Wedding Shoes That Will Complete Your Wedding Day Look


Finish off your bridal look with a stellar set of wedding shoes!

Wildfire’s incredible assortment of heels and flats has something that will appeal to every honoured guest. Read on for a quick breakdown of some of our much-loved wedding shoes and a few tips and tricks to see you through the ceremony, reception, after-party, and everything else.


Let’s start with block heels!


Block heels are always beautiful for wedding shoes, and they’re a practical pick if you enjoy wearing high styles. Where ultra-tall stilettos might cause muscle cramps or a painful pressure buildup after a few hours with them on your feet, block heels provide a more stable platform and evenly distribute your weight to avoid strain.


Our top wedding shoes from this category are simple but stylish. Each has a skinny ankle strap with a buckle fastening and a band that loops over the back of your heel. However, the toe straps are where things start to get interesting with our wedding shoes. One look has four tubular bands spread out over the ball of the foot, another has three little strips in a line across the toes, and the third has a single flat strap. You can find all of these in either black or natural, but we recommend the latter since they make the most classic wedding shoes.


Mules could also make a pretty pair on the Big Day


We have trendy leather-look designs which will bring you summer vibes during any season, while variations with a see-through top band are becoming a fast favourite as wedding shoes and party heels. Despite being one of our lower block heels, mules still have a sleek profile and shape your feet well. If you like your wedding shoes to be easy to get in and out of, then these are a prime pick!


What about something with additional coverage?


Semi-enclosed styles and cut-out wedding shoes would be a marvellous match for an outdoor ceremony. They will not only provide your feet with more coverage than our regular wedding shoes, but these chic styles can bring a casual feel to your bridal wear without seeming sloppy. Try a set with pin-punched materials for something a little different, or enjoy the simple fit of wedding shoes with touch-fastening heel bands.  


Try a low set of wedding shoes


Since there’s every possibility that you’re in for a day and night of celebrations, high heels aren’t necessarily the best wedding shoes. Our low sling-back styles could be your ideal match instead. With their pointed toes and timeless aesthetic, these short and skinny heels are effortlessly elegant. They’ll look amazing with outfits that show off your ankles, but also look cute peeking out from under a long skirt or dress.


Don’t forget— you can always wear or pack flat wedding shoes as well!


Wildfire has cool sandals that would suit this role perfectly. The metallic feature buckle gives them just enough glamour to pass as wedding shoes, so you don’t need to worry about whether they fit the formality. If you want to put comfort first and don’t need a height boost, then there’s no reason not to wear flat wedding shoes.


If you are determined to give heels a try but need a backup plan, then pack these as a spare pair. Flats won’t take up much room in a bag if you need to carry them around, and you’ll have them ready if you need them.


Unleash your wild side with our wedding shoes


Did you enjoy the simple snapshot of styles available in our collection? Browse the rest of the range at your leisure when you visit Wildfire’s online store!