Unconventional Wedding Shoes That Look AMAZING!

Leave your classic cocktail heels at home and try wedding shoes with a difference this season! Do you feel like your conventional footwear is getting tired and boring? Well, here at Wildfire, we think it is the perfect time to start experimenting with new wedding shoes! We’ve got an excellent array of designs that will look fabulous with all of your formal footwear! So, why not have a browse of our collection online today? To help get you started (and feeling inspired), we have decided to tell you a bit about our favourite modern wedding shoes. With any luck, you’ll spot something that catches your fancy soon enough! 

Treat yourself to our cute and cosy flatform sandals!


Flatform sandals can offer you extra height without the eventual hurt you get with heels. No matter how comfortable you are in twelve-centimetre stilettos, if you take them out as wedding shoes, then after a lot of walking, standing, and dancing, you will eventually get uncomfortable. As flattering as heels are, human feet are not designed to support your body weight on a high angle for more than a few hours. However, flat wedding shoes have no such issues. You can continue to party well into the early morning without ever needing to worry about your feet! Our most popular flatform sandals (that work as wedding shoes) come in tan and black shades, so they won’t clash with any colours on your outfit!

Enjoy the crystal-clear look of our translucent mules!


See-through block heels are outstanding alternative wedding shoes to your typical natural or beige stilettos. These crystalline mules strike a delicate balance between complementing your outfit and being an eye-catching addition to your ensemble. Wear mules as wedding shoes, and you will set yourself apart from the other guests (or bridesmaids) who choose a traditional white pair or skin-coloured styles. Your translucent wedding shoes will blend together nicely with your formal clothes while adding a modern air. We have versions of these with mid-high and tall block heels so pick whichever will suit you best!  

Fuse comfort and style with kitten-heeled wedding shoes!


These short stilettos put a modern twist on a much-loved vintage design. Here at Wildfire, our best kitten heels include sling-back designs with gorgeous ankle features, slide-on minimal styles, strapped pairs that would be stunning wedding shoes. Since they only have low points, you won’t get wobbly when you walk these onto uneven pathways, unlike with sky-high stilettos. Also, wedding shoes like these will accentuate the shape of your legs and ankles, so they’re perfect to pair up with dresses, skirts, and other short-cut attire. For ladies who want to be trendsetters in 2020, our curved cocktail heels are a must-have! 

Add a fun element to your look with a trendy texture!


Forget about plain wedding shoes and your typical smooth-textured designs. If you want to take your outfit to the next level in 2020, then you should incorporate a heel with crocodile texture or flats with woven material. Texturized wedding shoes add a unique element and visual interest to your look, and without needing to incorporate any outlandish shades or patterns. Anyone interested in wearing heels to the ceremony should try our block-heeled mules. These short and elegant wedding shoes feature a trendy scaled material similar to crocodile skin. Otherwise, for ladies who cannot wait to take slides and save their feet stress, Wildfire’s pointy-toed styles will fit perfectly. The woven material takes the design up a notch, so you know they’ll make stylish wedding shoes! 

Break conventions with these wonderful designs!


We’ve got a great range of styles here at Wildfire that you can turn into dazzling wedding shoes. Discover your perfect pair today!