic stiletto pump heels. In addition, these shoes offer a low base which makes them super easy to walk in.


Weddings involve a lot of walking, running, and dancing from morning until night, so wearing the right pair of wedding shoes will help you make it through the special event. 


Block heels are a very trendy style of shoe at the moment, which means you can easily get your hands on a pair (or two) of these super cute kicks.


Block heels will pair perfectly with both long and short bridesmaids’ dresses due to their low base, so it will not affect the way your dress sits too much. Seeing as wide fit block heels are a trending shoe style, there are multiple designs and colour pop released into fashion in the fashion world. 


This look is perfect for bridesmaids who need to find a pair of shoes that match their bridesmaid dress. You will find plenty of foot care comfort and style in a set of wide fit block heels, which is a great addition as you may want to wear these shoes again for other occasions. From the wedding to a brunch with mum, these block heels can be worn to any event and will always ensure you look gorgeous, sis!


Wedge Heels!


Another style of shoe that blends in perfectly with bridesmaid dresses is wedge heel shoes. As the saying goes, these shoes are an oldie but a goodie. We know all of the reasons why. 


Wedge heel shoes are a super comfortable womens heels style because the platform is thick enough to ensure you can walk close to normal even though the heel is elevated. Wedge heel shoes are a great choice of wide fit womens heels to wear with your bridesmaid dress if it is a long and oversized maxi dress. 


Wedge heel shoes are perfect if you are looking for an extra height boost or need comfortable heel shoes to walk around in without compromising the amount of height on offer. We love a wedge mid heeled shoe for any occasion, and if you want to show off the heel shoes you are wearing, then shorter dresses will be your best friend.


If you are wearing a short bridesmaid dress to the wedding, then take the opportunity to show off your legs and wedding shoes. These shoes will also double-up as an easy, go-to casual shoe. So whether it is a dinner with friends or an afternoon by the beach, wide fit wedge heel shoes will take you there in style. Wedges will make sure you go from drab to fab in no time, babe!


Strappy Heels!


Investing in a pair of strappy heels may become the best thing you decide to do all year. These heel shoes offer both class and elegance, which means your wedding shoes will have you doing the most without even trying. In addition, strappy heeled sandal are a style of shoe that goes well with bridesmaid dresses made of a bodycon material.


This tip is because the strappy heeled sandal is a feature of their own, and if they pair with an extravagant or long dress, they will clash with one another and ruin the look. No girl wants this, especially on their wedding day and for date night! 


So, if you decide to wear a pair of strappy heeled sandal, make sure that your bridesmaid dress is brought to life rather than washed out into the background.


These mid heeled and low heels pump heels can easily get worn again on a night out with the girls. Or it can be a cute date night with your partner. They are the style of shoe that offers classy vibes no matter what outfit you choose to wear. We are obsessed, babe!


Clear Heels!


Feel like trying something new? Get your hands on a pair of clear heeled sandals and watch all eyes turn to you. 


Clear heeled sandals have been a common trend that has made its way in and out of fashion. Despite this, clear pumps are always able to make their way back into the on-trend fashion scene.Wearing a pair of clear heeled sandals with your bridesmaid dress will not only give your dress the highlight it deserves, but it will accentuate your feet and legs (especially if you have a fresh pedicure). 


Clear heeled sandals are an underrated style of wedding shoes, but we love how they are styled. Clear pumps are super easy to pair with other outfits for your everyday wear or weekend antics. 


They are the perfect style of mid heeled shoe to wear if you want to flaunt a different aspect of your look other than the mid heeled shoes. This look can include your hair, makeup, designer brands dress, or jewellery. The options are endless with these clear wide fit heeled sandals! 




When you buy a new pair of wide fit heeled sandals, the best thing you can do is invest in some accessories. Accessories for your shoes are a must, especially for events like a wedding. So, girls, get your hands on some half gel innersoles and watch how comfortable your pair of shoes become.


These squishy goodies offer your feet an extra layer of foot care comfort so you can party all day and night without worrying about sore feet. If you decide to wear a pair of pump heels stilettos, it will be helpful to get some heel stoppers. 


These stoppers are put at the bottom of your stiletto pump heels-like shoe, and voila, you have a comfortable and easy to walk in pair of wide fit heeled sandals.       


Need To Get Your Hands On A New Pair Of Heels?


If you are feeling super inspired by our top picks of heeled sandals, then best believe that they will look stunning when paired with your bridesmaid dress. If you have a busy season of events after the wedding, you can easily add these shoes to your next outfit. 


We have a wide variety of shoe size on our size guide to choose from. Wildfire, designer brands heels online store has got you covered, girl. We know you will look flawless!