Wedding Shoes that are Perfect for Brides and Bridesmaids

Congratulations are in order because you likely got engaged and are planning for the big day. You're looking for wedding shoes you and your bridesmaids can wear on your special day.


We understand that this whole planning process can be overwhelming and take a toll, so to ease your worries, we'd like to remove one task from your overflowing to-do list. 


Some brides beg off buying wedding shoes for themselves and the entourage until the last minute, thinking they are not a top priority, but that is a misconception. 


They are the footwear the bridal party will wear for hours. So how can you enjoy the day-until-night affair if you're wearing painful wedding shoes?


And we haven't even started on the pictures! Everyone will be taking pictures of you and your bridesmaids, so everyone should be in their best and most comfortable states the entire time. Are you still considering buying shoes until the last minute? Hopefully not.


So, please allow our team at Wildfire to help you go through different shoe concerns to give you enough time to consider everyone's preferences and still have time to practise your bridal walk.


1. Should I wear open-toe or closed-toe wedding shoes?


The season and weather are the first things to consider when deciding between closed and open-toe. Closed-toe shoes are best for ceremonies in the fall or winter. But how can you walk down the aisle gracefully if your exposed toes have frozen in the cold?


Also, consider the comfort of your bridal party when choosing the wedding shoes for them, as they will do the same things you will (even more)—going down the aisle, entertaining guests, running errands for you, dancing, standing, and mingling.


Have you ever consideredboots as your wedding shoes? It's possible, and many others have done it, especially in freezing weather. 


Not only will these shoes keep you warm and stylish, but they will also keep you steady, stable, dry, and protected. In addition, most Wildfire boots come with block heels, which is a comfortable choice.


On the one hand, if you're getting married in the summer or spring, go for open-toed shoes for more breathability. On the other hand, most of the open-toe bridal heels at Wildfire are heeled sandals. Some come with ankle straps for more security.


When you choose open-toed shoes for you and your bridesmaids, you must get a pedicure for your exposed toes. So why not get your pedicures done at the same time? It will be a good bonding activity for everyone, especially if some bridesmaids meet the others for the first time.


2. What kind of heel should the wedding shoes have?


Always prioritise comfort when choosing the bridal heels everyone will wear for hours. The most comfortable wedding shoes available nowadays are a pair of block heels.


 These thick, broad heels distribute your weight evenly, relieving pressure from the balls of your feet, legs, and lower back. Choose these comfortable wedding shoes so there won't be any sign of discomfort that will ruin your big day.


The extraordinary thing about block heels is they come in low or high, so you can personalise which ones your bridal party prefers. Wildfire has exquisite styles higher than 7 cm if some are more comfortable with high-heeled shoes. 


On the one hand, if they prefer a lower heel, there are choices with a height of 2.5–5 cm. On the other hand, please ensure that everyone brings their shoes to the final fitting so the adjustments on the hems of the dresses will correspond to the height of the footwear.


3. Are flats acceptable and appropriate wedding shoes?


The answer is a resounding yes. For starters, it's your event, so you can do what you want. There are no strict rules regarding wedding shoes. Again, the priority here is that you and your bridesmaids feel comfortable! 


Besides, with a long wedding dress, who will see what you've got on underneath?


What makes flats unacceptable if a modern bride and groom opt for sneakers on their wedding day? 


The wedding flat shoe options have improved over the years, so go for the ones that will make you feel good during your wedding ceremony! But, of course, you must consider your partner's height and adjust your footwear accordingly.


4. Is the colour of the wedding shoes limited to white only?


Gone are the days brides had to wear white wedding shoes that sparkle. Instead, some prefer to make footwear their accent piece and sync it with their theme or motif. 


One of the oldest traditions brides follow on their big day is to wear something blue, which you can do with your bridal shoes. In addition, you can choose complementary colours for your bridesmaid shoes, which should match the colour of their dresses.


You can check out bridal heels at Wildfire! The collection of wedding shoes comes in ten colours: black, blue, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, silver, vanilla (ivory), and white. 


If you want to stray away from white, choose from the other nine colours for you and your bridesmaids. Some brides have been wearing clear bridal shoes, so consider that option!


5. Should I practice wearing my bridal shoes?


Please do, especially if they have heels, so you can get used to walking confidently in them. It's best to practise walking in your bridal shoes on floors like the venue to get a feel for the big day. Advise your bridesmaids to do the same. 


We don't want any mishaps or accidental slips on the wedding party. So walk around the house in your chosen footwear, even while doing chores, to build muscle memory and walk like an expert on your wedding day.


Create Lasting Memories on Your Big Day—With the Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes!


Wedding shoes will play a massive role in keeping you and your bridesmaids comfortable on your special day! So bring everyone with you as you head to the nearest shop or the online store! Ensure everyone will have a grand time by getting them from Wildfire.


Shopping for a perfect pair of bridal and bridesmaid shoes on the Wildfire? Fantastic! A wide selection of bridal shoes online will surely make them feel special. From classic styles of beautiful shoes comparable with those of the Bella Belle brand (and other brands, for that matter!) to high and low heels and many more, you can select the style that perfectly finishes off your bridal and bridesmaid outfit.


You can find the perfect fit of bridal shoes that complement your wedding gown and provide all-day comfort, making them perfect to wear at the reception, on the dance floor, and entertaining a very special wedding guest, perhaps. Remember to pick up a coordinating bag for the special occasion.