Wear These Formal Shoes Again and Again!

Is your formal coming up and you need a new pair of shoes for it? Or do you have a special event that requires you to wear formal shoes? Whatever the occasion may be, the team here at Wildfire have got your formal shoes sorted. Our range of footwear can get styled with any outfit to ensure that you look classy, sophisticated, and flawless all night long.


Your special day is never complete without a stylish pair of formal shoes. If you are keen to find out more, then keep on reading. Wildfire has everything you need when it comes to finding the perfect pair of formal shoes, girl! 


Style 1 – Boots


Try something new with our range of boots. A set of boots are the perfect pair of formal shoes to wear to your special event. These kicks come in various styles and designs, so you will never be stuck on whether these are the right fit for you. 


Our range of boots is sure to keep you looking flawless from morning until night. We love to style a set of formal shoes with a gorgeous dress, especially if they are a pair of thigh-high boots. 


Channel your inner Ari (aka Ariana Grande) with a set of thigh-high boots. These are the perfect set of formal shoes for you to wear on your special night. You can show off your unique look all night long and watch how quickly all eyes turn to you. 


If you feel like wearing a set of boots without drawing attention to your formal shoes, all you have to do is switch from thigh-high boots to a pair of knee-high pumps. Then, the attention will be back on the dress, and your knee-high boots will blend into the background. There are too many options to choose from when styling a pair of these formal shoes, sis! 


Style 2 – Block Heels 


Say hello to our favourite pair of formal shoes. That's right, and we are talking about block heels. These are the perfect set of formal dress shoes for any special event. You will feel on top of the world on your special night when you wear a set of block heels. 


The best part about these formal shoes is that they come in plenty of designs and colours. You will feel spoiled for choice in our range of block heels. If you are looking for a unique style of formal shoes, you are sure to find them in our range of block heels. 


Whether you have a pair of cake-stand pumps or kitten heels, your outfit will be complete when styled with these kicks. However, if you are looking for a set of formal shoes that are bright and colourful, a set of block heels are perfect for you. 


You can find fluorescent- or pastel-coloured pumps right here at Wildfire. You will fall head over heels in love when you lay your eyes on these formal shoes, girl! 


Style 3 – Stilettos


Take your look to the higher level on your special night with our range of stilettos. These formal shoes are not for the faint-hearted. You would have to be a professional with a heel this high when walking in these pumps. 


Stilettos are a classic style of formal shoes that every girl needs in their wardrobe. These pumps are never going out of fashion, so you can stock up on your favourite pairs of stilettos and wear them again and again. If you choose to wear a pair of stilettos as your formal shoes, you must select the perfect design that will match your men's formal shoes. 


Whether it is a set of glitter and jewelled pumps, or a gorgeous strappy design of stilettos, you can be sure to look incredible from head to toe in these formal shoes. Your night will feel extra special when you rock a set of these pumps! 


Style 4 – Canvas Sneakers 


Do you love to wear a pair of comfortable formal shoes to special events? If you are nodding your head yes, then you are in luck. Our range of canvas sneakers is sure to tickle your fancy for your next special event. 


There are plenty of girl's who prefer to wear a set of comfortable kicks over a painful pair of pumps. If you wear this style of footwear, then you will love how stylish they look when paired with your special outfit. Whether it is a dress, pantsuit, or playsuit, your pair of canvas sneakers will tie the look together. 


Become a trendsetter with this look, and stay comfortable all night long for your big night. Our favourite style of canvas sneakers to wear to a special event is an all-white design. These formal shoes will look perfect when styled with your chosen outfit, girl! 


Style 5 – Wedges


Who would have thought that comfort and style could blend into one? Well, we are here to show you exactly how it can get done. All you need to do is invest in a set of wedges. These new arrivals ​heels will become your new favourite pair of formal shoes in no time, sis!


Wedges offer a thick and levelled base so you can feel comfortable and supported all night long. These formal shoes look best when styled with a flowy maxi dress. This look can give you a boost of heel height without compromising your style. This will surely match your men's dress shoes like oxford shoes or derby shoes.


These formal shoes can get worn again after your special night thanks to their high level of durability. We cannot get enough of these pumps!    


Style 6 – Platform Slides


If you thought slides were a casual style of footwear, you are bound to get surprised by our latest range of platform slides. These kicks can double as a pair of casual footwear and a set of formal shoes. 


The added height you can get when wearing a pair of platform slides is what makes these formal shoes so much better. You can feel sophisticated and classy all night long in your set of platform slides. These are the formal shoes that not many girls would reach for, but once you style them with your favourite outfit, you will be obsessed! 


So get your hands on a pair of platform slides today and watch how quickly your day gets that much better, girl! 


Get Yourself a Pair of Gorgeous Formal Shoes That Can Last You Longer Than One Night!


There is no better feeling than spoiling yourself with a new pair of formal shoes for your special night. It feels even better knowing that you can wear these kicks again and again. So get your hands on a stylish collection of formal shoes today by heading to the Wildfire shop website, girl!


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