Ways Flats Can Be Stylish!

Who says that flats can’t be stylish? If you think that, you must have never seen our styles! Wildfire’s slides, sandals, and ballet flats are overflowing with trendy features and décor. And, we’re willing to prove it! Keep reading, and we’ll shine some light on the situation.  


The right straps will make your flats look trendier! 


Anyone looking for strappy sandals is going to be spoiled for choice! There are too many options to name them all, but we thought you’d appreciate it if we covered a few of our favourite strapped flats. First, we have sandals which feature long faux suede laces that you can tie as high or low up your leg as you like. With their soft material and customisable fit, they’re a popular choice with Wildfire customers! Secondly, ballet flats with sling-back ankle straps are also a go-to. With their enclosed toes and timeless feel, they’re a much-loved pair for ladies who work in corporate settings. Finally, we’re seeing a lot of people getting interested in flats with straps across the big toe, so watch out for those when you’re browsing our collection! 


Your shoes might have a platform base!


A platform base is one special feature that you won’t find on our regular sandals! These flats have a smooth platform base which can give you a great height boost without adding stress onto your feet. Unlike a heel or wedge, the extra width under your feet won’t cause any muscle strain or stress; they provide even more cushioning for your soles. You can’t complain about that! And, since they offer that height lift, these flats have the semi-formal feel of a summer heel. They’ll look fantastic with party dresses and any outfit with a smart-casual vibe. Why not give these platform flats a try in 2020?


Animal prints and patterns will make your pair look trendy!


Do you want to liven up your shoe collection? Flats with a fun animal print are sure to do the trick! This season, one of our top patterns is lovely leopard print, which you’ll find on everything from everyday looks to work styles. Snakeskin has also been a huge hit, so you’ll find similar flats with this scaly pattern. When you want to give your everyday outfits a style boost, add these animal print shoes into the mix! One way to make your flats look even better is to style them with a matching accessory. Since these animal prints are trending in 2020, you won’t struggle to find accessories or clothes in a similar style! 


Décor will make your flats more glamorous! 


Oversized buckles, beautiful beading, and braided rope texture are a few of our best picks. Who says slides and sandals are boring? At Wildfire, even our plainer shoes come with cute décor and add-ons to keep them looking current and trendy. Are you on the lookout for a sandal that you could wear to a wedding or formal event? Well, we think that flats with sweet décor are the perfect option! 


A cool texture can lift the look of your flats! 


Have you seen any of our woven-texture styles? Most people are familiar with our faux-suede shoes and leather-look slides. However, woven flats are becoming fast favourites this season. You can decide between styles with close-knit woven material and ones that are more spaced out. But, either way, you’re sure to get shoes that make your everyday outfits look trendier! 


What do you think about our collection now?


If you want the hottest flats with the latest features, patterns, and textures, then shop at Wildfire! Have a browse of our designs today— you won’t regret it!