Trend Alert: Why Block Heels Are Hot in 2021

Keeping up with the latest everyday essentials and shoe trends is a super fun way to ensure you have the hottest looks every season.


Currently, block heels are the best piece of footwear you could own in 2021, and we love it! Block heels are a fabulous style of shoe that offers versatility and unique designs to match just about every piece of clothing you own to complete your look.


It is the must-have casual shoes in 2021. Our list of reasons why you should own a pair (or two) of block heel sandals is endless, but we’ve compiled a list of our top three reasons that these shoes are the hottest must-haves of the year. So take a read below and discover why block leather heels are the hottest pairs of shoes you need in your life asap.


Block Heels Are Super Comfy!


Comfort block heels are the hottest style of shoe this year mainly because they are super comfortable. Who would’ve thought that women’s heel height pumps could be so comfy? It’s a shock to us too. Block heels online have challenged the stereotype and have blessed every woman’s feet with the most comfortable shoes ever.


Black block heel have a low base, allowing for less strain on your actual foot. This is perfect for those wild nights out on the dancefloor when you buy womens block heels online. Unfortunately, those events require you to be standing for a prolonged period.


Block heels also offer an easy-to-wear feature, with the majority of the designs flaunting a slide-in strap design. All you must do is side your foot into the shoe, and voila, your feet are ready to go and flaunt your latest pair of colour pop block heels.


Some trending styles may have self-tie straps, but even those are super easy to work, and they don’t affect the comfiness of the shoe. Self-tie block heels are easy to tie up and don’t hurt your feet by being too tight. Amazing, right? Block heels featuring buckle are a must-have trend this year purely because they are such comfortable shoes.


Whether you’re in a rush and need an easy shoe to slide into, or you’re going straight from the office to cocktails, block heels spring summer will be your next best friend. You can never go wrong with a pair of comfy block leather sandals this season!


Block Heels Pair Well With Literally Every Outfit!


Another reason why womens block heel is so on-trend right now is that they pair well with just about every outfit. So if you’re in sweats on a Friday night or out to party with the girls on a Saturday night looking glam, nude leather block heels will be there to flaunt your look.


This style of shoe is hot and on-trend as it can effortlessly tie any look together. Some outfits are hard to find shoes for, but black leather block heels online will quickly become the main feature. For example, we love the look of mini dresses paired with block mid season heels.


They make for a great compliment when the heels are super bright, and the dress is dark. This look offers a stunning contrast of colours, and it lets you flaunt both your outfit and kicks separately without them clashing. Seeing as block heels are a hot trend this year, it would be silly not to add a pair to your shoe collection.


This style of shoe also pairs well with an oversized look, making the footwear the stand-out piece. For a cooler climate, oversized jumper dresses and suits can get paired with some gorgeous block heels.


This type of look will be one to replicate. In the warmer months, oversized t-shirt dresses are every babe’s go-to look, allowing for breathability and a simple, chic look. This outfit pairs easily with a selection of block heels, whether or not they are self-tie styles or a simple, slide-on black or white leather design.


No matter the look, block heels will ensure you’re on-trend and looking hotter than hell. Perfect for a low-key weekend or a busy day full of brunch dates and shopping sprees. Either way, we can guarantee all eyes will be on you, girl!


The Designs Of Block Heels Are Never-ending!


We love flat shoes  being the go-to shoe this year because the designs on offer are never-ending. Some leather block heel designs can get restricted to only a few colours or patterns, but block heels test all the style boundaries, allowing multiple styles to come into fashion continuously.


Of course, block heels come in staple colours, including black, white, and nude. But, additionally, there is a selection of bold colours, including red, pink, yellow, orange, purple, and blue. The list goes on and on! Depending on the colour, block heels are also designed in a range of uniquely different ways to match the chosen colour.


Some designs feature a simple, rectangular base, whereas other designs can feature a stiletto-like or tapered triangular finish. The ever-changing designs of low heel , no matter how big or small, is what keeps this shoe trend looking fashionable all year long.       


We see some emerging styles for the beloved block heel: self-tie straps, pastel colours, patterned designs, and reflective and transparent designs. These unique styles are what will set you apart from the rest, with a different shoe design available to wear to an important work meeting or your next event.


If you’re feeling creative, why not flaunt your latest shoes on your socials, and tag us so we can see your hottest outfit. We love to see how you style the hottest trends of the year, so why not flex your latest pumps. Also, if you have a TikTok addiction like us, this process might be a super entertaining method for you to use when wearing your latest pair of shoes. We are truly in love!  


Want To Get Your Hands On The Hottest Block Heels Of 2021?


The comfy, trending styles, and hottest shoe trend of the year is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. If you are keen on adding a new pair of block heels to your wardrobe, head on over to the Wildfire website and discover your new go-to shoe!