Wedding Shoes on a Budget That Still Look the Part? Come to Wildfire!

Congratulations are in order! You’re here, likely because you are getting married soon and searching for budget-friendly wedding shoes that will still look stunning on your big day! You came to the right place because Wildfire has all your needs.


We understand the stress of planning for your big day, so we’re here to help where we can. Wildfire wedding shoes are famous for giving designer brands a run for their money without the hefty price tag. Why stress over budget when you can have something equally suitable for a reasonable price?


Brides must oversee everything, including venue, food, guestlist, wedding dress, the bridal party, hair and makeup, and bridal shoes. And since we don’t want to see you transform into a bridezilla soon, allow our team from Wildfire to help.


Wildfire takes pride in its collection of wedding shoes that won’t break the bank. The options will make you feel beautiful and radiant without stressing your budget. Let’s explain why you should come to Wildfire for your wedding footwear. Let’s begin!


How affordable are Wildfire wedding shoes?


Having reasonably priced options is why ladies come to Wildfire for their wedding shoes. Budget is a critical consideration, and you don’t want to spend much of it on footwear. Check out the heel collection at Wildfire to confirm that the options will not exceed your budget. The five price ranges are $0-$20, $20-$30, $30-$40, $40-$50, and $50+.


Combine that with the brand’s flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later. This way, you can plan your expenses and not go over budget. And one more tip to help our beloved bride—consider online shopping because Wildfire has discount coupons and vouchers for online consumers. You’ll hit two birds with one stone because you’ll get your wedding shoes at a lower price, which will be delivered to your doorstep without hassle!


Now, let’s go through each price range to help you find an exquisite pair of Wildfire wedding shoes. You can check out the various options and decide which one’s best for you.


1. $0-$20


The options under this range come in four colours: black, pink, purple, and white. You’re likely wondering why we suggested other shades for your wedding shoes. Wearing bridal shoes in colours aside from white is now a thing. Gone are the days when the only acceptable wedding shoes were white. The styles are all open-toed and strappy, with the lowest heel height at 7 cm. Are you willing to spend hours on your feet in high heels, or do you prefer to check out other options?


From this set, we recommend Linda in pink. These strappy wedding shoes have block heels and a square-toe design, perfect for an outdoor spring or summer event. You can control the fit and create a sexy silhouette on your legs with the self-tie strap.


2. $20-$30


The $20-$30 range has more options, including open and closed-toe wedding footwear. If you’re not too keen on exposing your feet, you can choose the closed-toe styles. These bridal shoes are platform heels, standing at 13 cm. You might be shocked at the height, so contemplate your choice.


Platform heels are famous for their staggering height, but with block heels at the back, giving stability and weight distribution, and platform soles in front, which reduce the painful incline, these shoes are not as intimidating as they seem.


Ariana is a limited edition platform for wedding shoes from Wildfire. The closed-toe design is a showstopper that stays securely on your feet via the buckled ankle straps. While these are excellent options, consider your partner’s height because you might end up way taller than them.


3. $30-$40


This price range gives brides more options for height. As mentioned, only some are comfortable wearing tall wedding shoes. Others prefer a subtle lift without compromising on comfort. You have some low-heeled wedding footwear in the $30-$40 range.


Low heels typically stand at 2.5-5.5 cm, an ideal height that keeps you stable and near the ground. Please always remember to prioritise your comfort above everything. You’ll be standing, walking in your wedding gown, mingling with your special wedding guest, and dancing on the dance floor for hours on your big day, so you need wedding shoes to help you.


Tess is a pair of strappy Wildfire low heels. These wedding shoes feature short block heels and straps, creating a modern visual interest. A trendy toe band and zigzagging straps combine for a nice accent look.


4. $40-$50


The $40-$50 range comprises black and natural-coloured open-toed low heels. Choose between kitten or block heels for your bridal heels. Kitten heels are like stilettos with their thin, narrow heels, except that kittens are shorter and tapered. Meanwhile, block heels are thick and broad, providing stability and distributing your weight evenly.


Choose block heels for your wedding shoes if the venue is outdoors because they do not get caught on pavement cracks and do not sink in soft ground like soil or sand. If the ground is not a problem, go with your prefered aesthetics, as both are comfortable for long hours.


Tangled is a textured kitten heel from the Wildfire collection. The two braided top traps will start a conversation and have everyone shower you with compliments.


5. $50+


This price range has the most options, comprising all kinds of heels at Wildfire. With eleven colours, narrowing down your choices can be tricky. Clear wedding shoes are a thing. But if you still want to retain the traditional practice of wearing white, we have the perfect wedding shoes for you.


Choose Hitched, an aptly named option from Wildfire. These online-exclusive wedding shoes feature block heels, a buckled ankle strap, and a band of glimmering diamantes across the toes. Boost comfort, style, and glam on your wedding day!


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