Wedding Shoes That Stay Within the Budget

Planning the big day can be stressful, especially when finding the perfect wedding shoes that won't break the bank. But don't worry, our dear bride-to-be! You don't have to sacrifice style or comfort for affordability because Wildfire has your back!


Gone are the days when expensive wedding shoes were the only way to make a bride ecstatic on her wedding day. Wildfire offers a range of options within your budget to make you look and feel fabulous. With all the other expenses involved, finding affordable yet stylish and comfortable wedding shoes is a must.


Wildfire offers all the affordable options you will ever need, from elegant heels and comfortable flats to stylish long boots. The choices range from various colours because traditional white isn't the only option nowadays. Besides the colour of your wedding shoes, you can also choose the base width, height, and materials. Even the most stylish and intricate designs at Wildfire are budget-friendly. So, what you perceive as daunting doesn't have to be.


Here's a quick rundown of different wedding shoes within various price ranges to give you an idea of which to get. Let's start!


AUD 0-20


Excellent Wildfire heels are available in the AUD 0-20 range. Can you imagine purchasing wedding shoes at this price range, which you can pay in instalments thanks to Wildfire's flexible payment systems?


Most of the options in this price range are open-toed strappy heels. These wedding shoes are prime choices when you get married in spring or summer because you need breathability to stay fresh during your big day.


Choose Vantage in shimmering silver for your wedding day. These Wildfire wedding heels are an online-exclusive pair with a 10 cm height. Despite the height, you will remain cosy because of the broad base, which distributes your weight. Block-heeled bridal heels are perfect for outdoor venues because they will not get stuck on soft ground like soil or sand. Besides the cosy feel, Vantage boosts your style with its skinny straps on your foot and around the ankle. But what takes the cake is the shimmering colour that makes your bridal shoes sparkle all day and night.


AUD 30-40


In the following price range, we will share a couple of Wildfire flat sandals you can choose as your wedding shoes. Some brides prefer options that keep them closer to the ground, which is fine. It's your special day, so you have the final say on what makes you look and feel your best.


Like the previous price range, these wedding shoes are open-toed. Most brides will likely wear them for destination events, wherein everyone jets off to an exotic island location that will set the perfect backdrop for your memorable big day.


Wildfire's Zara and Vixon are the perfect wedding shoes. Zara is a sparkling slide with three bands covered in glittery diamantes. The shiny décor makes these wedding shoes a prime choice for your special event, seamlessly combining comfort and style.


Vixon is also a slip-on flat sandal with diamante-covered straps. However, these wedding shoes have an additional aesthetic to their straps. The braided straps with glittering diamantes effortlessly boost your elegance while keeping you steady and cosy through the ceremony and reception.


AUD 40–50


Within the AUD 40–50 price range, you can find a mix of low and stiletto heels that will make you feel like a million bucks. These stilettos are gorgeous; one look at them will make you fall in love with your potential bridal heels. However, they might not be the most comfortable option since they come with a thin, narrow base. But we have a solution that many brides have used on their wedding day—changing into more comfortable footwear for the reception, where they'll be on their feet for extended periods.


The Kalani stilettos from Wildfire are stunning and look fabulous in your ceremony photos. These elegant bridal heels feature a sparkling diamante knot across the toes. A supportive ankle strap keeps Kalani in place so you can confidently walk down the aisle. We suggest practicing in these wedding shoes a few weeks before the big day to feel comfortable with the narrow base. With time, you'll develop muscle memory and strut your stuff in stilettos like a pro!


Once the photo ops are over, it's time to switch to a flatter pair of bridal shoes more suitable for dancing, mingling, and partying. Wildfire's affordable price range and flexible payment options make it possible to purchase two pairs without breaking the bank. Why not treat yourself to this luxury and feel like a queen on your big day?


AUD 50+


Getting married in autumn and winter is a different ballgame. Aside from the venue, consider the weather for your wedding shoes. You'll want something stylish, cosy, and warm to help you enjoy your special day. Why not try a pair of Wildfire heeled boots?


It might sound unconventional, but it's a game-changer! With heeled boots for your bridal shoes, you get the height, style, and coverage you need to make your day unforgettable. Plus, most heeled boots at Wildfire come with block heels, which means you can navigate through slippery surfaces without worrying about falling. So, are you feeling elegant or hip?


How about we mix traditional with modern and choose Gaze—a stunning white pair of heeled ankle boots? These bridal shoes offer a thick block heel, a rounded toe, and a zip at the back for easy wearing. These perfect party boots are the wedding shoes no one would expect you to choose, which makes them even more exciting! Don't settle for the ordinary. Instead, wear something unique, stylish, and perfect for the season.


Make the Most of Your Big Day With the Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes Wildfire!


At Wildfire, you can find a perfect pair of stylish and comfortable wedding shoes within your budget! Walk confidently down the aisle with any of the brand's excellent choices. Head to the nearest retailer or grab the best bridal shoes online now!


Gather your bride squad for an online bridal shoe shopping session to seek their suggestions on which style complements your wedding gown. They can also explore options for their bridesmaid shoes, fostering even more bonding time together.


Indulge in your wedding party with the ultimate comfort of Wildfire's bridal heels. Designed for the modern bride who values comfort from mingling with wedding guests to dancing the night away on the dance floor, our collection ensures the perfect fit for every moment of your special day.