Ways To Style Your Outfit With Wildfire Heels

Heels are a great footwear option to dress up and style any outfit. Make any outfit look fantastic by adding a pair of Wildfire heels! 

Sweeten up your summer outfits with a pair of our heels, and we will show you great ways to style our heels with your wardrobe. At Wildfire we have the hottest heel trends for you to choose from at prices we are sure you will love just as much.

 Let’s get started, here are our popular footwear styles and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe. 



  • Kitten Heels



Kitten heels are a fantastic wardrobe staple, once you give these a try, we can guarantee that you will be sure to come back for more! Kitten styles can be incorporated into any look. If it’s work attire, weekend wear or for a girls’ night out, etc., kitten styles can be worn any way you like! 

The low maintenance, easy to wear shoe has slowly but surely replaced traditional sky-high stilettos and for good reason. Short kitten heels are a far more comfortable and practical option.  Although the low height may be considered too casual compared to the classic pump.

Don’t be afraid to dress these shoes up because they certainly will dress up any look.

Get yourself some simple classic black kitten heels to work with your corporate attire. These styles look great when styled with pencil skirts and dresses, slim or flared pants and even jeans for casual Fridays! 

These shoes are so versatile. You’ll find yourself wearing them to work daily, and they’ll take you to after-work drinks and dinners effortlessly and will have you feeling fresh and super stylish in your heels!

As we said, kitten styles can be worked into your weekend and evening wear. For a relaxed weekend outfit pair, your kitten heels with your ripped boyfriend jeans, tuck in your favourite white tee and finish with a belt, or throw on a slim midi skirt and a cropped jumper.

The options are endless, and you will find yourself wearing your kitten heels throughout the weekend! And of course, don’t be afraid to style your dressier outfits with some kitten styles and opt for comfort, we guarantee, by the end of the night your feet will love you for it. 

So, what are you waiting for? Shop our must-have kitten heels and add to the bag!



  • Slip-On Heels



Slip into a pair of heels like a comfy pair of slides! Like kitten styles, slip-on styles are again a red-hot trend at this time, and we can’t help but feel nostalgic! 

Our slip-on heels come in a range of styles. There are ones with single, chunky braided straps across the front of your foot or multiple thin straps strayed over your foot. There are also modern knotted thong details between your toes. 

Whatever style you fancy, we’ve got the perfect slip-on styles for you! 

Slip-on styles are great for styling any outfit. Just like kitten styles, these are a great staple that you will find yourself rotating on a daily to weekly basis from work to weekend and evening wear. 

Is there anything more you could ask from a pair of heels? 

They aren’t something that gets rotated regularly in your wardrobe, but with a pair of slip-on heels, you will find yourself wearing heels more often than not.

Just like a kitten style, slip-on styles can work with your favourite jeans on weekends. They also pair up nicely with your hottest dresses for girls’ nights out and of course a quick slip-on shoe for days out of the office, the perfect accompaniment for when you are rushing out the door. 



  • Strappy Stilettos



Strappy sandal stiletto heels are the perfect accompaniment to your summer wardrobe! Our strappy styles can be worn throughout the warmer months dressed up or casually; you will keep our strappy stilettos rotating all season long! Our stiletto styles come in a range of heights from low, mid and high. 

You’ll surely find the perfect height just for you, so if comfort is at the forefront of your mind, then why not try a low or mid-height over high stiletto heels? 

These are perfect for those long day-into-night events where you need to ensure you will be standing in comfort. Look great and feel great in our sandal stiletto heels, the perfect accompaniment to your summer outfit! 



  • Shapes & Fun Colours



Wildfire’s heels come in a range of stylish shapes and styles, these styles are right on trend this season so do yourself a favour and grab yourself a pair today! Find the perfect heel shape just for you; in the block, kitten style stiletto, cake stand or slim block, we have whatever shape and style you’re looking for. 

Or why not have a play with some colour? Add a pop of colour to a plain, monochrome outfit, or simply complement an outfit with colour, the perfect accompaniment for summer! 

With the warmer weather well and truly set in, why not stray away from blacks and add some colour to your summer wardrobe, bold whites, neutral nudes or pastel greens, blues and pinks.

Fun and quirky heel shapes and bright, bold colours are right on trend, so don’t be afraid to have fun with your wardrobe and your heels are a great place to start. Wildfire is here to help you find the heels just for you!


We hope we’ve broadened your imagination to show you all the great ways you can style your outfits with a pair of heels. We want you to feel like you can dress up any everyday outfit by just adding a pair of Wildfire shoes

Experiment with colour, styles and heights and grab yourself a few pairs to add to your shoe-drobe. Do keep them rotating all season long, our heels will also transition nicely into the cooler months, so don’t put them away just yet! 

Wildfire’s newest heels collection makes a subtle nod to the 90s. We are obsessing over these modern takes on the throwback platform heels.


Now that we’ve shown you how to style these into your wardrobe don’t wait another minute, get yourself some Wildfire heels now!