Wedding Shoes Perfect for Both the Ceremony and Reception

Planning for your big day entails overseeing everything. The list of things you must accomplish gets longer daily. You should prioritise your wedding shoes first. Some brides wait until everything's in order before shopping for their footwear. And that's where the problem starts. 


Doing it near the event gives you little time to search thoroughly. Some brides end up with a pair of wedding shoes they have to make do with. It's time to correct that mistake now. Your bridal shoes must be at the top of your agenda; start thinking about them after deciding on the date, venue, and theme.


Your bridal shoes are essential because they depend on how you enjoy your wedding day. If they hurt and don't fit right, you will suffer the consequences, and it will be hard to mask them. Can you imagine spending hours on your ceremony and reception in pain? 


Let's keep your special day happy, cosy, and pretty with wedding shoes that are perfect for long days. With several brands offering options, you must be critical when choosing. Find the brand that ladies have been raving about. Let us make the work easier for you—choose Wildfire!


Wildfire wedding shoes make the planning, preparation, and big day effortless for brides. With stylish and cosy options for the ceremony and reception, you have nothing to worry about on your special day. Let's learn more about the various bridal shoes!


Style 1—Heels


While wearing heels intimidates several brides, there are options perfect for your big day. At Wildfire, eight subcategories exist, and you can choose your bridal heels from any of them. Since they have unique features, you should consider the characteristics you require. Do you like height? Are you more comfortable with thick or thin bases? Should your wedding shoes be closed or open toes? These are some of the things you must think of before deciding. Let us enlighten you on some of the considerations so you can decide. 


Styles Based on Height


Brides base their height decision on several factors, the top of which concerns their partners. If their partners are tall, brides will likely choose staggering wedding shoes for minimal height difference. Another consideration is the bride's comfort. Some ladies prefer to be closer to the ground, so they opt for short ones. 


Thankfully, Wildfire has platform heels and short ones that offer tall and short options. Both groups consider comfort to be a selling point, reassuring brides that they will remain cosy whether they go for high or low. Bonsai platform heels are excellent options when you want to add several centimetres. Despite a heel height of 11.5cm and a platform height of 2cm, these wedding shoes will ease you through your ceremony and reception.


Styles Based on Thickness


Stability is vital on the big day. Brides must base the thickness of their wedding shoes on their safety. Footwear with broad bases or block heels is usually the automatic choice for most ladies because they distribute your weight evenly. These bridal shoes ensure you can walk steadily and with good balance during the ceremony and reception, and they also remove the strain that usually comes with wearing heels. 


While stilettos are gorgeous and will make your photos look amazing, they are harder to walk in. Wedding shoes with thin, narrow heels put all the pressure on the balls of the feet, altering the balance and causing pain. Some ladies lasted two hours at the most before requesting a footwear change. So, please consider these scenarios before deciding on your footwear.


We have excellent choices from the block heels and stiletto collections at Wildfire. Cassia stands out effortlessly. These wedding shoes offer stability and support via block heels and adjustable ankle straps. But the highlight is the diamante-covered top straps woven together to create a dazzling accent. If you want seamless beauty and comfort, Cassia has them!


Styles Based on Toe Boxes


Weather and season are also factors to consider when deciding on your bridal shoes. Is the wedding day during the summer or winter? Do you prefer to expose your toes or not? 


Getting married in the summer means you need ventilation to keep your feet fresh and dry. Open-toed wedding shoes are the best option. Air can get through, and you can showcase your sexy feet. Usual styles often feature delicate straps, intricate embellishments, or other details that complement your wedding gown beautifully. Meanwhile, winter occasions need coverage and warmth, so closed options are necessary.


Wildfire's vast collection of wedding shoes includes both. However, most closed-toe heels are pointy, so you will need a few days to break them in and practice. Unlike open-toes, round, or square shapes, pointed wedding shoes can squeeze in toes and affect comfort and balance. 


The online-exclusive Hitched heels are the perfect open-toed wedding shoes during warm months. Available in traditional white, Hitched is your outfit's final piece. With its block heels and buckled ankle support, you can ensure comfort during the ceremony and reception. Style-wise, these beautiful shoes will be the talk of the event. The band of glittering diamantes will sparkle, creating magic for the bride and those around her!


Style 2—Heeled Boots


Heels are just one of many options for wedding shoes. As previously mentioned, the weather and season are vital considerations when choosing the perfect one. If you prefer something other than Wildfire's pointed heels, the collection of heeled boots is an excellent alternative. Since boots provide more coverage and warmth, they are ideal wedding shoes for brides getting married in freezing temperatures. Most heeled boots at Wildfire come with block heels, so stability and balance won't be a concern. Choose from ankle, long, or knee-high and squared or rounded options.


The Mimic-heeled boots will ensure you get through the ceremony and reception in style and comfort. Walk down the aisle confidently as these bridal shoes make every step stable with their levelled sole composed of a chunky platform and block heel.


Find Your Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes at Wildfire!


Purchase your perfect pair of bridal shoes online at Wildfire to complement your wedding dress. These excellent options are perfect for hour-long occasions, from chatting with your wedding guest at the reception to dancing on the dance floor with your groom. A modern bride like you will feel comfortable and relaxed in our shoes throughout the ceremony and wedding party. Head to the nearest retail store or online shop now!