Wedding Shoes That Are Simple, Stylish, and Elegant

Congratulations are in order! You are probably here because you are looking for the perfect pair of wedding shoes for your big day! Do you have a specific look in mind?


There are a lot of available wedding shoes at Wildfire, which are all simple, stylish, and elegant. You deserve the best and most comfortable pair because you will be standing, walking, mingling, and dancing for hours.


This day is a celebration of love, so expect hours of partying! Are your feet ready?


We know that there are several things on your mind right now with the planning aspects. Settle at least one critical part: your bridal shoes.


There's no room for looks of pain and discomfort, so as your fairy godparents, the team at Wildfire would like to help you with your wedding shoes. Pictures would capture stolen moments throughout your big day, and we'd like to ensure that what they take are photos that have you smiling and laughing.


Footwear is essential for looking like the blushing bride you are, smiling and comfortable throughout the event. We suggest you buy your bridal shoes a few days (or weeks) before the event to give you enough time to break them in and practise.


At Wildfire, all wedding shoes are simple, stylish, and elegant, apart from being comfortable, versatile, and affordable.


Here's a rundown to make planning for your special day a breeze!


Simple Bridal Shoes


If you're looking for a way to keep your wedding shoes simple and minimalist, one way to do that is to consider the colour of your footwear. The collection of bridal shoes available at Wildfire comes in nine different colours. These colours are black, blue, clear, gold, natural, pink, silver, vanilla, and white.


What's the colour motif of your big day? First, of course, you will notice vibrant colours aside from the traditional white bridal shoes. But if you want to remain simple, choose a white colour or even clear ones, so you'll feel like Cinderella with her glass slippers with the perfect fit.


Stylish But Complements Your Wedding Dress


We will present two specific categories you must review to select a stylish pair of wedding shoes to go well with your wedding gown for your big day. In addition, we will share the heel types and styles available for Wildfire shoes! Since there are a lot of choices, you must narrow down the list of what you want to prioritise, mainly if you aim for comfort on your special day.


Heel Type


You will need foot support because you will spend hours standing, mingling, walking, and dancing. The type of bridal shoes you choose is one way to ensure you'll have the best day of your life.


Here are the different options available at Wildfire. Check them out and see which one you want to wear.


  • Shoes with low heel make for the most comfortable wedding shoes because they don't have sharp inclines that could cause foot pain. In addition, this style will give you an additional 2.5–5 cm of height and comfort throughout the big day. Is your groom tall or short?
  • Whether they are high or low, block heels are a blessing because they spread your weight evenly. This takes the pressure off the balls of your feet and lower back. Wearing wedding shoes with this heel reduces your risk of tripping, falling, or losing balance that day.
  • Stiletto heels are pointed and narrow, which puts your feet at an awkward and painful angle. As a result, these bridal heels are not the most comfortable wedding shoes, especially if you have them on for an extended period. And since this footwear will shift your centre of balance, you risk losing your footing and falling forwards.  




Do you prefer to show your toes or hide them on your big day? Do you like ankle straps or not?


There are several stylish designs you can choose from, depending on your preference. If you're going for open-toed wedding shoes, keep in mind that you will require a pedicure, adding another hour or so to your preparation time. On the one hand, closed toes eliminate that step, but there's a possibility of pain because it will squeeze your toes together.


Consider wearing wedding shoes with ankle straps so they will stay in place. Then, you won't have to worry about leaving footwear somewhere in the venue because they will remain attached to your feet as you dance the night away.




All the wedding shoes available at Wildfire are elegant. However, it would help if you considered which elegant style will go well with your venue and the weather forecast that day. What good are beautiful shoes if they don't match the location and weather?


Venue 1 - Indoor Ceremony 


Because most indoor weddings happen in hotels, churches, or people's homes, there are no rules about what style of footwear you can wear. However, it's crucial to know the type of flooring in the venue—wood, marble, or carpet—and get some practise with your wedding shoes before the big day.


 Venue 2 - Outdoor Ceremony 


On the one hand, outdoor ceremonies happen at beaches or lush gardens. These venues are lovely and romantic but might need to mesh better with stilettos. On the other hand, wear one on your big day, and you might end up stuck on soil, sand, or pavement cracks.


Weather Conditions


Inclement weather can ruin your special day if you wear the wrong style of wedding shoes. Imagine your location is outdoors, and you're wearing open-toed footwear. Your toes will get wet and run the risk of getting soiled.


For example, if you're getting married in spring or summer, choose breathable footwear to keep your feet fresh. Conversely, choose closed footwear when you're getting married in the colder months. You want to avoid getting cold feet on your special day!


Wear a Simple, Stylish, Elegant, and the Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes from Wildfire!


With all the considerations we've enumerated, have you chosen the best wedding shoes (best bridesmaid shoes or footwear for your wedding party) for your wedding day?


Wildfire's collection of bridal shoes online is versatile, too, so you can wear them on the dance floor and even after your big day. And even better, our footwear is affordable and won't eat up your entire budget. A savvy and practical bride like you knows how to spend money wisely.


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