Ways to Wear Summer Heels This Season!

Have more fun styling your summer heels with Wildfire! Are you looking for new and exciting ways to wear your new shoes?


Well, we can help you get sorted out super soon! Our summer heels are oh-so-easy to match with any outfit, and we’re going to prove it! Besides, we’ve also got an array of accessories at Wildfire that you can use to add the finishing touch to your look. So, let us help you cobble together the ultimate outfit combination with a new set of summer heels. We’ll get 2020 off to an excellent start for you.


Dress them up with formal and party wear


We’re starting with the most natural way first! When you get summer heels from Wildfire, you can start pairing them with your favourite formal clothes instantly. Parties, weddings, festivals, and other events are always prime settings for our summer heels, and they’ll never look out of place! So, feel free to take these out with formal wear whenever.


Dress your styles down 


Typically, you’d see most people wearing platforms at formal events with cute party clothes. However, this season we’ve seen heaps of people coupling summer heels with items from their daily wardrobe. The added elegance creates a way for you to wear your best-loved causal clothes to a special occasion.

If you want to try this look, then you should try some short block-based summer heels (or mules) with a denim skirt and a crop top. You can feel comfy and create a modern, trendy look at the same time.


Try yours with earrings


Sometimes, a simple set of summer heels is the best. While it’s tempting to grab a pair, you find eye-catching and memorable, subtle designs are the most versatile ones. Cocktail-style summer heels with simple ankle and toe bands are one example. They’re enduring classics and a leading choice for New Year’s Eve, work parties, weddings, and other celebrations. If you’d like to dress these up, then we recommend some statement earrings. You can match summer heels in any shade with your pick of earrings. You’ll add a sweet finishing to touch to your look and orchestrate perfections from head-to-toe.


Include an animal print


There are two main ways to spin this look, so we’ll go through them both. First, you can choose summer heels with leopard or snakeskin patterned material and model the rest of your look around them. Our spotted hair accessories and scaly clutches will look lovely with our summer heels.

Second, you could choose block-colour styles and add the pattern on your clothing instead. You can mix-and-match items to accessorise with your summer heels, but remember to maintain the same tone or shapes so that they complement each other instead of looking higgledy-piggledy.


Add some extra support 


The best way to wear your summer heels this season is to wear them comfortably. At Wildfire, we’ve got a whole category dedicated to our foot care products, and any of them could help you last longer and feel better. You might adore summer heels in all styles, but feel sceptical about your ability to endure a night of dancing in tall or skinny platforms. But, with our inserts and innersoles, you can stop stressing!

These fabric or gel inserts sit on the base of your shoes, providing another layer of cushioning and shock absorption. Forget about your worries and dance all night with our innersoles in your newest summer heels.


How will you wear your pair? 


Grab a set of our summer heels today, and you can start trialling some of our tips. Wildfire shoes will make every day incredible for you this season!