Wedding Shoes That Offer Both Comfort And Style?

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Picking the right wedding shoes is crucial for your overall enjoyment and endurance doing the day. No matter the kind of ceremony, whether formal or laidback, there’s a band to be either a long lead up to organise everything, lots of posing for photographs, and an after party or reception afterwards. All in all, if you’re going to be up on your feet mingling, dancing, and standing for speeches, then you need to be realistic about the sorts of wedding shoes that you’ll be comfortable wearing for that long.


The setting is another important factor. Wedding shoes that fit venue could spell disaster at a different place, and you don’t want an unfortunate pair ruining the celebrations.


With all this in mind, Wildfire has some tips, tricks, and recommendations to help you find wedding shoes that can go the distance. Let’s get started!




If wearing heels for more than a few hours sounds like your worst nightmare, then flat wedding shoes are a great place to start. Our soft, strappy, faux suede sandals will be an elegant match with a beautiful bridal outfit, but they won’t require any extra effort for your feet. Light and air, this design should be a natural pair during warmer months. As well as being the best option for comfort, flat wedding shoes are also quintessential for outdoor ceremonies in terrain such as sandy beaches, luscious lawns, scenic rocky paths, and more.


Flat wedding shoes could also be a great spare pair. Pack a little pair of these into your bag and switch out your heels once the aches and pains start. Even if you don’t end up wearing them yourself, these extra wedding shoes could be a lifesaver for another guest or bridesmaid.


Platforms and block heels


Concerning support and stability, wedding shoes with block heels are the next best thing. With their thicker bases and trendy designs, these are as functional as they are beautiful. Many of our white, silver and natural styles from this collection are a top choice for bridal parties. Favourites include glamorous strapped styles and faux suede wedding shoes with pointed toes. However, simple kinds with bands around the ankles and a line of glittery trim across the toes make for a timeless choice.


If you want wedding shoes with an even broader platform but love styles that can bump up your height, then some of our espadrille wedding shoes will work a treat. As far as a stylish 2019 pair, you can’t get much better than these wedges. The smooth or textured platforms will make your legs appear long and slim, so they look stunning with skirts and dresses that show off your calves. And, with natural and black finishes on our styles, it will be easy to match different colours, patterns, and accessories.


Stilettos and thin styles


At formal venues and on the Big Day, thin heels will always be a favourite look for wedding shoes. These sophisticated heels are a perfect match with light or breezy materials, where block-based styles can look too clunky or heavy underneath. These wedding shoes can elevate an otherwise casual outfit as well, bringing your get-up to the next level in an instant.


The shortest of these skinny wedding shoes are our classic sling-back kitten heels, which should be a cosy fit. Next, we have pumps— these make great wedding shoes, but they’ll also be a fantastic set to integrate back into your work collection once the big day has done. Our tallest high heels come in gorgeous cocktail looks and popular platforms.


Which wedding shoes will be your best pick?


Browse the Wildfire range today and find out!