Top Tips For Comfortable Heels!

Do you need to find comfortable high heels?


Wildfire is here to lend a hand!


You might adore the look of high heels, but wearing them doesn’t always leave you with warm and fluttery feelings. Maybe your feet can't handle steep inclines, you frequently get blisters, or you can never walk in a straight line. The world of high heels can feel laden with perils, pitfalls, and face-plants too!


But pain and discomfort shouldn’t be the price you pay for fashion. If your high heels cause you grief, then they’re not worth the effort. Now, Wildfire has some tips and tricks for handling high heels, so ladies of all experience levels can step out with confidence and surety.


Are you ready to get started?


First thing’s first— don’t feel pressured into wearing styles that stretch beyond your comfort zone.


Choosing a lower (or manageable) pair of high heels will save you from aches and pains. There is still a stigma about wearing flats to formal occasions like weddings and work functions. Other ladies might strut out in their towering platforms, but you’ll be the one laughing when they’re barefoot and holding their shoes in hand by the end of the night!


Pick the right high heels for your event


Where you go and what you plan to do should play a leading role in your style decisions. Figure out what’s in store for your shoes before you start shopping, and you will always make the right decision.


If you’re heading off to a quick dinner party where you’ll spend the majority of your time seated indoors, then a grand set of stilettos can be an apt choice. Alternately, ladies taking their high heels to dance in a club are going to struggle in anything especially tall or skinny.


Cover your problem areas


Like it or not, most ladies have a reoccurring problem when they wear high heels. Maybe your calves get sore, or you get blisters on the sides of your feet. Figure out where you tend to get skin irritations or soreness so you can stop it before it starts.


One way to prevent yourself pain is by selecting high heels that avoid these spaces.


For example, our block-style high heels prevent any rubbing on the backs of your feet.


Otherwise, there’s always our foot care accessories too!


At Wildfire, our sole salvation pack is the perfect add-on with your high heels and equipped to handle anything! Ladies who worry about blisters forming can use our plaster to cover hotspots. If the balls of your feet get tender, our gel cushions will provide padding.


Not only is our sole salvation purse a nice accessory, but it is also practical! Whatever issues stress you out when you have high heels on, they’ll be dealt with swiftly and effectively. Plus, the little purse can slip easily into a larger bag, or store keys, cards, and cash itself!


Choose colours or finishes that excite you!


Shopping for new high heels should be fun, and we have heaps of incredible options ready at Wildfire. Do glossy synthetics appeal to your aesthetic, or will a cool faux suede fabric do the trick?


What about colours? Classic black or natural high heels will always be popular, but out most daring customers could try vivacious red or lovely pastel lilac on their high heels in 2019!


Why wait?


Treat yourself to fantastic customer and footwear experiences when you shop at Wildfire. Browse all of our designs online today; delivery is fast and convenient. Or, you can get up close and personal when you try in styles exclusively at Spendless Shoes. We’ll find high heels that bring out your wild side today!