Top Tips for Making Your Heels More Comfortable

Every girl knows the struggle of wearing high heels – it is too relatable. High heels can lead to painful feet, cuts, blisters, and even bruised toes. It never seems to be a fun time when we wear a pair of pump heels. Despite these kicks looking super cute on our feet, they can become super challenging to wear throughout the day or night, depending on the occasion. 


We love to rock a super cute pair of high heels like wedge sandals, wedding shoes, peep toe heels, flat boots, and platform heeled shoes, but there are so many things that hold us back.


This issue is because we do not want to deal with any sore or painful feet. That is why your big sisters at Wildfire are here to help. We have gathered a range of top tips that we live by to make our pair of high heels more comfortable. Some of our hot tips may surprise you but trust us, sis, they work!


With these helpful tips and tricks up your sleeve, you will know how to make your new pair of high heels super comfortable and easy to wear. Scroll down below to find out more, babe!


Tip 1 – Wear Wedges Or Strappy Pumps!


One of our best tips for making your pair of wide fit high heels more comfortable is to wear wedge sandals or pump heels with straps. Wedges are a style of high heels that offer the most support for your feet. These pump heels give you the flawless and elevated look that every girl strives for when wearing a pair of high heels. You can achieve this look by witching out your painful high heels for a set of wedge sandals.


These pump heels will be a game-changer for your womens shoe collection. If you find that wedge sandals are not your favourite, you can always wear a pair of high heels with straps. Strappy pumps are beneficial as they provide your feet with an extra layer of support. The straps on these kicks can ensure your feet stay nice and secure all day long in these pairs of pumps heeled sandals. 


So whether you are partying all day or having a date night with friends, or spending an evening out to dinner with your boyfriend, a set of strappy high heels will complete your look and ensure you feel comfortable all night long.


Tip 2 – Avoid Stilettos!


Another tip that we love to live by when making your high heels more comfortable is to avoid wearing stiletto heels. These pump heels are a timeless classic that every girl loves to wear, but they are super painful. If you want to wear a pair of high heels without experiencing any pain, then switch out the stiletto heels for a set of block heeled pumps.


These heel shoes are the style of a high heel that offers more comfort than the classic stiletto heels, thanks to the smaller base height. If you wear stiletto heels for the height, these alternative pumps may not be what you want. But, if you are on the hunt for comfortable high heels, the block heeled style is perfect for you.


Tip 3 – Make Sure Your Foot Fits The Shoe!


Some girls may forget about this tip, but it is necessary to consider it when deciding what high heels to wear. You may find yourself digging out some old heel shoes that you have only just remembered that you still own. If you try them on and think they are a bit snug on your feet, or your toes are hanging off the front of the womens shoe, then these are signs that you might not fit these anymore. 


It is super tempting to squeeze your feet into a pair of wide fit high heels that you have wanted to wear for a while now, but it can become a painful experience. Our hot tip when choosing what high heels to wear is to ensure that they fit your foot. Wearing the correct footwear size is super beneficial to your feet and can ensure that you will feel comfortable from morning until night, sis!


Tip 4 – Break Them In!


The team behind Wildfire are strong believers in this hot tip. Wearing wide fit high heels like wedge sandals, wedding shoes, peep toe heels, flat boots, and platform heeled shoes can feel painful the first few times, so we highly recommend breaking them in beforehand. 


The best way to break in your pair of wide fit high heels is to stretch out the material. One method that can stretch out the fabric quite quickly is to wear a pair of thick fluffy socks with your high heels and walk around the house or back yard. The high heels will easily stretch out and create some space within the heel shoes, so they feel much more comfortable when you wear them.


If you find that this method does not work for the high heels, you want to wear, and another method should do the trick. All you have to do is get your hands on a hairdryer and blow over the heel shoes. The heat from the blow dryer can soften the material of your wide fit high heels, which can create some more space when you wear them. By breaking in your high heels, you can avoid any blisters or cuts from occurring on your feet.


Tip 5 – Change The Way You Walk!


This tip may sound funny to you, but changing how you walk when you wear a pair of high heels is the perfect quick fix to your uncomfortable high heels. The best way to walk in a set of pump heels is to go from toe to heel, like mid heel and low heel.


This tip allows you to feel like you are in control of the heel shoes and can ensure you minimise any uncomfortable feelings on your feet. Changing how you walk is an easy way to make your high heels much more comfortable.


You will also notice a little runway strut in your new walk so take this opportunity to flaunt your latest heel shoes look. All eyes will be on you, girl!


Tip 6 – Accessories!


Our favourite tip to share with you when making your high heels more comfortable is to ensure you invest in some accessories. High heels are usually quite uncomfortable on their own, but they can feel a whole lot better when you style them with some womens shoe accessories.


You will benefit from investing in some womens heels stoppers for the girls who love a pair of stiletto heels. These little guys sit on the bottom of your womens shoe to create a stable base for you to walk in. These also prevent you from slipping down any drain holes or soft grass (thank goodness for that!).  


Getting your hands on some shoe care gel half innersoles for your wide fit high heels is also a quick and easy way to make your pump heels more comfortable. All you have to do is place them on the inside of the womens shoe and watch how much better it feels to wear these pump heels. Who would have thought that gel innersoles were so comfy?!  


Do You Need Some New High Heels?


If you are about to treat yourself to a new pair of high heels like wedge sandals, wedding shoes, peep toe heels, flat boots, and platform heeled shoes, make sure you keep these hot tips in mind. They will help you find the most comfortable pump heeled sandals, or at least give your womens shoe a little boost of comfort.


Check out the heels online store, Wildfire website for some inspiration for your next pair of kicks, sis!