Wedding Shoes for Not Just the Bride, But the Bridesmaids Too!

Planning for your big day is challenging, so you need the people closest to you to help in every possible way. They are the same people who will be part of your bridal party, your bridesmaids. 


If you need to be comfortable on your big day, so will your bridesmaids, as they will be working hard to ensure you have a memorable celebration. So naturally, you'd want them to feel special! 


Face it, an elegant wedding gown and bridesmaids' dresses that sparkle aren't always the most comfortable outfits to wear on the wedding day!


Because of this, everyone needs Wildfire wedding shoes that are comfortable, stylish, and versatile. Wearing these will allow them to fulfil their duties while having fun and remaining pain-free.


We want to help ease your stress by helping you find the wedding shoes that brides and bridesmaids worldwide love to wear


Our team at Wildfire will help you determine the considerations you need when choosing the bridal shoes for your wedding party. So, if you're ready, let's start!


1. Do bridesmaids need matching footwear?


Since your bridesmaids are already wearing matching dresses, matching wedding footwear is optional. However, if you want cohesiveness across the board, the best way to do that is by having them wear the same colour but varying styles suitable for their taste. 


Some bridesmaids can wear open-toed wedding shoes, while others can choose pumps. Styling them this way hits two birds with one stone: it adds more appeal to the look and makes everyone in the bridal party happy.


2. What colour should I choose for everyone?


Colour has been a topic of debate regarding wedding shoes. Before, everyone expected brides to wear white, while bridesmaids could wear any colour they wanted except white. 


That is not the case now for wedding shoes. Instead, brides can choose whatever they feel complements their theme, while they can choose the colour that matches the bridesmaids' dresses.


If you checkout Wildfire's bridal heels collection, you can choose any of the ten gorgeous colours available: black, blue, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, silver, vanilla, and white. 


When choosing the colour of your bridesmaid shoes, consider their usability beyond your special event. For example, can they wear them again for other occasions?


We'd recommend natural-coloured bridal heels because they complement various colours, including your motif, and would be easy to match for future use. Metallics like gold and silver are also good choices because they add glamour to your bridal party's outfits.


3. How do I choose the height of their footwear?


Consider it as you would when choosing your most comfortable wedding shoes: always prioritise your comfort. As mentioned, colour is the best aspect for cohesion. If they can find styles in the same colour, height won't matter as much.


Some prefer wearing flats as their wedding shoes since formal styles have stunning embellishments. They can also opt for low or high heels, depending on what they can endure for long periods.


Wildfire has a collection for low and high that will have your bridal party drooling with excitement. We can guarantee comfortable wedding shoes, especially those with block heels.


Wedding shoes with block heels guarantee people will maintain their balance and avoid toppling forwards while walking down the aisle. In addition, the broad, thick heel will save everyone from pain and discomfort because it distributes weight evenly. 


Steer clear of stilettos for now, especially if your venue is outdoors.


4. Should I consider the where and when?


Yes, you must! Ensure that the bridal shoes will work with the location and the season. Stilettos aren't fabulous for beaches or garden locations, while common sense dictates avoiding open-toed styles during the winter. 


Choose a perfect pair based on the venue and date to ensure everyone's comfortable and stable the entire time.


5. Are accessories essential?


Accessories are another way to add cohesion to everyone's looks, aside from the wedding shoes. So why not use shopping for accessories as an excuse to get the entire bridal party together and bond?


Please remember that they are people from different aspects of your life, so some won't know others. Also, your bridesmaids must be comfortable with each other because they will spend a lot of time together.


In choosing accessories, they must complement the bridal shoes. Check out the available clutches at Wildfire for ideas since the bride and bridesmaids need to put their stuff somewhere. As for jewellery, keep it simple if the wedding shoes are embellished, and vice versa. You must only have one accent piece, so it won't look crowded.


6. Do you have tips on how to keep everyone comfortable?


Some of your bridesmaids might prefer to wear bridal shoes with heels, so here are some things they need to remain comfortable for long hours.


  • Remind your bridesmaids to practise walking in their heels to break them in; it's best to practise on the same floor as the venue.

  • Gel cushions are a game changer because they relieve pressure from the balls of your feet. Heeled wedding shoes, especially stilettos, change your balance somehow because of the added height. People naturally walk barefoot, so an incline may cause discomfort to those not used to wearing heels.

  • Heel grips are the best way to keep the feet from sliding around the wedding shoes. More importantly, they protect the heels from constant rubbing that may cause blisters and pain.

  • Heel stoppers are ideal for wedding shoes with stilettos to protect them from breaking and sinking into soft surfaces.

  • After wearing heels, remind your bridal party to soak their feet in water for around 20 minutes to soothe the muscles. It's best to spend the next day barefoot or in flats to allow your feet to rest after wearing wedding shoes.


Wishing You All the Best!


These tips will help you find the best wedding shoes for you and your bridesmaids. Then, tag everyone along when you head to the nearest Wildfire retailer or shop for bridal shoes online, and turn the shopping experience into a bonding activity. 


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