Wedding Shoes For Every Bride!

If wedding shoes are on your shopping list, then you’ve come to the right place!


We know there’s pressure to find the right style, but Wildfire is here to simplify things.


Here are the basics:


Heels are the obvious choice for wedding shoes, and we’ve got plenty waiting for you! These glamorous styles instantly elevate any look, so brides, bridesmaids, and other guests will always find their perfect pairing from this collection. If you need to add a final touch of formality and elegance to your look, then heels are the wedding shoes to do it.


Our thinly-heeled styles are the perfect match for dresses with lightweight or flowing material. Block heels are a big, bold, and a great fashion statement. Each of our bridal designs comes with unique décor, from faux suede fabric to lines of glitter. Whichever of our styles that you prefer, you’re sure to get a gorgeous set of wedding shoes from Wildfire.


Now, here are four hot tips for choosing wedding shoes!


1) Keep your comfort in mind


While it’s essential that you select wedding shoes that look good, your overall enjoyment of the ceremony and festivities (before and after) is dependent on how well your wedding shoes treat you. After all, who wants to spend their time at the reception seated on the sidelines because of sore feet? When you pick wedding shoes, make sure you consider how much support they’re going to give your feet, and how easily you’ll be able to move around in them.


2) Pick the right height for your wedding shoes


Wildfire has several different heel styles, ranging from short kitten heels to sky-high stilettos. So, when you’re selecting your wedding shoes, make sure to think about which will suit you best. If you’re a heel expert and used to spending your days in them, then you should have no issues with our mid-high or taller styles. A higher heel can also save you the trouble of adjusting your hemline in a long dress. However, ladies with less experience may want to choose lower ones for their wedding shoes.


3) Consider the venue before selecting your heels


One thing that can radically change your idea of ideal wedding shoes is the setting where the Big Day gets held. Thin stilettos may be the most glamorous option on offer, but they’re hardly the most practical if you have to go outdoors. Even long carpets or cobbled pathways can be a daunting task for wedding shoes with slender platforms. If you know you’re heading outdoors for the ceremony, it’s probably best to get something with a thicker base. Block heels and wedges are better-suited to uneven surfaces, after all. It might be worth checking if the venue has seating as well— if you know you’ll have to be on your feet the whole time, then wedding shoes with a super steep incline may not work.


4) Pack a spare pair


Who says you’re limited to a single set of wedding shoes? If you’re worried about lasting the entire day in your high heels, but still want to be towering tall in your photographs, then pack flats! At Wildfire, we have gorgeous slides that would make a great back-up pair of wedding shoes. These flats come with cool oversized buckles and crossover styles for an extra element of style. Once all the official photography is done, or you’re ready to retire your stilettos, you can switch out your wedding shoes and keep partying!


Which pair of wedding shoes will you take home?


Find your prime pick and bring out your wild side on the Big Day!