Walk Into Summer The Right Way With These Summer Heel Styles From Wildfire!


Make the most out of the warm weather this season when you shop at Wildfire!

We’ve got all the best summer heels for you to take home. Whether you favour skinny stilettos or block-based platforms, Wildfire can offer you a brand new style that you’ll love.


After all, you’re about to need your summer heels more than ever! As we inch closer and closer to 2020, you can expect an influx of backyard parties, family dinners, weddings, end-of-year work events, and other special occasions. So, to help keep your stress levels at their absolute minimum, we recommend looking for summer heels early. Here are five essential styles we think you should consider: 

1. Stilettos 


It’s hard to go wrong with these lovely summer heels. The minimalist and open styles will keep your feet refreshing during the warm weather. Also, there’s nothing better to wear with your most formal attire than elegant stilettos. Our top picks in this style for 2019 and early 2020 come with dainty self-tie straps. The delicate bands encircle the ankles and trail down the top of your feet. Combined, these skinny straps and the stick-thin summer heels create a stunning look.

2. Mules 


You can make any outfit feel magical with mules this season. Like stilettos, these have an advantage in hot weather. Instead of being stifling and enclosed, these summer heels are breathable and airy, so sweaty feet shouldn’t be an issue for you. Mules are a fantastic pick for ladies who love maxi-dresses, floor-brushing skirts, and other bohemian clothing. You don’t have to worry about covering up fashionable ankle straps since these summer heels don’t have any! So, why wouldn’t you add a few of our mules to your collection?

3. Translucent styles


How would you feel about summer heels that could match any item of clothing? Are you tired of trying to tone down prints and patterns so that your shoes don’t clash or look out of place? Well, Wildfire has the solution! Our see-through summer heels are gorgeous, modern, and almost crystalline! With these on your feet, you can feel confident and wear your most vibrant tees and patterns without a worry! You can get these summer heels as either block or mule-style shoes too, so the look is totally up to you.

4. Espadrille wedges


Are sky-high wedges more your speed? Wildfire has heaps of summer heels in this look. Espadrilles continue to be a favourite choice for our customers, but we certainly aren’t surprised! With their comfortable, supportive, and height-boosting bases, espadrilles summer heels are the ultimate fusion of fashion and function. We offer a few variations of these styles, including mid-high wedges with crossover toe bands and high espadrilles with self-tie straps. Whatever you choose, we know you’ll adore summer heels of this kind.

5. Half-enclosed booties


Do you hate saying goodbye to your winter and autumn boots? Do you want summer heels that can add an edge to your look? Shop for our half-enclosed styles this season, and you’ll be in luck! These are a mix of gladiator sandals and trendy lace-up boots. These summer heels have side cut-outs and peep-toes to create air circulation and keep your feet from getting too hot. The back zipper is also a handy feature and helps these summer heels fit on faster. We think booties are the best pick for outdoor events (like music festivals) since the extra coverage will protect your feet well.


Which of these five was your favourite? 


If you liked the sound of some of our chosen styles, then get a closer look at them online. We’ve got summer heels for you to consider this season. Head into 2020 in style with Wildfire!