Use These Tips To Learn Your Perfect Heel Height

While some women have no trouble at all wearing a pair of sky-high stiletto heels, not all women can wear them as gracefully. The reality is most women complain about foot pain and discomfort while wearing their high heeled sandals, so why do we continue to wear them? Because they look good, right? 

What if we told you that you’ve been wearing the wrong heel shoes the whole time? Everybody’s feet are built differently, so not all of us can wear the tallest pair of heeles dress shoes available.

It’s all about what feels best and we will show you some of our tips to choose the perfect height for you!

When it comes to purchasing a new pair of high heel shoes, here are some shopping tips we recommend you follow to find your perfect fit and hopefully, you’ll learn your perfect height while you’re shopping online exclusive  or at a show store.


  • Shop At The End Of The Day



It may sound silly, but it's important to do your shoe shopping at the end of the day because at that time your feet are more likely to be swollen from work and other daily activities. In comparison to the morning when you haven’t been on your feet as much, you’ll be able to get a better idea of how the heels will feel at all times of the day.

The last thing you want to do is bring home a pair of toe heels that feels great at the store, only to get home and realise that they are just too tight once your feet have naturally swelled throughout the day.


  • Ensure You Purchase The Right Size And Fit



Be aware that all shoe brands, whether stiletto heeled or not, carry slightly different size guides, so if you are purchasing from a brand that’s new for you, ensure you choose the right size and wide fit. Show shopping is one of those things that happen better in store. Although sometimes it's impossible or sometimes a lot easier to just shop womens heels if it’s a brand that you are not familiar with, it's best to try before you buy!

When it comes to shopping for block heeled shoes, your feet should fit perfectly and the shoe should hold the foot firmly in place. If your wedge sandals are loose, it can lead to your feet sliding forward and you won't be able to keep a firm balance, which is the last thing you want when wearing a pair of heels pump.  

If you can't make it into a store to try on your high heels, we recommend measuring your feet and comparing it to an online size guide, which is always available on Wildfire’s website. It’s hard to believe, but even a few extra kilos will make your shoe size larger than usual!

Here are some questions you should as yourself when shopping for new high heels online:

  • How do the heels fit?
  • Is there enough room for my toes?
  • Are my toes cramped?
  • Are the heels wide enough?

If you don’t ask yourself these questions, it will only lead to discomfort when you’re wearing them. Heels, including platform heels, without enough room at the front will only cause pain and after continuous wearing can increase your chances of developing arthritis, bunions, corns or hammertoes.


  • Experiment With Different Heel Heights



If you are having trouble wearing high heeled boots for long periods because of the discomfort that comes from height, then you‘ll need to do your best to find something that resonates best with you. One way to do that is to experiment with different heights: from low heel,  mid heeled, and stiletto heeled shoes. Head into a Wildfire supplier and go crazy trying on different styles and heights until you find the perfect one!

It’s all about trial and error! Wear the heels around the store, walk around, move around, sit down, do it all! Get a real feel of the shoe and you’ll know once you’ve found your preferred height.


  • Try-On



As we said earlier, it’s important to wear the flat shoes or heels around the store before taking them home. Put the heels on and see how they feel, if there is any kind of discomfort then chances are they aren’t right! If the leather block heel feels too tight, too loose or uncomfortable in any way, it’s more than likely that they won’t feel any better over time. In our option, leave them and move on, no matter how much you love the heels! Trust us, you’ll end up regretting the decision.

Try walking in the square toes heels on different surfaces in the store, try carpet and tiles if possible, walking on carpets compared to walking on harder and harsher surfaces will show you what you can expect in real life. Because realistically, you won't be walking on the carpet all night in your square toe heels!


  • Practice At Home



Now that you’ve taken home your heels, there’s still a little more preparation to be done before you run out the door in your new kicks! Our tip is to wear-in the heels at home for a few days. Just like you did at the store, wear those heels around the house to wear them in and get your feet used to the new pair of high black heels.

Since your trying to figure out what your perfect heel height is, we recommend you take full advantage of this step. Get a feel for your new black leather and work out if they are the ones for you. If you followed our steps in-store then you shouldn’t have any trouble with discomfort or tightness at home, the only thing you will be working on now is figuring out if this particular heel height is the right one for you!

However, if you’ve followed our tips and tricks, then we’re sure you’ve found yourself a winner!

Now That You’ve Found The Perfect Heel Height For You, It's Time To Get Shopping!

Remember, not everyone can stride around in a pair of sky-high heels and that’s ok too, it doesn’t mean you can't wear trendy designer brands heels at all. It just means you haven’t found your perfect match yet.

So without further delay, follow our guide and we’re sure you’ll be walking around in high heels again in no time, without any discomfort at all!