Wedding Shoe Tips and Tricks

Some brides leave shopping for wedding shoes until the very last minute, thinking it's as easy as dropping by a store, trying one pair, and paying. Sadly, that is not the case. 


So much planning goes into shopping because this footwear plays a massive role in ensuring you are comfortable on your wedding day—the biggest day of your life.


And since we don't want to add more stress to your growing list of to-dos, we're giving you tips and tricks regarding these special shoes. 


These are simple guidelines to consider when choosing the design and style of your wedding shoes. Wildfire has an excellent collection that you will like. You'll soon forget the Bella Belle styles you were browsing earlier!


The best thing about Wildfire's wedding shoes is that they are versatile and comfortable; you'll want to wear them repeatedly after the big day. So if you're ready, the Wildfire team is here to start!


Tip 1—Find Your Wedding Dress Before Shopping for the Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes


While it's tempting to grab the pair you fell in love with at first sight, it's best to hold off buying what you think are the most comfortable wedding shoes before you find your wedding dress. 


Instead, choose a pair of bridal footwear that complements your attire in theme, colour, style, and embellishments.


For instance, a short wedding dress is in itself a significant statement accessory, adding elegance and glam to your look. On the one hand, a full-length wedding gown will cover your footwear, so they're less visible.


Tip 2—Don't Settle for White


Sometimes, even modern brides choose their shoes as their "something blue." Gone are the days when white was the only colour brides chose for their wedding shoes. 


Modern times have allowed them to let go of that notion and choose shoes with colour.


The bridal heels collection at Wildfire is available in ten colours: black, blue, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, silver, vanilla, and white.


If you decide to use the blue pair, please expect many compliments. It has a closed-toe design topped with a diamante bow. 


In addition, the ankle strap available on this style will ensure you can walk down the aisle, dance all night, and mingle with people without worrying about leaving them around the venue, ala Cinderella.


One thing that may concern a modern bride is the stiletto heel of this style. Stilettos are uncomfortable at first and will alter your balance. (A low heel is better on the dance floor!)


However, heel stoppers, grips, and gel cushions help ease your experience. If you can't stay on your feet for hours in stilettos, we suggest choosing a different shoe style from the Wildfire line. 


Tip 3—Assess the Height You're Comfortable Wearing


As with the colour debate, the time when heels were the only acceptable shoes has long gone. Some brides wear flats over bridal heels because they prioritise their comfort, which is an essential factor to consider, knowing you'll be on your feet for hours. 


But if you prefer to wear heels, no one will stop you. Besides, shoes with block heels add some centimetres to your height without discomfort.


You will love block heels because they distribute your weight evenly, relieving pressure from the balls of your feet, legs, and lower back. 


These comfortable wedding shoes are in low or high heels, so you must consider a few factors. For instance, how tall is your groom?


The answer to this question is "significant" if you want to leave a sizeable height difference  between you two. Whether flat, low, or high, you're the boss regarding your bridal heels. It's your special day, so do what will make it more memorable.


Tip 4—Consider the Venue and the Season


Did you know that venue, weather, and season also affect your choice of wedding shoes? So pick the appropriate one for your big day's location and season.


When you decide to get married outdoors—beach, garden, backyard—you must consider what style of wedding shoes best fits those circumstances. 


Choose either flats or block heels. Avoid wearing stilettos if you plan on getting married outdoors because they will get stuck in soil, sand, or pavement cracks.


You also need to factor in the season. After all, you can't get married in the winter wearing open-toed sandals because you might freeze. Instead, heeled boots or pumps are the styles of wedding shoes you can consider during the colder months. 


Tip 5—Practice Walking in Your Bridal Shoes


Never wear your bridal shoes for the first time on the day you get married because you will need a lot of plasters. 


Also, blisters are not what you'll want on your big day, so break in your bridal shoes and practice walking them on floors like those at your venue so you're ready for the day.


To break in your wedding shoes, wear thick socks as you walk around the house so they will mould into a comfortable shape for your feet. 


If you want to hasten the process, wear thick socks with the footwear and blow dry the constricted areas. This process will expand and mould it to the shape of your feet.


Tip 6—Have a Plan B in Place


It's always good to keep spare footwear if the first one breaks or becomes the wrong choice. So why not wear two kinds of wedding shoes on your big day?


You can wear heels during the ceremony, then change into flats when the reception rolls in. This way, you will wear the most comfortable bridal shoes, which will help you have the best time!


Tip 7—Think of Matching Accessories


Decide which one you prefer as your accent piece—the wedding shoes or accessories. If one has more embellishments, the other should have less. 


How about a clutch bag to complement your perfect pair of beautiful shoes? It would help if you had a small bag to hold your essentials.


May These Tips Make Your Planning Easier!


We've got tips and tricks to make the big day more manageable. First, choose any style of wedding shoes from Wildfire. You'll also need a few pairs of bridesmaid shoes and matching pairs available for any wedding guest for the wedding party!


Next, consider shopping for bridal shoes online for your engagement party outfit on our website.


You may also head to the nearest retailer. Either way, you can use the flexible payment systems to buy now and pay later.